Tuesday, 18 January 2011

YIPPPEEEEEE a finish:0

Well helllo folks fancy seeing you here again ..lol

OK I shall put the kettle on while you have a sit down and a read??? ..lol ...do you want a choccie biccie as well ???  been shopping today so have a few goodies in ..lol

Well as the title suggests I have my first finish of 2011 YIPPEEEEE and I've also got a update too :)

well as you know I've done another needlebook (LHN) and today I've finally finished putting it very carefully together  soooo without further ado ......drum rolllll please heheheh .....

close up of I made that for my tools:)

back of needlebook

beginning of book 

and another view of them ..lol
Soooo there you have it :) I was inspired by "the stitchers book " (which I am designing one as we squeak :) found on the web via http://www.violarium.com/ 
Look under tutorials and follow the links from there ..... some of the books were stitched in 2006 and are absolutely adorable ... I hope I can do justice to the concept as the patterns were all in French magazines long ago printed soo keep your eyes peeled as I will be giving you all a peek once I am happy with it :) 

The ribbon rose idea was taken from one of my card magazines and fills the gap nicely ..lol 

Ok sooooo hope you like ???? 

I have also been doing some stitching on my Queen Bee and here is a progress report on her as well ....
Queen Bee LHN 
I am going to put a little sparkle into her wings(they are only half done atm ) and hopefully once completed she will be finished and put on one of my boxes and displayed in my stitching room.....

well I am having some friends coming to visit the mouse house tomorrow so I shall be busy with the tea pot and stash showing etc to Gillie and Teejay and hopefully have a a lovely girlie natter session too heheheh 

Righty ho hope every one is well and happily stitching to their 15 challenges tune......lol 
till next time 
love mouse xxxxxx


Tracey said...

Lovely needlebook, and your queen bee is coming along nicely as well. Sparkly wings are a great idea!

Karen said...

The needlebook is gorgeous!! so is the Bee..but the needlebook!! well.... its ...gorgeous!!

Tricia said...

Oh, Mouse, really you shouldn't have made that for me!!! Oh, you didn't??? Sigh! OK, I guess I'll settle for tea and goodies. :-) It's just beautiful. You did a wonderful job!!!

Crystal said...

What a wonderful job with the stitching and the finishing on your Needlebook. Your queen bee is coming along nicely.

Gillie said...

No, Tricia, she made it for me, lol! See you tomorrow, Mouse!

Babs in Alabama said...

Queen Bee is looking good, but oh how I love needlebooks and this one is no exception. You've done a beautiful and creative job on it.

tjdesignsncrafts said...

Just love the needlebook, looks like i'll have to put one on my to do list that i've got to start lol.

See you both tomorrow Gillie & mouse

take care


Pete's Pixie said...

Loving your work Miss Mouse - the needlebook is adorable and very useful - when can I expect mine then??? Can't wait to see queenie in all her glory too. Have fun with Gillie n Teejay tomorrow - don't drink all the tea!!! Love n hugs, Ally xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely needlebook well done
Take care

Val said...

Oh fantastic Mouse !! I will join the queue behind Ally please ..... :)

Valda said...

Your needlebook is just gorgeous! A great start on Queen Bee as well...