Monday 26 August 2013

tales from a stitching mouse

Hi every one .... I am sure that there is a time machine that steals the time between posts away so that you think you have only just done one but realize it was actually a few weeks back ....
So much has happened that you may want to grab your cuppa (or choice of brew) and there is some "Bakewell " tart  fresh from Bakewell today ... more on that later on :) and pull up your chair and get comfy .... are you ready ??? then I shall begin .....
Hermitting weekend was fabulous for me as I managed to get not one but two finishes in ... both were RR's from the Friendly Stitchers RR group :) I managed to finish my sections on Lynda's which was the Plum Street Samplers Halloween Horn book and I did the wee pumpkin at the bottom of the piece .... and Sally's (no blog) she had chosen a wee mandela ... this was the first time I had worked on one and quite enjoyed the challenge of the bit I did :) both of these I had to stitch sideways as they stitch differently from me ... luckily the next one from Gillie will be the right way up for a change heheheh... I dug out Afternoon Tea (Haed ) and did two hours worth on it ...over one on 25 count  is a lot better than working on over one on 40 count hehehehe ... doesn't look much does it ... *sigh only a  few too many to mention pages to go
I worked on the Pumpkin Cottage by CCN and actually finished it last night ... another 2012 crazy off my list whooop whoop :)  see this mouse wiggle ..... hehhe 
I have also managed to put some more stitches into ABCD by La d Da as well and its is coming along lovely :) not done any more on the Needleworker as we didn't get to stitch this week ... we changed it as I wasn't going to be there on the Thursday but unfortunately Chris had to cancel due to being unwell ....
One of the reasons I wasn't going to be there was I was asked if I would go over to our offices in Hessle nr Hull to train up the new Administrator there *waves to Sophie .... sooo not being one to pass up an opportunity being as I was in the area I spoke to Sally and asked if I could pop in for a cuppa .... she said not a problem as long as I brought my WIP's to show her ...  as she wasn't sure I could get all my craft room goodies in my car 
Sooo Thursday night saw me myself and I and of course my mouse mobile trundling off to Sally's pad  and boy by the time I got there I was in dire need of that promised cuppa and a cookie or two . I arrived dot on 7.30 and we spent the next few hours chatting and giggling (thanks to Sally's DD)  ooooing and ahhhing over all her wonderful stitching that is in every nook and cranny , I got to say hello to Wesley , Tea and Crumpet came out to say hello too but then scurried off to go and play with Sally's glasses while I got out my bag of Wip's  and then it was Sally's turn to oooo and ahhhh :) We discovered we have very similar tastes in stitching and also in photography , she was rather taken with my Camera after we had prized it out of DD's hands ... she loved the paint effect and took a photo of Sally and I in soft focus ... 
My time there went far tooooo quickly and I hope that I will be able to get back soon to see them all again :) The drive back to the hotel was rather interesting to say the least ... as no one pays the electric bill over there it was pitch black 90% of the way and there was just me on the road back ....  and my phone had enough charge left in it to say Phew got back in one piece to both Sally n my DH ..... 
Today being Bank Holiday I was off and as its my friend Tina's birthday on Wednesday I took her to Bakewell ...hence the tart we had a wonderful day wandering round the market and shops , the weather was glorious and we popped into the garden center on the way back too ...  
and I have just realized I didn't show you the pin pillow for Peggy ... so see below  
soooo I shall pop the kettle on again and get the photos ready for you .....
Sally's mini mandela RRmy section is the fence and flowers
 from the blue water 

before stitching on Afternoon Tea

After stitching on Afternoon Tea (Haed )

Moon on Hermitting weekend

Lynda's RR 

my wee pumpkin

tea and cookies at Sally's 

Sally on the left and mouse on the right :)

having fun 

ooooo you look soooo near 

Wesley :)

View at breakfast at the Green Dragon in the Shire (hobbit)

Swan at Bakewell

Celebratory Hot Chocolates :)

and birthday cake too :)

Matlock Garden Centre

progress on ABCD ny La d Da 

Pumpkin Cottage CCN finished :)

Needle minders by Lisa 
My wee pillow to Peggy

goodies from Bakwell

and can you guess which shop I went into at Bakwell 
as you can see there are some Needle minders cleverly made by Lisa if you look closely you can see the details of how to get some .... and a wee warning they are addictive in a nice way hehehehhe....
ok doke I do think that is all for now folks .... I hope every one had a wonderful bank holiday  until next time take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxxxxx
ps couldn't leave you with out this photo..................
plum tuckered out  altogether now AWWWWWWWWWW :)

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Another month another tusal :)

Hi every one :) hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather we seem to be having at the moment ... sunshine followed by thunderstorms etc etc etc
Well the kettle is on as always and there are some goodies for you too .... oooo I do spoil you hehehehe ....
Its that time of the month again ... yup TUSAL .... and I hope I have the right day 
well apart from the  *w* word ...I have to go to pay for the stash addiction  I have been busy trying to put the needle to fabric and floss each night for at least a couple of hours :) I  finished the wee giftie to Peggy  which hopefully won't be long until it gets to her side of the pond :) I've worked on the Needleworker by LHN , done a wee bit more on Curly Q by LHN started one of the ABCD's by La D Da ... I couldn't make up my mind heheheh ... so I doing the peachy pinky Sparklies FOM fabric with the Highland Garden Gloriana silk thread  and then I will be stitching on the Glacier(blue) Sparklies  fabric with the blue silk Gloriana thread ... which for the life of me I can't find at the moment due to the fact that yesterday I was visited by a wee sparrow in my craft room and it took quite a while and a lot of moving of stuff to get the wee thing out .... needless to say I gave it a bit of a  spruce up while I was shifting stuff .
 Framed up Ladybugs ... well actually it is plonked in there to see if it would fit and whether I would like it in there .... and after looking at it for a few days I think it has grown on me
On Sunday morning Master Bentley and I along with the wee meecies Tea and Crumpet went on an adventure to France's house at Holmfirth (Last of the Summer Wine Country) to go and pick up the next batch of RR's I need to work on ... and I think I shall have some fun with these trying to decide which bit I am going to stitch :) We spent most of the day there and Bentley loved playing in the garden with the ball running up and down , Frances was a very willing play friend ... while I took photos  she is growing some lovely flowers and some pumpkins too which I think are taking over ...  I finally managed to give her the ornie I stitched for her waaaaayyy back for the Christmas in July challenge and she loves it PHEW !!! so now I can finally show you too ....
We have some new additions to the mouse house again ... two little guinea pigs which belong to DD1 their names are Catniss and kalecee (think that's how you spell them ??) they are lovely wee girls and adore Bentley too ... he has to go and say hello every day to them and the little grey one comes up to the cage bars and gives him a snuzzle ... 
Hmmmmm I went to my friends on Saturday night and while we were chatting over the cuppa's she had on in the back ground the lost island (jurassic park) film on ....  just remind me not to watch any more tv will you .... on Sunday morning before going to Holmfirth Master Bentley and I went for our normal pootle in the woods .... we got to the area where we normally see the wood pecker when it all went quiet ... so quiet ... not a bird tweet , chirp or anything , the wind had died down and it was still for about 5 mins then all of a sudden the ferns started to move ..... well all I can say is I moved as fast as my wee legs and my stick could get me out of that bit .... muttering I am having a day mare , this can't be happening and do you know what .... there was nothing there PHEW !!!!!!! but it was really eerie to say the least ...
Ok think its about time for another cuppa after that .... and the photos ... and Gillie no matter how hard I try I can't get them to be near the text .... sorry ... 

August 2013 TUSAL

Curly Q by LHN  
ABCD by La D Da 

do you like the frame ?

new arrivals at the mouse house 
red sky at night 
just love this photo
flight of the bumble bee
cabbage butterfly
worn out 
give me (frances) five

looking up to the moors 
look who came for the adventure
telling the rest of the adventure they went on 
Ornie for Frances :)

Soooo there you have it for this weeks waffle heheheh .... hope you are all well and stitching to your hearts content , will be bobbing in to see you all soon :) take care one and all love mouse xxxxxx