Sunday 25 February 2018

Who won , who won

Helllooo hope you are all ok and have had a wonderful week stitching ??? The kettle has gone on and there are goodies galore for you to contentedly nibble on while you are here :)
This weekend we have had enough sunshine to dry my washing even though it has been bitterly cold and they are threatening us with snow ... I know lots of you get snow but we don't get that much these days and go into panic mode at the first hint of it ...I carry a bag in the back of the car for emergency stop overs at work ...touch wood never had to use it as yet ...I have had a good week with the stitching and crocheting , even almost getting another finish .. just got a tiny bit of border and then my initials and then My Pink Rose by Blackbird Designs will be another finish for the year wooooo :)
I have started on a new blanket for my bedroom just because I could as a wee celebration of finishing and passing all my assignments for my NVQ .... I just have three more Q & A's to write up and do a discussion on one and that is it done and dusted wayyyy before time phew .... My new blanket is in duck egg Arron wool with flecks of gold and red in it .... I have done more than in the photo and sorry it is blurry, it was taken the other night at Chris's when we were having our crafty night ...
We are starting operation Kitchen next weekend so it could make life interesting to say the least as we are unsure of how much work we will have to do to change everything ...first thing we will be taking out is the breakfast bar and cupboard underneath it  and we hope that there is still a fireplace behind it ...I will of course take some progress photos :)
Soooooo onto my blogaversary winner (s) yes there is a wee S in there ... I wrote all your names down and folded them up and popped them in my wool bowl and DH picked the main winner as Lynda .....and then I picked a second one to receive a wee stitching as .... Daffycat so ladies can you please send me your snail mail address's to my email that's on the side bar...along with a few likes and dislikes of things you like stitched etc colours designers and then my wee paws will do the rest :) Congratulations to you both :)
almost a finish :)

new start blanket for my bedroom 

the perfect cuppa and goodies as a celebration :)

Master Bentley Chilling :)
this is all for today folks as I am now going to go and put the kettle on again and do a wee bit of stitching to get the My Pink Rose finished hopefully by the end of the night ... T.T F N  xxx love mouse xxxxxxx

Sunday 18 February 2018

Blogaversary and a fini......

Hellooo everyone ..... today, 8 years ago to the date I started my wee blog ... well my DD1 did, as I wasn't very technically minded  back then  and not much better now hahahahah ...
269 posts , 7521 comments and a whole bunch of new stitchy friends from all over the world :)
SOOOOO I thought of doing a wee giveaway ...  a stitched small , some fabric and some other bits and bobs that will go with said stuff ..I  think have one or two bits floating around in my craft room hahahahah ... DH would totally agree on that one ...
Rules are: you must be a follower ... have a blog so I can be nosey( pop the link on as well please ), to see what you like/ dislike etc, say you would like to be considered on this post...... and I don't mind posting abroad so this is open to all :)
I will chose someone at random next weekend and will let you know if you are chosen, so I can get your snail mail address :) good luck :)
On to other news ... the wee break away was lovely ... the hotel was really nice ,  nice room but a wee bit  on the small side but bathroom was fabulously big was really nice too and the staff were lovely ... it had snowed the day before, so we were lucky we got there in my new mouse mobile ... on the way back DH and I dropped into some antiques shops looking for inspiration for our new "rooms" eventually ....found some fab stuff .. just hope there is something left when we get round to it ...
I have finally finished the last of my written assignments for my NVQ level 4 in Business Administration and you probably heard the rather loud squeak when I put the last word in I can now get back to my crafting full time when I am not working squeeeeee .....
As this weekend was hermitting , I treated myself to some me time and sat down today and got the Why is it by The Cricket Collection finished .. I stitched it on Sparklies fabric 32count , slightly nutty with threadworks thread number 11011 for your information :) This design I saw at a friends many moons ago and have always wanted to stitch it and I finally found the pattern last year funnily enough on the Sparklies stand at Harrogate and nabbed it quick :) don't you just love hermitting weekends :)
During the week when I have gone to Chris's I have been crocheting and can show you my progress on the blanket for my car ... also bought some more wool at hobby craft last week as there was 20% off so it would have been a shame not to hahahahah.. Its a duck egg coloured Arron wool with flecks of gold and red and black in it and will look fabulous made up for our bedroom as it is duck egg colours :) 
Today started out a beautiful spring like day so I got my camera out to take some photos of spring like flowers coming up in the garden .. as well as a wee bird that was singing its heart out on my wall :)
New wool for bedroom

Fireplace in the hotel dining room

Fireplace in the lobby

must have been a wedding on at the weekend before ?

History about the Hotel

ornate ceiling in the dining room

progressing nicely on the blanket for the car :)

Hermmiting finish :)
house sparrow singing outside front room window

Spring is sprung the grass is ris
I wonder where the birdie is

Durkerood Hotel 

There was a wee bit of snow there 

So there you have it .. all the news for this week folks ... oooo hope you got your cuppa's and cookies I left out for you all .... will be back soon with the winner of the blogaversary and hopefully some more stitchy progress ... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 11 February 2018

Time is flying past ...

Hellooooo my friends ... so sorry it has been such a long time since I had the kettle on and cookies, but tonight I have remedied that and have lots of goodies in for you all .... well since I last waffled on I have had my birthday 21 again + vat  ( and a few late Christmas goodies ) and have almost finished my NVQ Level 4 Business administration ....thank goodness is all I can say poor wee brain has well and truly been addled doing this ...andddd I want to get back to my crafting which has sorely been neglected because of this, as over Christmas I had a 4,000 + word assignment to do which I did and passed with flying colours * I nearly fainted in shock when my tutor told me 
I got some lovely goodies for my Christmas and Birthday and will show you those later ...I have managed a finish on the hermitting weekend in January and done a new start ...been crocheting away merrily and done more on my Cupcake blanket , finished my green and cream one and started a purple multi coloured one with Aqua accents.... to match my new purple car called Penelope ( Penny for short ) as I had to hand my last mouse mobile back. She is a much smaller car but I love driving her and she is simply perfect for me now all DDs have got their own cars so I don't need to drive them anywhere any more 
I am hoping soon to move upstairs with my craft room into the attic so watch this space too ... and DH is going to have this room as his gentleman's Parlour .. as you can tell it is all change here at the mouse house ... we are going to be revamping the kitchen in June all being well when I am on my annual leave ... so should be fun hahahaha
I haven't been out an about either so not got many photos to show you apart from the super moon and when it snowed the other week I managed to get some photos of the birds on the feeders ... they ain't brilliant as taken through my kitchen window and so are rather grainy to say the least ... roll on better weather when I can get out more .... diet is still going well managing to stay around the 4 stone loss and hoping this year to lose a wee bit more all paws crossed :)
Just looking at the photos and remembered I hadn't shown you the stitching  I had been part of as a present for DJ :) ... I stitched "I just wish he didn't trust" bit of it ... as well as the merry mouse I started on 40 count ... I have done a wee bit more than what is on the photo but I can't find an updated photo so may have to take another one when I next get it out ....
Present for DJ

Merry mouse .. done more than this 

Finished green and cream Blanket :)

My new dresser for my kitchen .. basis of revamp 
duck egg blue :)

finished an oldie finish inspired by DJ :)
and a little help from her too ....

Progress on the " My Soul is fed by needle and thread "

new blankie for car modelled by Rosie ...

Master Bentley dog napping

Finally finished my RR in 2018 ... note the date on the frame !!!

Progressing on my cupcake blanket 

Stitched this wayyyyyy back in 1996 

Navy Aida !!! before I knew about other fabric 

my birthday cake 

Christmas presents from Jo ( Serendipity stitcher)

Birthday cushion from DH and DD's 
all my bears are on there , Bracken , Monty and Bentley :)

Necklace from DH and the girls

Birthday present from Jo :)

From Lainey

From Sally W 

From Butterfly 

inside the card .. how fab is that :)

from Lucy full of Danish Cookie :)

Just love this saying from Wendy and Chris 

More handmade goodies from Wendy and Chris :)

from my friend Mango :)

Ohhh here I am with my great neice ... getting lots of cuddles :)

Favourite photo of Bentley in the snow a few years ago 

Handmade goodies for Christmas of Chris and Wendy ..
perfect for the weather we are having :)

Some more adorable mice made by Chris and Wendy

a bobbin holder when doing piece work such as patchwork :)
from Chris and Wendy

the wee wooden mouse from Butterfly ,
other ornies are made by DJ

From my Boss ..she knows I love candles :)

Blue tit in the snow we were having 

Magpie foraging in the snow covered ground  

Super moon January 2018
I think I have remembered everything ??? 
Whoops nope .. here is my new start which is almost a finish

heheheh nope found that I had missed my new start which is almost a finish ... from the Cricket Collection "Why is it " .. have loved this one since I saw a friends finish and finally got the chart last year in a sale bin at  the Sparklies stall so I couldn't leave it behind after all this time I am stitching it on Slightly Nutty 32 count Sparklies fabric with Thread works thread no. 11011... not quite sure how I am going to fully finish it as of yet as got a few ideas running through my head for it :)
well I had better finish waffling for now and do something crafty for an hour or two .. I am off for the next couple of days and DH and I are going to stay at a hotel ,one of our Christmas presents so I shall hopefully tell you all about it when we get back and have some photos to show as well ...Don't panic we are leaving Master Bentley in charge of the girls