Wednesday 23 December 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

Hellooooooo waving a wee paw at you all .... hope you are all well and surviving the run up to the celebrations ..... I will apologise in advance that no cards or presents have been sent before the big day ... I have two excuses 
1 ) lost my address book with all your address's in it ... it is somewhere in the craft room sooo if any one spots it squeak loudly ... but in the mean time can you resend me address's via my email
2)  * sigh ,I ran out of time, energy and tea bags ....

Soooooo I will be doing wee gifties throughout the year  as RAK's  and starting the preparations for next Christmas  on New Years Day heheheheh. 
My needle has been busy and I have finished the Holly and Ivy by LHN , managed to find the poinsettia button that has been missing for weeks in the hunt for said address book soo not all doom and gloom, I have also finished stitching my secret piece and hopefully with the few days I have off over the Christmas period I will be able to get more work done on finishing finishing ....and then I will be able to start my Quilt .... there is still plenty of time left if any one else would like to stitch a square for me :)
Hmmmm what else have I been doing ... quite frankly apart from work not much else, I've not even been on walk or anything with my camera or Master Bentley... but hoping that will change soon, I keep hinting at work I would like to drop a day in spring .... you have to break it gently heheheh I have now been given a posh title of "Auditor "  I said to one of my work mates it sounds like the terminator I will be back heheheheh. We had a christmas jumper day at work and a wee buffet and the money we paid in is going to be given to charity , I even sang for the office ... I think I surprised them heheheh.
I have decked the mantle piece out with all my christmas ornies and it looks lovely,I  even remembered to take a photo .... so now I am feeling a wee bit more festive ... the DD's and I tackled the last bit of the food shopping tonight and couldn't believe how busy it was , we actually got through quicker than we thought and should quite happily hermit for the next week on what we got 
and that is exactly what I am going to do is hermit in my craft room from Saturday onwards till Tuesday soooo if any one cares to join me feel free to pull up a chair with your stitching and I will supply tea and cake :)

Wishing you a merry Christmas love Master Bentley

Holly and Ivy LHN

sunrise on the shortest day 

the sun through the fence

wooo hooo that button is in place

hung up looking festive ;0

the mantle with the ornies on ... lights are not switched on
forgot DOH !!!

the moon the other night when I got home from work

but I switched them on for these too whoop 

and to all a good night
I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you lovely goodies and that you get to spend the time with friends and families but also time to stitch too :) take care one and all and thank you all for keeping me company this year and for all your friendships too , Merry Christmas from the mouse house xxxxxxx

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Tales of a travelling mouse !!

Well helloooo there .... how are you all .... pull up a chair and grab a cuppa , I think there is some cookies in the jar at the side of the kettle *ssshhh
as you can seee by the title I have been doing a wee bit of travelling some for pleasure ... think Harrogate ;) and some for work ..... are you all comfortable then I shall begin :)
I seem to have neglected you all for a wee while and I am sorry for that but I promise to visit you all soon ....I can't remember if I told you that I nipped over to see Frances and took some photos of Holmfirth while I was there ....and the next weekend I went to a place called Canon Hall and wandered round in the rain taking photos to my hearts content ....and some have turned out quite nice really considering 
Work has been all change ..... I now am based back at Sheffield, going to Doncaster one day a week and my role has changed some what ... and tomorrow and Friday plus the following week I am off to the Halifax branch as they need help there .... sooo hence the travelling  for work...I have googled and pulled the directions off, sooo wish me luck finding the branch ....
The pleasure bit is the fab bit .... think Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show whoop whoop......
I kept my wee paws crossed that the white stuff would stay away and so far sooo good Phew :) and last Thursday I picked up Roz then Chris and tootled on our merry way to the show ... got there in one piece and survived the multi story parking hehehehe ....double checked what time it closed and knew we would make it back up the hill in time ... the show has a long day on the Thursday until 7.00 pm sooo we knew we had plenty of ooooo aaaahhh and must haves time heheheheh.....
first port of call for me was Sparklies  hehehehe .. where I stocked up on essentials and a few charts ;0 ) then we tootles to Jane Greenoff's stall where I purchased a couple of things while Roz and Chris dinted their purses there , we then had a pootle around Hall C until we got to TrudyAnn's were I got a few more essentials  as you do and by this time we were in dire need of some refreshments and managed to get a seat at the cafe end and have a restorative cuppa , a sandwich and a bun .... after that we felt we could tackle the rest of the halls  so the next few hours we whiled away oooing and ahhhing some more and getting some bits of fabric and threads  for moi and the others got their goodies too .... 
I took Jingle all the way to show Kate at Sparklies and she pinned it up on the stall for the day ...and it was much admired :) before we left the show I said to Kate that I could help her  the next day as I was coming back to Harrogate to pick Jennifer up before going off to Blackpool for the weekend soooo I go my own wee badge for the following day to get in and help her wooo hoooo ....
On the way back on Thursday Roz , Chris and I went for a cavery and it was lovely  a perfect end to a great day .... I dropped every one off ... (did have another restorative cuppa at Chris's and drooled over both our stash hauls in the process :) and then went straight to the land of nod ready for another day of travelling etc etc etc ...
Friday dawned not bad considering and I got to Harrogate again in good time ... and tootled down from where Jennifer was staying and spent a lovely day chatting and hopefully helping Kate out I was really good and didn't spend another penny (insert skint here ;) and I got recognised too * waves heloooooo to Melanie ohhh the fame heheheheh
I left the show about 3.30 ish and went and picked Jennifer up ready to travel along the winding road of the A59 to  the not sooo sunny Blackpool ....the weather the whole weekend was piddling down with rain and blowing a hooley , bins were being blown over and rubbish flying up and down the street soooo we decided to stay in and I stitched the whole weekend ,finished one ornament and starting on another Christmas chart :) and it was blisssss .....
OOOO I forgot to mention that I gave Roz her ornament ... I stitched her a wee gingerbread man (LHN ornie) and she loves it , she stitched me a gorgeous candle wrap in hardanger  so I can now show you that too ... I got my RR section done on Chris's piece as well as Lynda's ....( just checked and not shown you eeekkk ) 
I have had some lovely visits from my Postie from Butterfly, DJ Jo and Jacquie 
with some more quilt squares and a lovely wee ornament.....
I shall go and bob the kettle on again while I get the photos ready for you to drool over on the stash front and the goodies front :)
Lynda's RR my bit

Chris's RR my bit



beautiful rose in the kitchen garden at Cannon Hall 

looking through the secret gate in the kitchen garden Cannon Hall

from Roz to me

from Jo ... Glendon Place friendship compass

From DJ

oooo worked on my RR from 2013

From DJ another gorgeous wee stitching mouse

a bit further with the making up of this one 

for  Roz stitched on Sparklies Oatmeal fabric 

there are another two inside not bad for a charity find

ohhh the fame ;)

finished Poinsetia by LHN

new start 

Jingle all the way with new backing fabbie from the show

how cute are these ????

oooo this was a got to have purchase :)

can you guess where from ???

spot the had to have pattern at the top left ;0

my quilt square from Butterfly (used her photo as can't find mine )

wee ornament from Jacquie
 soooooo there you have it for this update .... as you can see I have been busy on the stitching front too .... I am wayyyy behind on getting things done for friends for Christmas sooo it may be into the new year gifties as I  seem to have blinked and the year has almost  gone already .....
the mouse house sale is still going through and I will breath a sigh of relief once that has totally finished, hopefully before Christmas as it would be nice for the new peeps to be in by then .... well I had better go and get some snoozes in so I shall say T.T.F.N and squeak to you all again soon .... happy stitching one and all love mouse xxxxxxx

Sunday 25 October 2015

I like my postie and other tales :)

Helloooo every one ... hope you have all had a fabulous week ..... mine started well with some fabulous postie days and then it has gone a wee bit down hill as I have now got a cold ATCHOOOOOOOO .....*wipes screen clean ....
any hooo if you are brave enough to sneak in the kitchen ....there is plenty of goodies to go with your cuppas .... help yourselves :)
thank you every one for your lovely comments on my room ... you are all welcome to come for a visit and bring your stitching ... and your finishing too if you want to peruse my stash for inspiration etc etc etc ....
Master Bentley is still being a diva after his photo shoot and demands his ears brushed , a cuppa on a Sunday morning and extra meaty chunks in his food hahahhahh
I have been busy stitching more this week ... the added advantage of having a cold I got banished to my craft room today so got one RR finished and another started (in between  was a mouse nap and I have also done more on my Jingle all the way ... but forgot to take an up to date photo ... will remedy that for next visit :) also my exchange piece for Ann arrived safely and I can now show you what I stitched for her and what she did with it too :)
sooo are you excited to hear what the postie brought me?????.......................................................................................................................
my first two squares for my stitcher's memory quilt for my big 50 birthday end of January next year .....
The first one arrived Tuesday from Annette California Stitcher with some goodies in the package too ... some lovely tea to try .... some seeds to plant for next year and some threads to kit up my latest charts she had seen I had bought as well as a wee needle holder ....and she stitched me the mouse from the Tailor of Gloucester.... she wrote a lovely wee note about how the book had been put in a safe place and she knew she had to find it as it would be perfect for the quilt  and she was right :) Thank you sooo much again  Annette :)
The next wee package was from Sally  she stitched me a spot of tea by Teresa Wentzler .whoops sorry Dragon Dreams ........ wonder where she got that I love tea from hahahahaha .... and she stitched me a wee mouse on a sledge for me to hang up for Christmas ... think it will be hung up all year as it is adorable :) I can't wait to get started on the quilt now .... have a few ideas running through my head as to how it will look ... always subject to change until I really start on it :)
We have had some lovely autumnal days round here atm but I can feel the air changing and the geese have started to form again ... signs that winter will be soon upon us .....that and the clocks went back an hour last night .... loved the extra sleep I got ... can we try again tonight too 
ok doke I had better get some photos up before I have another sneezing attack ....
for Ann for the Autumn Needle book exchange

this was taken through some electric cables ...
looks like its sitting down for a rest :)

same moon earlier in the day

Ann made my wee bag into a vase ... how cool is that 

from Sally :) I just love tea :)

look at that wee sledge ...

from Annette :)

see me looking at my chart 

view from my back door

finally made this up ... Natalie poppy's chart from the blue attic

the moon last night 

Lynda's RR 

the bit I stitched on it :)

getting there on Chris's RR
right hooo I had better go and get ready for work tomorrow .... mustn't forget to pack tissues , lemsips and other necessaries required for this blooming cold ... I will bob round as soon as I can to see what you have all been up too this past week .... wishing you all a wonderful stitchy week .... take care one and all love mouse xxxxxx