Tuesday 23 July 2013

♫Congratulations and Celebrations♫

Hi every one :) the kettle is on and there is cool drinks as well for you all .. as well as the odd cookie or two ...:)

In case you didn't know it ..lol  the Royal baby arrived safe and sound on Monday the 22nd July  at something past 4.00 weighing
8lbs and 6 oz ... mother and son are doing well and was  in hospital over
night and  the father  stayed too ...:)

they didn't announce it until about 4 hours ish after the nappy event which I
thought was lovely for them just to have time to themselves ...

there is now speculation as to what to call the wee fella .... so that is the "congratulations" to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ... the wee little man looks a cutie too from the photos I have seen :)

On to  the celebrations ... well there are one or two of those soooo you had better make yourself comfy and I shall begin ...lolOk two years ago Peggy  sent her ABC sampler by La D Da on an organised travelling spree well.... some where between last year and this it got way laid and took a scenic route to Cucki's house before it arrived safely at the mouse house on Saturday much to mine and Cucki's  relief and Peggy's too ...lol..... and now I need some help as to what to stitch it with ..  .. I have narrowed it down to two fabbies and a four threads ???  photo will be below as always .... lol 
then .... I have finally finished Yellow bird by La d da  too , I stitched it on some space dyed fabbie from Jane Greenoffs and an unknown thread name (coz it was a sample ..lol) from Nancy's Victorian Motto Shop ...I have almost made it up too and hoping to use some matching chenille trim from Nancy's too.
more stitching news in a bit ....
the next celebrations is the winner of the wee meecies name  ♫♫ drum roll♫♫  it is Peggy  ... the wee meecies  liked the names "tea and crumpets" and they asked to be called that sooo there you go.... a wee prize will be winging its way to Peggy all being well by next weekend ...:)
Here at the mouse house we have been having a heat wave, its been that hot we sat outside to stitch the other night !!! it was still 26c at 11.00pm  ... but today we have been having thunder storms ... Master Bentley and I had a tootle round the park tonight ... it was very warm and wet ...lol and it felt like I could have danced in the rain ... but I had walking boots on ...lol I took some photos of the sun set when I got back as well . The temperatures here have been reaching 32c + in some places and in my car when I got in after work 37c !!!!!! just as you get used to the warmth  it drops 10 degrees ...lol
another cuppa ????  
well what else have I been stitching on ... ohhh yes ... I have done some more on the Friendship Blooms by Blue Ribbon Designs working on the over one ... I shall be soooo pleased to see that section done as its done in red .... say no more ...lol  I have pulled out my Scissors by Cherrywood Designs and done a wee bit more on there .... also did some more on The Needleworker by LHN and also as it was hermitting this last weekend I got out Pumpkin Cottage by CCN and worked on that ... I even remembered to take a before photo ...lol hmmmmm thunks a bit more ... will check the photos to see what else I have done ...lol 
DH and I took a wee stroll down the canal the other night and armed and dangerous with my camera I managed to get some gorgeous shots of the swans and a thistle too ... even one of Master Bentley .. DH got him to sit on a hand command a way away from us ... bless him .... he looks ever sooo cute ...
red sky at night 

just love the contrasts here 

start of Hermitting Pumpkin Cottage CCN

Its arrived the travelling pattern :)

hellppppp which fabbie and which thread 

verbena in pot on the pation

after hermitting

done a bit more to this 

getting there slowly

closer view of the over one 

yeahhhh finally finished :)

crumpets admires the Needleworker progress 

posing for the camera 

atmospheric shot

blooming thistle

this is how it came out cool eh ???

love this shot :)
Stitching night refreshments 
playing peek a boo

grinning for me :)

soooo there you have it for this week ... I am sure I have missed stuff off but you would still be reading it by the time I do the next installment or should I say chapter ...lol  so on that cheery note I shall say goodnight  and happy stitching until next time , take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxxx

Monday 8 July 2013

new meecies and tusal and a wee bit of stitching :)

Hi every one .... hope every one is well and enjoying this heatwave we are having .... all I can say is I'M MELLLLLLTIIIINNNGGG .... in my bestest wicked witch of the West voice ..lol...... Heat and I don't mixed as I go pink across my nose and whiskers ...... heheheheh . I have got lots of cooooool drinks in and the usual mixture for those that want tea coffee etc etc and if you look carefully I have put some goodies out on the work top near the microwave ;)
                                                   ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
talking of Whiskers .... two sets of them traveled safely across the pond from Barb's talented DD Mrs Woolpets ... they settled in straight away being nosy and meeting up with some of the  others in the craft room ......They need some names sooo could you please think of some and who ever gets their names picked will get a wee giftie as a thank you :)
Apparently today is TUSAL day sooo I took the photo this morning which is next to the project I got out to do a wee bit more work on which is the cherrywood designs dictionary series "Scissors " I am doing "Needles" too but have got further on with that one when I was working on it before soooo its scissors turn  :)
This last week has been toooo hot to really do much stitching but I managed to get some more done on Curly Q and also the Melicent Turner which I will show you later on and also the Needleworker too  .....I succumbed to the latest Mystery Chart by LHN and that arrived this week as well , just need to over lock the fabbie and get round to starting it ... hmmmm not sure where to squeeze it in but ......
On to some exciting news now .... the other year 2011 to be exact .... my name was put down for the travelling pattern that came from Peggy  organised by Jennifer and was to follow a list of stitchers and finally get back to Peggy along with a wee book that peeps wrote in what they stitched the pattern on and with .... well somewhere last summer it got sent on and then nothing, nada, Zilch .... I and Cucki kept in touch as she was the stitcher before me and we gave up hope by spring this year that it would turn up ..... but you should never give up hope as ...... it has turned up and been stitched by Cucki and is now on its way to the mouse house ..... well I don't know who was more excited to hear this me or Peggy ...lol  so I am know stalking the postie ......again heheheheh
It has even been to hot to take Master Bentley on his usual Sunday Morning pootle route soo taking pity on him and me we cut up the middle of the woods ... and because I didn't have my camera on me .... there were two  yes two woodpeckers on the same tree and it would have been a fantastic shot AAAAGGGHHHHHH !!! wasn't impressed ..lol ...
Sunday saw us helping to celebrate a relatives 40th Wedding Anniversary at a lovely hotel  near the mouse house .... we ended up all sitting out side on the terrace while the wee ones played on the grass  nearby, they had some lovely flowers and one lone Foxglove in all its glory ....
and that is as exciting as my week got this week heheheh .... I haven't even had time to reply back to your lovely comments which I will do soon ...its sooo nice to see you all popping in for your cuppas and cool drinks to say hello :) 
I will bob the photos up now for you ....
Curly Q progress for this week

two new meecies ... need some names :)

view from my decking into next doors garden

bumble bee plant looking gorgeous 

the wee one being nosy at the needleworker progress

LHN mystery chart ...

birdies taking a bath 

weather station reading ... look at the time and the temperature 

gardens to the hotel

up there celebrating


some type of thistle plant ?

mock orange blossom

Tusal with the latest wip 

making friends :)
so there you have it folks .... hope you all had a wonderful 4th July for all who celebrate it ... off to go and stitch now its a wee bit cooler tonight if I don't fall asleep in my chair hehehehe .... take care one and all I and I shall squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxxxxx