Tuesday 29 January 2013

Birthday cake any one ?:) and some eye candy too :)

 Hi every one :) thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes and also goodies that have been sent to the mouse house ... you certainly have made this wee mouse smile ... the kettle is on and cake already and waiting for you all to nibble on while reading my waffle and looking at all the lovely eye candy heheheh
Last Friday night we got snowed in again eeek but luckily the sun shone on Saturday morning and by the afternoon all was back to normal PHEW which was a good job really as I got a wonderful bouquet of flowers delivered with a balloon and a teddy called button and some chocolates from DH and the girls :) Luckily on the Thursday my very nice postie delivered some wee parcels from Lynda, Jo,June  and Tricia which I opened up on Sunday ( I did ask did they want me to save them but they said nope ...lol) being as I was at work on the Monday the 28th which was my actual day ... I also had some presents from Chris and Wendy ( no blog as yet) Kath  and Michelle which I opened early on my day before setting off to work armed and dangerous with some cake for my fellow workers ....
anyways I digress as it was my birthday weekend , day, week ,following weekend heheheh .... I actually sat and stitched most of Saturday afternoon and night and also part of Sunday too ... I worked on the Friendship Blooms SAl by Blue Ribbon Designs doing the over one on forty count wording ....and do you know I actually found it quite relaxing ....lol..... now if that doesn't convince you I am mad  heheheheh 
 on the Sunday I worked on the Travelling Pattern "Getting Old " by L*K  and I have almost finished it too  whoop whoop ... there was no pressure to get it done quickly but I like to get them done and on their merry way as soon as I can ...
oooo I also received in the post the chart Dandy Dreams by Silver creek Samplers and Diane even signed it for me too *VBG .... I like the look of her new sampler too heheheh ... I did go into town on Saturday once I could get the car out and got the threads for it .... but am wondering whether to use some hand dyes ... decision will be made once fully decided on the fabric I am going to stitch it on :)
DH and I are off to York this weekend (told you it carried on ;) and hopefully I will be able to get my birthday present while we are there ... I am looking at a bridge SLR camera with a decent zoom and macro lens with possibly multiple frames per second for those quick get the camera  moments .... sooo watch this space :)
having just seen the time I had better get that kettle on again for the last bedtime drink and get those eye candy photos up for you :)
from Lynda 

can't wait to start this 

ooo oooo a balloon

my beautiful birthday flowers 

from Jo

from Chris and Wendy

From June

closer view ... just me ...lol

from Michelle

conspiracy to get me to knit ..lol 

chocolates , button and my flowers

from Tricia 

Friendship Blooms SAL Blue Ribbon Designs

Travelling Pattern  Getting old by L*K

Birthday cake :)
ok I think I have remembered everything to catch you up on .... hot chocolate any one ???
well I have drawn a couple of names to help me celebrate my birthday, by me stitching a wee present for them too .... and with out further ado .....
Calamity Jr and Dani can you both email me with favourite colours and designers so I have a idea what best to do for you .... email is in the side bar :) and hopefully in the next few weeks a unbirthday present will be on its way to you :) 
thank you again for spoiling this wee mouse :) take care every one and happy stitching until next time the kettle boils :) love mouse xxxxx

Monday 21 January 2013

Snowy weather + hermitting perfect :)

Hi every one , glad you could make it through the snow to the mouse house , kettle is on and I have hot chocolate on the go for all ... slurrppp , oops ..lol still some left honest ;)
well as you can sort of tell from the title that the mouse house has been invaded by the white stuff falling from the skies and as I am typing this at 10.18pm exactly it is still coming down.
The good news is I got a snow day off work as my lovely boss rang me at 6.45am just as we were setting off not to bother coming in as it was so bad , soooo I had a stitchy day at home whoop whoop ...
I managed to finish off the making up of Margery's Valentine Exchange piece over on Friendly Stitchers so that is ready to go in the post this next weekend phew ... looks cute if I say so myself .... not sure if Margery does pop in to have a peek so I won't show you until I know it has arrived at her house safely :)
I have lots to tell and show sooo please bear with this wee brain of mine ...
firstly my little giftie to Pumpkin arrived safely at her house and I am pleased to say that she loves it  PHEW ..lol , as I told her it was one of those charts that I saw at Harrogate that just said to stitch it for her ... so I did ..hehehe , I stitched it on 28 count white evenweave with a threadworks thread and the patter was Lizzie *Kates "Cherish yesterday " I think is the title ..lol , in fact I love it so much I may just have to do one the same for me too :)
The Travelling Pattern from Sarah moo arrived the other day from http://lanybleu.blogspot.co.uk and I have picked the colours I am going to use for it and started it this evening after tea, the colours I am using are not the recommended ones just similar colours as I didn't have any it used ..and there is too much month left at the end of the money this month heheheheh.
I must thank everyone who popped over to see Diane from http://downbysilvercreek.blogspot.co.uk she was really pleased to see you all and as a wee RAK she is sending me "Dandy Dreams" as so many came from here to there .... that is going to be my next new start once it arrives here  (((HUGS)))
DJ, Babs and I are stitching as a SAL "friendship blooms " by Blue Ribbon Designs on a Tuesday night , DJ is way ahead of Babs and I ..lol so if you want to see more progress bob over there ..lol , Belinda(BRD) hasn't been well for the last few weeks so I hope she is feeling better now :)
any one want another hot chocolate ???
Master Bentley DH and I went for a lovely snowy walk in the woods on Sunday morning , we met up with some doggie friends and Bentley had a whale of a time running through the trees with his pals ....I of course took lots of photos and sorry to say they ran so fast most of them are blurry but you get the picture ... I bought some new snow boots and had to take a photo of them as they are really cosy and I didn't fall over once whoop whoop :)
I have been making sure my wee feathered friends have had lots of seeds out and fresh water every day , I managed to get a couple of photos of the blackbirds and the pigeon but my little robin didn't want his taken today :(
I am slowly catching up with every ones blogs and hope by weekend to have popped in for a cuppa with all of you .... I have booked marked the party blog blog and will be going for a sneak peek as soon as I can , as I love to meet lots of new folks :)
well I had better get the photos ready and then scoot of to bed as I shall be up early again to hopefully get into work tomorrow ....
snowy wood walk on Sunday

how far I have got with the SAL

craft room back to normal whoop

my new snow boots


chase me :)

just loved the colour combination with this shot :)

my front garden at 6.15 am this morning eek !

birdies watching the mouse :)

after hermitting weekend :)

my family of blackbirds :)

whoops on the window ledge

watching the snow coming down

started the Travelling Pattern 

just for Pumpkin :)

and got a wee bit more done :)
forgot to say that the mouse house is now really toasty as the very nice gas man came and took my floors up and sorted out the blockage :) so now as well my craft room is back to normal yeahhhhhh :)
hope every one else had a lovely weekend and will catch up with you all again soon ... don't forget I shall be picking a couple of peeps to share my birthday with me next Monday.... so far a stitched item is winning :)
take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Friday 11 January 2013

OOOOOO I have some ORTS :)

Hi every one :) can you tell I am excited ...lol , the kettle has just boiled and if you look carefully there is still some goodies left over from Christmas ... Pleasssseee help yourself heheheh ....
well what can I say except I have been stitching and my orts prove it ...lol I have been working on my SAL with DJ  for the last two Tuesday nights and boy is it hard to do that over one on 40 count with no proper lighting ... 
I have done a little bit more on the North Wind and I have also started a Valentine Exchange piece for my partner over on the Friendly stitchers so have done more stitching in this last week than I have done in the last few months and long may it continue :)
my craft room is still out of bounds at the moment but hopefully by the end of this weekend I shall be somewhat  nearer hehehe.... although I am taking a wee trip to Ikea with the DD and BF tomorrow :) thank you for all your help and I hope you managed to find something of use heheheh .... DH is happy as he can now walk through without hitting anything ..lol, My drawers are almost full to burst with patterns and most of them are kitted up totally or partially , I am getting them done so that I can just pick up and go, once I have finished a few more of my WIPs .... a bit more hard work now but it will be worth it in the long run :)
on top of the upheaval of my room DD2 has decided she wanted to re decorate her room soo she and her BF have done a sterling job and I just did the finishing touches of the feature wall wall paper , one roll's worth thank goodness as that's about all I can manage these days and that was with help .... 

no joke getting old hahahahah .... talking of which.... it is my birthday on the 28th of this month and I want to celebrate with you all with another giveaway ..... so I would like some ideas as to what you would possibly like from me eg:- a stitched item? , some finishing goodies ?, threads? , fabbie (hand dyed?) or a gift certificate ?.... I will pop all suggestions into a tea pot and pick a couple of winners on my actual birthday :)  looking forward to seeing what you would like :)

eeee I have the start of the sniffles thank goodness for balsam tissues and cidre ..lol not quite sure that is a proper remedy heheheh.. any one else want one or another tea ????

while I remember Diane  the wonderful designer of Silver Creek Samplers is having a wee giveaway of her own ... now don't forget it was me that sent you there so mention my name please .. it won't get me any where.... but just so she knows where you have bobbed over from ..lol  She would like some more followers on her blog and once she has reached 50 is going to do a giveaway of one of her charts ... I currently have two kitted up ready to go and would love to win the Dandy Dreams one :) so please bob over and say hello :)

Last weekend DH and I took a wee trip to sunny Blackpool to go and see my Dad and deliver their presents , we stayed over and had a lovely time and while there we visited Fleetwood Freeport and I got some new clothes as I have shrunk almost a couple of stone :) also  some how found a craft shop there heheheh and came out with some gorgeous coloured felt for needlebooks and some large paper flowers and a very large bag of buttons ... well I just couldn't resist hehehehe
ok I had better stop waffling and show you some photos .....
week one of SAL with DJ

Fleetwood Freeport

two swans a swimming

mmmmmmm all mine hehehehe

Jennifer's pudding

Dad and Jennifers new adopted addition Purdy :)

week two of SAL with DJ

Yeahhhh some orts with my wee bag

ohhh nooo she's got the camera again ..lol 

so there you go folks another book written erm update ...lol I am going to go and hibernate with my needle and thread and see if I can get some more done on my exchange piece :)
thank you all for stopping by , take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx