Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A lazy day 12 :)

I've had a lovely lazy day today , nowhere to go or any body to see so I could start the stitching bit bright n early  :) wooooo hoooo

So armed and dangerous with a early cuppa I got started on today's start by pulling out .......  another LHN chart

I got my trusty pencil and DMC to Anchor conversion chart and lightly pencilled in the numbers next to the ones on the chart :0 and laid the threads on my little table and sat back to enjoy my brew .......

The birds were all out in force tweeting n chirping away in the garden behind me .. I could hear the robin, blackbird and the blue tits calling to each other and there were some starlings taking a bath in the guttering above me as the water was dropping down onto the conservatory roof ..... It was almost a spring like day ....

So I am stitching this one on butter milk linen 28 count and it is stitching up smaller than the given approx size so I will be able to use the left over fabric for something else bargain !!!!

OOOO I haven't told you which one its Garden Pleasures and I love it .. it is just like me too :0

any way here is today's photo 

day 12 Garden Pleasures LHN
I also did some more stitching on mark two needle book and have almost finished  that bit phew ... then on to the finishing etc etc which hopefully will get done this weekend sooo not long to wait hahaha

right I shall squeak of for tonight and shall see you all tomorrow 
take care and happy challenge stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx


Stitchy Poo Gal said...

3 more days to go on your challenge starts! I love to listen to the birds too but it is single digits here, too frigid for even the birds!

Tricia said...

What a lovely thought to sit and little to the birds sing! :-) Makes me smile. What fun that you have had so many LHN patterns to start. The few I'm doing during the challenge are my favorites to work on. They stitch up so easily! Just a few more days!

DJ said...

Mouse, you conjure up such wonderful pictures in my head of the birds and the sun shining...I wish you would send them here! We had birds in my garden today, but we had a fresh layer of snow out there too! I'll pop some pictures up later. Great start on your Garden Pleasures! It will be fun now to watch them come together over the next year. *Hugs*

Crystal said...

Great work on your 15 challenge starts, going to love watching them grow.

Val said...

Well done Mouse - that is very pretty .... x