Saturday 11 May 2013

Computer poorly = more orts

Hi every one .. sorry to have been so quiet but unfortunately my poor computer is rather poorly sick and I have been having to wait to get onto DH's .. he is away this weekend so I can update my blog for you all yeahhhhh :)
sooo the kettle is on and goodies are out for you too choose from to have with your drink , tea, coffee or hot chocolate as per usual :)
well as you can probably tell I have been doing a wee bit more stitching than usual I have finished the Whitby retreat piece and just love it ... I made a few changes so that I could get the word Whitby in and I am really pleased as to how it has turned out :) I have done more on the SAL with DJ and Babs and also the SAL with Sally  she has finished hers and I am  well ... half way there 
This last week my needles have been smoking as I am doing the Christmas in July challenge over on the Friendly Stitchers and I put down to do three ornaments EEEEEKKKK .... well I am pleased to say that I have got a wee bit left to do on the third one ..... then I have to make them all  up and send out one to my partner so as yet I can't show you them although if you look carefully at the ort photo you may see the fabric and some of the colours being used
I also made a wee ornament for Michelles  birthday which she loved Phew ....and while I was at it did the part for my RR little house neighbourhood with the Friendly stitchers RR group :) which has now been sent on to the next in line Ally :)
I had a few questions on my last post so will try to answer them on here while I can 
Maggie re the Arguments Yard haven't a scooby dooo but it makes me giggle every time I saw it :)
Beth ... I usually choose the one that screams at me the loudest from the basket or the drawer when I open it ......
Ali ..... sooooo sorry didn't the posting pigeon get to you  .... I did sent out in good time  *sniff .... 
Kaye have bobbed a photo for you to see where your cushion is in the mouse house :)
and thanks for all the good wishes too ... I am feeling much more like me although few more hours of mouse naps wouldn't go amiss ...hehehehe
Last Monday being the May Day bank holiday I was off and took Master Bentley for a walk in the woods .... it was a gorgeous early morning and the birds were chirping merrily as we tootled through the trees, the grass has started to grow and there are new leaves forming ... I was looking round when I saw the back end of a bird flying away ... and thought coooo that was different shape to normal ..... a few trees later I looked up to see the wood pecker tree and lo and behold the wood pecker was there ...I stopped and looked at it and it saw me and it scooted round the back of the tree .... I stood still for a few seconds and then he popped his head round to see if I was still there ... it was sooo funny as he kept bobbing back and forth decided I was ok and then came out on the branch for me to see all his beautiful colouring ...and I didn't have a camera in sight .... blooming typical .... but I have googled and he was the greater spotted woodpecker
I have just seen the time so this little mouse had better get the photos up for you and go off to the land of naps ....
May Orts

look at those lovely colours

my aubritia 

come down to the sea and stitch with me finished 

Sal with DJ and Babs coming along :)

Sal with Sally getting there :)

Little house neighbourhood RR my section 

birthday gift for michelle 

Kay can you see it ???

took this this other night with my new camera 

no post would be complete without Master B

so there you go folks all the bits I can show you for now :) ... hoping to get some Raks done now while I am waiting for the RR's to come to me and also start a new SAL with Sally and Lainey when they are ready to start .... take care one and all and happy stitching until next time :) love mouse xxxxxxx