Monday, 24 January 2011

And some more done

Well I couldn't not blog now could I, seeing as Ally has put up her update  on her Needlework shop by LHN ..... I am, as you all know doing this piece too, as part of my fifteen new starts  and Ally was talking about it last night  and I dug out mine today and did a bit more of it too ... sooo with out further ado here is my offering 
Needlework shop LHN 
I've had to scan all my updates in recently as my poor camera has run out of batteries and I haven't been out to get any more as it is very fussy and won't work for anything less than Duracell !!!  so I apologise now

Ok so today dawned bright and sunny and as DH was having a lie in due to working nights this week I settled down,still in jammies to stitch (or as I've told if still in them after 9.30... day wear and did some work on the Bee Sampler LHN first of all until DH came down at 11.30 am  so here is as far as I got ....
Bee Sampler LHN
 I then went upstairs to get dressed etc thought I'd better make the effort heheh and came down to a cuppa waiting for me bliss .... I had that and did a token bit of the "H" word  before I re sat down and did a bit more on the Romantique Sampler .... I'm having to do this one in the day light as much easier on the old eyes and as I was merrily getting the next part in I've realised that I have gone up a stitch or two threads to be politically correct... too much on the bit above the smocking effect... ho hum I am not taking all that out Its a good job it is that way as I'm working on a tight deadline the other way !!!

Any way here is how far I have got with this one today 
Romantique Sampler SAL 
I am really enjoying this one as it is different to all the others I am working on at the moment and I just love the colours :)

Ok so that's the stitching side of today hehehe .... I've been looking in my photos for a picture for Tricia and have found it  so especially for her .....
Dragon at the top of the keep at Wentworth Castle
This little chap actually escaped for a couple of months and was found again in the gardens surrounding the castle and is now back where he belongs .......

So there we are another day over and almost time to go to sleep but not before another cuppa me thinks heheheh 

t.t.f.n  love mouse xxxxx


Tricia said...

Oooo.... a real live dragon! :-) You can keep him there, thanks. I think my part of the country is a little short of Knights on white horses. LOL!

Love all the stitching you got accomplished today. I need to go eat supper and clean up before I can sit down, but I think I'll work on Pumpkin Cottage tonight. YAY!

DJ said...

Wonderful stitching, Mouse! The more I see of your Romantique sampler, the more I love YOURS!! I'll trade ya when we're finished ok? No??? I don't blame you!! LOL Your needlework shop piece is looking fab too! The dragon is so cute! Maybe one day I'll get to see him for myself? In my dreams maybe....*sigh* *hugs*

Terri said...

Great stitching as always Mouse. :) I love the dragon. I so love them.

Julie said...

All lovely pictures, LOL: heres a secret: my online gaming nickname is Dragonsblood (LOL, how scary am I??!!).Thanks for posting

Julie in Australia

Val said...

Oh I love dragons - send him to me please .....