Saturday 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year 2012

Hi Every one :) just a quick squeak to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a merry stitchy new year 2012 .... :)
to all who are starting the crazy challenges etc in the new year I wish you luck and steaming needles :)

I am keeping this one short and sweet ;) but I will leave you with a design I designed especially for my group the Friendly Stitchers ....

 I stitched it with Evergreen Gast and Hollyberries Gast which I thought was quite fitting for the season 

and finished making it up in the wee small hours of Christmas eve eve

hope every one has a wonderful Christmas and a merry stitchy new year (again 
take care one and all and squeak to you all in the new year :)
love mouse xxxxx 

Sunday 18 December 2011

Hi every one :) ooooo can you see this mouse move ????

Hi every one :) ooooo can you see this mouse move ????  methinks you need to grab a cuppa or a wine seeing as it is the season to be merry ;) and sit back ready for the ride and eye candy to follow hehehehhe ..... don't scroll down to the end first

It was the weekend before Christmas 
when all through the house not a creature was stirring 
except a hermitting mouse 
she sat in her chair with her needle and threads 
while images of new crazies and humming birds danced through her head 

she stitched and she stitched through out the long winters night 
as she knew the end of her crazies was in sight
as the clock struck midnight, she scampered to bed
with only one row to stitch "yeahhhhh " was all she said 

and on the morning of the 18th of December 
a pretty good date for you all to remember 
she sat in her chair and stitched that last row
and took a photo so you all would know .....

that mouse had finished all fifteen of her crazies .....

yeah I know that last bit don't rhyme heheheh

anddddd this week the postie has been extra busy bringing un expected goodies to the mouse house as well as some that were expected :)

first of all I got a wonderful card from Inky with a raspberry tea in it and a needle minder in the shape of a wee frog .... he is sooooo cute .... then Patty C sent me not one but two absolutely gorgeous stitched ornaments which are on my tree .... I've got stitched ornaments finally on my tree whoop whoop ..... I can now show you mine that I sent to her ..... I've also heard that my partner on friendly stitchers has received her ornament soo i can show you both of those tooo :)
then my blog goody wins from freddysmama turned up as well ...... 

are you jealous yet hehheheh as there is more ......a box from Finland turned up from my good friend Niina and inside was a Moomin tin filled with yummies and tea :) I will have to fight with DD1 for the tin as she loves Moomins and then .. yup there is more  a parcel turned up for me with no identifying address on it at all ... soooo i carefully opened to find a letter in it saying please read .... and so I did ....Fiona had sent me a Christmas gift and one that I could open straight away ..... so I did and found a cute red mouse pincushion ..... I can't wait to see what my other goodies are .....I want to thank you all very much for making this little mouse sooooo happy not only with the presents but also for the cards that have come too :)
I must admit to being very behind with the cards etc and If one doesn't get to you it don't mean that I don't love you .. just time hasn't been on my side and the last posting dates came and went before I knew it ......

so are you ready for the eye candy ?????  well you'd better get another cuppa first .. piece of chocolate roll or mince pie to go with it ????

mine to Patty C

mine to Amy on Friendly stitchers

Amy 's to me 

Winter White finished 14th December 
crazies kitted up

crazies all kitted up

crazies all kitted up

crazies all kitted up

crazies all kitted up

stitched by kath finished by me :)

stitched by Kath finished by me

thought this was cute my 

from Patty C to me sorry photo a wee bit yuk

my blog win goodies

my cute needle minder and card from Inky

from Fiona :)

my second gorgeous ornie from Patty C

yummies from Niina :)

thread gathering finished today 

closer look :)
sooooo if you have managed to get this far .... well done and an extra cuppa for you

thank you to every one who has been on this years stitching journey with me and kept me company and encouraged me all the way .... I will say it again ... you stitchers are the best ;).... and I will need you all again  for next years crazies hehehhehe :0)

take care and have a great week and see you before the big day :)
love mouse xxxxxx

Friday 9 December 2011

ON the 9th day of Christmas ......

Hi every one :) Jo at  had a brilliant idea for an on line calender and today's my day :).....
so here is my picture for behind my door 

Stitched by me 2010
 as to traditions for Christmas ... welll since we have been married, the main one was having the decorations up by the 6th December (our wedding day 23years this year eeekkk

but I digress .....
as a wee child I remember being soooo excited on Christmas eve as we hung our stockings on the door handles of our bedrooms my sister and I .... and they  nothing special, just a pair of nylon tights, but the love that went into the wee gifts in there was second to none .... my mum and dad couldn't afford much but there was always an apple and a satsuma at the bottom..... and each small present was wrapped and eagerly ripped off  in glee
We always got the yearly annual of our favourite comics .... Dandy , Beano , Mandy or Bunty .... mine were the first two and my sisters the second .....
I blame the parents for my wicked sense of humour ;) 

I  loved the run up to the "big" day with the carol singing ... I was always the first to start and loved going to church, as it  always seemed more special as the candles were always lit each Sunday in December ......
One year when we were very small my sister and I were woken up early as it was snowing and we hadn't played out in the snow before..... so we were bundled into our warm coats and wellies and joined the rest of the children on our street and had a wonderful time ....  one thing that always puzzled me was the fact I could see the stars twinkling in the sky ..... I asked my dad years later and apparently it was midnight we were playing out in all the snow ......

so there you go  a wee insight to a little mouse's Christmas  :)

ho ho ho and merry Christmas to one and all .....and peace and goodwill to all, as it is the season ......:)
until next time take care :)
love mouse xxxx