Thursday 16 November 2023

Harrogate and other bits n bobs

 Good morning :) it is very early at the mouse house ... 4.35am to be precise ... the kettle has boiled so come and join me for a cuppa ...

Thursday I went to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show held in the International Halls ... I had arranged to meet Chris H as well as Vivian and Heidi for lunch to show our spoils ...Chris and I worked out the last time we had both been there was 2018... 

It was a lovely long tiring day, saw some lovely quilts and exhibition pieces as well as the highlight for me was stitching on the longest embroidery and I was the first one to date it that day too ... Although I enjoyed going to me it wasn't as good as previous years with many stalls that I would have purchased from not there :(  

As well as that I have been stitching up a storm and sent some exchanges which I cannot show yet and gifts to DJ which she loves as well as something for her husband too . And made some stockings for 4louis charity to raise funds and while I was at it made some for me too.

My munchkins are growing up fast and we are having them both for sleep overs now and bacon sandwiches as Master Billy loves his granddads bacon butties 

Ohh and I have also managed after many moons of trying ...started to knit a pram blanket for Miss Bobbi for Christmas to go with her new pram we have got her ... go me ... I hope you are impressed 

On top of that I am on my way to my goal of losing 6 stone by Christmas with only 5.5lbs to go .... kate from Sparklies didn't recognise me (doing Slimming World)  and it helps that I have to be fully dairy free and no garlic in things ... so although I have plenty of goodies in to go with your cuppas , I cannot have any * sigh ...dairy free chocolate is just not the same ....

Ok I had better find the photos for you to drool over ... the first lot are goodies from show and the quilts and exhibits 

Vivian and Heidi in the Grand Theatre 

My name for all to see embroidered

Bag made for a gift 

Miss B pram blanket for her new pram in the making 

Stockings for me

Stocking for DJ

Ornie for DJ 

Stockings for 4Louis Charity 

Another view of DJ stocking 

DJ's project bag I made her 

For Lainey for her Birthday 

SOOO I think that is all for now folks .. wishing you all a wonderful stitchy week ...take care one and all .. love mouse xxx