Wednesday 29 January 2014

Tea, Cake and lots of goodies :)

Hi every one :) hope this finds you all well and keeping warm ... lots of you are experiencing lots of the white stuff and we at the mouse house are expecting some too, even thought there is signs of spring arriving .... brrrrr .... any hoooo ... on to the good stuff ... cuppas and cake and not just the sponge kind either .... my lovely DD 2 made me a sweet cake .... how cool was that ... so pull up a chair grab your brew and a bit of cake or some sweeties and enjoy your visit ....
I have had a wonderful few birthday "days "  I was taken out on Sunday for an early birthday meal to a very nice "posh " Italian restaurant by DH , and then on Tuesday my actual day I was up at the crack of dawn opening my  wee packages that have been arriving at the mouse house .... ooooing and aaaahhhing  at all the lovely cards and presents I have been given .... and there is some more on the way too ......I have bobbed the names up under the photos and links where they have a blog as it was soooo much and I just love them all... thank you once again every one :)
Unfortunately I had to go to work but I did have a good day and got some lovely gifts from  work too :) and when I had finished DH took me to Meadowhall  and treated me to another lovely meal and bought me a gorgeous Swaroski  crystal necklace and a Cath Kidson handbag with matching purse how lucky am I :)
Talking of lucky I picked the winner of my celebration gift certificate but you will have to wait a wee while longer to find out heheheh .....
This last week I have been concentrating on Curly Q and am onto the last leg and can see the finishing line woooo hoooo ... and  drum roll please ♫♫♫♫♫ I have been doing some crochet... I have not done any in *Cough Cough* years and wanted to see if I could managed to do some .... soo with a wee bit of help from my friends I got started and you can see how well I have got on :)
Soooo do you want to see the photos ?????  I managed to remember to take a photo of the fabric stash from Grace and Favour from the other week .... 
from Grace and Favour at Marsh Mill 

signs of spring

daffodils coming up 

my sweetie cake made by DD2

can't miss him out 

birthday cake the sponge kind

from Bev ;) lots of lovely stitchy goodies and sparklie fabric

from Michelle  some wee charms that will come in handy :)

from June lots of spring like goodies :)

from Sally a gorgeous needleroll 

Made by Chris

stitched by Wendy

From Chris and Wendy ..lots to keep me out of mischief
 can't wait to try the pompoms :)

from Jo  a gorgeous wee bag... spot the mouse 

and the back :) she knows me tooo well 

from my work buddies 

My gorgeous necklace from DH

and from DH too :)

not bad for a beginner

opened up the bag from June so you could see all the wee goodies
and the smell of the sachet is divine :)

Curly Q by LHN almost done whoo hoo 

dive in plenty for every one :)
soooo there you are folks plenty of eye candy as well as the eating sort  I have just made another brew for you all  please stay and help me eat the cake 
ooooo I had better announce the winner another drum roll please ♫♫♫♫♫
                                              ANNE from Dolls musings :)
congratulations Anne me when you have chance so I can get the right email to sort out the gift certificate :)
I am hoping to be busy this weekend and beyond making some wee raks for peeps but I will warn you when to stalk the postie ... 
Ok I had better say t.t.f.n and  hope to see you all again soon ... take care and happy stitching every one :) love mouse xxxxxx

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Its that time for Celebrations again :)

Yooo hoooo every one ....hope you are all well and stitching away merrily ..the kettle has just boiled so grab your cuppa and pull up a chair ... you may want to rest your wee paws for a while :)
This year I decided was going to be my year of finishes and new starts but mostly finishes of all my WIPs ... well as much as I can at any rate ... and soooo far so good ... I have finished my  second La D Da  Alphabet  and just need to make it up now ... think it is going to be a needle book but that is subject to change heheheh ... then I got all the hem stitching done on my Heartstring Samplery piece that the stitching was finished back in 2012 and ..... I am almost there with Curly Q after a few stern squeaks to myself about wanting to give up on it ....  and now I am loving it again :) and really looking forward to getting something else done and finished  too :)
I managed also to send out most of my wee late (early ) Christmas presents , only one hasn't been sent yet due to family illness but I can show you all the rest as her's is slightly different to the others :) To see Michelle's you will have to bob over to her blog as forgot to take a photo of hers *sigh ... I have got more things to make and send out to peeps  but you will have to wait until I have done them ((wee raks ) )......
And I got a late present too from Ally :) the  wee gingerbread mouse by Just Nan ... how cute is that ....even DH was impressed She went to great lengths to get it for me too ...Thankkkkyoooou :)
Last weekend DH and I travelled in the mouse mobile over to Sunny ??? Blackpool to go and see my Dad  and while I was there we nipped over to Marsh Mill so that I could go to the stitching shop there ... well there was a bit of disappointment as it wasn't but ..... there was a wonderful sewing place and patch work shop ... called Grace and favour....
we arrived before the shop had opened but Emily kindly opened the shop up for me and promptly made DH a cuppa (and me too ) she just knew I was going to be there a wee while ... and I was heheheh ... I bought some lovely fat quarters and trims  but guess what I haven't actually photoed them !!!! whoops .. well I shall have to keep you in suspense  and I want a shop like that too ... they had old machines out on display and it was lovely to see the girls who worked there and also chat to them as they had tons of experience and they all were all young .... can you tell I was there a wee bit ... I think I am going to make some bunting out of some of the fabric I got ... :)
Sooooo on to the Celebrations bit... next week .... 28th to be exact is this wee mouse's birthday .... and I want to do something again, to have some one celebrate with me as well ... well after much thinking and asking DH what I should do, we decided that a Gift Certificate would be the best way forward ... then the lucky person can choose what they need the most, especially if they are stitching from stash ... and desperately want this or that chart  but can't 
soooo there you go ...  I thought probably the best would be to have a choice from either 123.stitch  or the Patchwork Rabbit depending where you are if you are lucky to be the winner .... amount will be £20.00 or $34.00 dollars (approx) .... and that's it .. no hoops to go through just be a regular visitor and  I shall choose the winner on my Birthday and will let them know as soon as I can from there ....
ok I shall go and pop the kettle back on while I find the photos of stuff I did take 
how pretty is my orchid at the moment :)

Christmas present from Ally :)

the sky outside  the mouse house early this morning 

nearly there wooo hoooo

just love this piece 

oooo ello every one :)

Marsh Mill Windmill 

Ally's wee gift 

La D Da Alphabet all finished :)

Chris, Wendy and Bev's goodies :)
soooo there you are folks ... I hope you have enjoyed your wee visit to the mouse house .. as soon as I can I will be scampering over to your blogs to have a cuppa with you all  :) take care and happy stitching one and all  love mouse xxxxxxx