Sunday 30 September 2018

a couple of trips away ... and some stitching

Helllooo everyone :) grab a chair and a brew .. there should be some cookies too :) ..since I last squeaked I have been on two trips … one to Wales near Llanbedr and the other London … DH and I took a trip over to Wales as he had a job to do so we booked into a lovely Guest House over looking the sea and while he was working I explored and did some stitching and then on the night time we went into Barmouth and I took some lovely shots of the harbour after our meal in the Indian .. which was lovely btw …
DD1 and I took a day trip to London last weekend and we had a fabulous day despite the rain, we scooted on and off the tube, went to Covent Garden found a fab Harry Potter shop that sold LOR and GOT stuff too, got to see the British Science Museum … outside of it, as the queue to get in was a tad long and we didn't think we could get round in the time we had left at this point, called in at Harrods which was lovely, we strolled along Oxford Street seeing Selfridges and DD went into John Lewis's to build her own Quality Street tin 
We had a Macmillan day at work on Friday and raised £112.00 not bad considering and I just had to have a slice or two of the cakes on offer ….
The weather has certainly started to be more fall like with misty mornings and a touch of frost on the grass and flowers and the temps have started to come down... the trees are all turning to beautiful russet browns and greens with the odd bit of copper in them.. I do love this time of year …
Stitching wise I can't really show you much as most of the things I have been doing are for Birthday/ Christmas presents for a few peeps ...I have only got a few more to do then they are going to be sent on their merry way and be early and organised for once hahahahha.. I have been working on Scissors by Cherrywood Designs part of the dictionary series and made a new start on With Thy Needle and Threads " Sew a needle pulling thread" I started the grass and have done the magnificent amount of … wait for it ...  20 stitches hahahahah and done a wee bit more on my " Merry Mouse" as well 
I was talking to Sally today as she had a query re a finish and wanted someone else to clarify what she had read was right … can't wait to see the finish Sally.. we had a right good natter and must do it again soon :) and I said to her I really must get a blog post up sooo here we are … I have taken a few autumnal photos so will bob them up as well …

gorgeous guest house we stayed at in Wales

Stitching it a second time 

Welsh phrase book!!!

All the above are in Barmouth

Harlech Castle

nearly finished this now no photo update as yet 

London outside Hyde Park


Covent Garden 

British Science Museum

Wellington's statue

His house 

Presents given

Bag for Roz 

isn't he just gorgeous :)

Our Room at the guest house 

Merry Mouse

Back from the framers 
Well considering I didn't think I had much to say or show there are rather a lot of photos hahahaha… right I had better get off and go and make another brew and get some stitching done :) T.T.F.N  take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx