Monday, 10 January 2011

Two thirds of the way through DAY 10

COOOOO I am later blogging tonight as I had to get dd from work so its put me right off schedule 

Any ways to digress started off very cold, wet, damp ,miserable and downright yucky :(  The pain levels were sky high and I didn't want to get out of bed but I did and after having breakkie and some pain killers I felt more human and went to get today's offering out of the box which was ....... Poinsettia House LHN .

I'm stitching it on Flax 28 count linen ... the recommended fabric is Vintage light Exampler from Lakeside linens but seeing as I live in the UK and have no idea where to get them from...  although have just googled  the name and found the approximate colour of what the fabric should be!   so I shall have a check later ... the wonders of modern science eh ????

I have come to the conclusion that I will have to fill in the windows behind the panes with a warm glowy colour as it looks very odd 

day 10 Poinsettia House
So there you are the photo finally  (did any body tell you I can talk for England hahahahah )

I am still enjoying the challenge and we are two thirds of the way through now:).... I have plans on how to finish a few of the pieces already just need to finish stitching heheheheh  

so I shall say T.T.F.N and happy stitching 
see you tomorrow night all  
love mouse xxx


Tricia said...

You get so much done each day, Mouse! I love looking at your progress. This one is going to be beautiful as well. Only a few more days!!

Tracey said...

Looks great so far! :)