Friday 24 September 2010

The last rose of summer (very long post lots to tell :)

Hellooooo everybody sorry to have been so quiet recently but it has been with good reason honest :)
First of all I shall catch up on the news then show the photos........ where to begin mmmm i think I shall sneak some wording from something that was written by me and Ally regarding the main reason I've been silent hang on

 Due to DJ's recent illness and diagnosis and the ongoing treatment, the
> > moderators decided they would like to do something for her on behalf of
> > whole group. A few 50p in the meter later we decided to make her one of
> > Friendly Stitchers quilts of which there have been several in the past.
> > next challenge, after a few wines, was to decide on a theme - and knowing
> > her passion for biscornu a light went on and the idea was born. A cry for
> > help went out back channel to various members, some of whom had already
> > in touch with us to express a desire to help in any way if we had any
> > for doing something for DJ. We set up a separate group for planning and
> > discussion - not in any way to exclude anyone but more to keep it off the
> > main group so as not to let the mouse out of the bag, especially as we
> > that DJ did pop in from time to time to read messages when least
> > We wanted to get the quilt to DJ as fast as possible so we were working to
> > tight deadline, so needles were flying frantically on both sides of the
> > Atlantic, Europe and Australia in order to get the squares to Mouse who
> > kindly stepped up to the plate and offered to put the quilt together (or
> > rather she opened her big mouth and fell in with both feet). Mouse felt
> > Mrs Tiggywinkles when all the squares arrived and she set to washing them
> > all by hand. Then came the fun part - much cutting and sewing, cutting and
> > sewing and cutting and sewing later the quilt finally came together -
> > of progress have been placed in a separate file on the group if anyone
> > to see the whole process. The bias was handmade and hand sewn by Miss
> > Karen bobbed over to the Mouse House and played a critical part by
> > the safety pins and holding the quilt while the bias hem was folded over
> > the iron and got through a whole box of hankies in the process leaving
> > to mop up after her. Many hours later, by candlelight the bias was finally
> > hand sewn on and the quilt was pressed for the last time and packed ready
> > go to Gillie who was wearing her Fedex hat and being our personal delivery
> > person. The quilt duly arrived at the house on the pond and was then
> > delivered to DJ who just happened to be in hospital again recovering from
> > gallbladder operation! There was much relief in the Mouse house and she is
> > so glad she can talk properly on the group again as she has been so busy
> > behind the scenes getting everything together. Many thanks to all
> > - you know who you are girls (wink!) We very much appreciate all your hard
> > work and we know that DJ does too!

soooo there you go reason one  .... then as I was feeling all creative we at the mouse house decided we needed to redecorate the living room and then the kitchen as it follows on from there so that kept us out of mischief for a few weeks ..... during this time I didn't get any stitching done due to the craft room being rather full of things from the other rooms but that has now been resolved and I'm back in business YIPPPEEEEEEE 
sooo mmm where did I get to oh yes  I got a lovely biscornu from Rebecca in the summer lavender biscornu exchange and she even put a little mouse on it :) it is soooooo cute I love it ... the little tag went onto the scissors straight away ..... Abi received hers from me and loved it too so I can show you pictures now phewww  and I've found the up to date pictures of "the castle" as well . 
I also got a really cute bookmark of Jillann in the book mark exchange but it was only in my paws long enough to take a photo before eldest DD Jo whipped off with it saying she wished last night for a book mark and one turns up in the post today !!!! so Magic really does happen 
other than that Jo and I went into the garden and did some much needed pruning of the grape vine and other bits and bobs while we had a few sunny days last week :) 
soooo now for the photos .......

Biscornu from Rebecca

Abi's lavender biscornu from me 

Front of quilt for DJ

Back of Quilt for DJ

The Castle so far 

My Bookmark from Jillann 

Bookmark made for MIL birthday

MIL's card 
.I must point out that the quilt is the first I have ever made so I am very very pleased with the way it has turned out and it is unique one of a kind Biscornu quilt :) I did say if DJ didn't like it I would have it back ..her answer was" its MINEEEEEEE " 
So there you are I'm up to date and here is now the last rose of summer , my patio rose bloomed 2 days before the official day of autumn .... I shall now leave you to put the kettle on as if you have got this far you will have deserved one :)
hopefully the next instalment won't be as long in coming ... take care one and all till next time 
happy stitching 
love mouse xxxxxx