Friday 21 September 2012

And the winner of the Travelling pattern is .....

Hi every one :) hope you all have had a fabulous stitchy week and got lots of orts in those jars ..... you have all got to have been better than I

The next person the Travelling Pattern Summers Garden by LHN is going to is ........ drum roll ...... have to be dramatic you know heheheh 

I let her know earlier on tonight  so  that I could get her snail mail address in time to send it on its merry way down under ... just in time to be stitched before summer arrives for them :)
Please pop over to her blog to be in with a chance to stitch it once she has stitched hers .... don't forget with this one you must choose your backing fabric first and then pick the colours for the stitched piece from there :)
Looking forward to seeing what Kaye does :)

take care one and all and I shall be back soon .. have some pretties to show you
love mouse xxxxx

Monday 17 September 2012

September Tusal

Hi everyone ... here is my September 2012 Tusal ....

                                      a picture paints a thousand words

ohhh and as to hermitting well I don't think 8 stitches will count for a photo and an update  do you ????? hope to do a wee bit better next month :)
happy stitching every one and don't forget about the travelling pattern in the previous post :)
love mouse xxxxx

Friday 14 September 2012

I'm Late I'm Late for a very important stitchy update :)

Hi every one :) the kettle is on and the cups are all ready along with a few nibbles to help you through this post .... as I said I am late for a very important stitchy update ..... I finished the Summer Garden Travelling Pattern and it is now ready to go on its merry way ..... more of this in a bit ...
at the end of August I had my wee op and was not very compus mentos for a few days and was unable to go to work .... so what has a girl got to do when not allowed to do much .... stitch of course , hence the finish .... heheheh .....
things then went pear shaped when the computer was finally giving up the ghost playing DH's game so we had to go out and buy a new one and a printer, as that decided to not work at the same time ... *sigh ... sooo it was decided to decorate the computer room while we were at it ... 
I now have a very posh room with lovely poppy wallpaper from next and a huge long desk for the computers and printer and we re did the floor while we were at it ..... in fact DD2 did most of the work as I have trained her well ... she was also my gofer while I wallpapered the back wall ....luckily it is only small less than two rolls worth soooo I wasn't toooooo bad after
so while on a roll (groan ) I started and finished the wee prize for Lisa at the inspired stitcher which will be going in the post tomorrow so she should get it soon paws crossed :)
mmmmm having a second cuppa while I think what else to tell you ... oh yeah got some more goodies from the Victorian motto shop on ebay and also won some BBD designs on the bay of evil ... and also a La D Da one from one of our members on friendly stitchers .... I couldn't believe it when I found out it was and she sent me some extra goodies of some threads  just because ;)......I can't help spending on there  heheheh mind you with the computer down I have given every one else a chance ROFLMSO ....
On the Friendly stitchers we are celebrating our tenth year with a stitching competition , I have designed two charts for them to choose from, with a gift certificate for the first prize  and some yummie threads for the second and third prizes .... I am really looking forward to seeing what they get stitched up and into  :)
The Dawn of Spring samplers are all looking good and being finished beautifully ... still got to do the last bit on mine yet ..... in fact the lady mentioned above (Hazel) no blog has entered hers into the WI competition and I am awaiting to see how she got on.... fingers and paws are crossed for her :)
Gosh while going through the photos to pop on here I just realized I forgot to mention I finished a Crazy ... yup I did honest .... "There is a garden" by Sandra Sullivan (homespun elegance) number four finish out of the fifteen this year
I have even took a photo of the french knots close up to show Shirlee  she hates them they are rather a love or hate type of stitch personally I love them .... find them quite therapeutic ... , the first shot is the truest picture of the fabric colour ... so you get the jist :)

We got Master Bentley a couple of new beds last week and the pictures will tell you how much he liked them talk about comfort ....

soooo on to the all important bit the Travelling pattern ... the rules for this one are slightly different in the fact you have to pick your backing fabric first then take the colours from that to stitch the piece in .....Myra where the pattern came from orginally would also like to see a photo of the finished piece once stitched and made up :)
sooo it is now up for grabs ... I shall draw a name next Friday the 21st of September 2012 so please leave me a comment to say you would like to be popped into the hat and also a way of contacting you as well if you are picked ... I will post any where and you must also be prepared to do the same :)

ok think that is it for now so I shall let the photos do the talking while I pop the kettle back on :)

ohhhh this is soooo comfy

yep defo comfy

and snoooze

Summer Garden by LHN travelling pattern with the backing fabric I chose :)

truest photo of the fabric colour

finished :)

french knot tail for Shirlee :)

floor done

walls getting ready for the paper

they are gorgeous and the leaves are silver 

finished and waiting for the work top

my side with the old computer that works fine for me
I am slowly trying to catch up with every one's blogs I visit ... its amazing how many blog updates you lot do when I am not around 
don't forget that this weekend is Hermitting Weekend too ....pop over to Joyszes blog to sign up if you would like to join in :) I am hopefully going to get to stitch this weekend as I have nothing planned that I am aware off other than  going out for a meal with the DH on Saturday night :)

Master Bentley is now snoozing at the side of me 
but did say to say hello to every one and happy stitching to you all ;)
take care every one and I shall catch up with you soon hopefully with some more stitching but definitely with who gets the travelling pattern next :)
love mouse xxxx

Sunday 2 September 2012

The Last postcard blog hop

Hi every one :)... I received the last postcard today from the  Postcard Blog Hop organised by the lovely JoanneP through out the summer months .....
it arrived from Christine     

"Wish you were here stitching by the sea" 
I do wish I was too ... as it is gorgeous here at the mouse house ....
it has been lovely following all the cards around the blogs and I think there is a little eye candy to be found at Jo's blog later on heheheh ..... 

will be back later with a stitching up date :)
take care and happy stitching by the sea, back garden etc 
love mouse xxxxx