Sunday 24 July 2011

Stalking the postie and other tall stories :)

My blog win goodies :)
HI Everyone :) question of the week ... can a stitcher get done for stalking the postie ?????  seriously I got confirmation that my order from 123stitch .com was shipped out a week last Tuesday to the mouse house and I figured that a week and a bit would get it to me ... Tuesday came and went , Wednesday too... Thursday I was getting really worried and moaned to my stitcher friends who came over (more on that later ) and Friday  .. well lets say Friday was a BRILLLLLL day as my goodies arrived YEAHHHHH :)
still drooling over them and deciding which to put on my must do first pile :) thank you very much Peggy :) ... 
my postie is relieved too hahahahah ... good job I've know him for 12 + years heheheh 
so what have I been up to this week I hear you ask .... well grab your cuppa and a biscuit or two as here goes :)

Mary Wigham update 
As you may well remember  DD2 and BF had been looking for a new place to live and thankfully we have found a lovely two up two down house with a small garden in town so they can easily get to their respective jobs etc ..... so my days have been spent sorting stuff out .. going shopping with DD for all new house stuff as the house before had everything in it ... and trying to clean and sort new house out as well as waiting in for plumbers and joiners who have yet to materialise with the said stuff for the jobs to be done !!! enough said on that *sigh .. I did think on and took some stitching with me and managed to do a wee bit on Mary Wigham while I had the chance 

I finally managed to post my summer biscornu to kate  on Wednesday and she has received it and loves it phew so I can now show you piccies of it :) It is a freebie from  and it was really quick to stitch up too :0.... Kate is in the process of doing mine so I will show you as soon as it turns up .. her mum is unwell at the moment and she is rather busy with everything soo I am happy to wait honest :)
Thursday and Friday this week passed with lots in to do with the house but I have to announce that DD1 is now the proud owner of a red rover 25 with the apt name of wait for it.... "Dracula" ....  my car is now the mouse mobile .... the new car is being driven at every opportunity and DH has been out and about in it with her,giving motorway lessons and general take me here for this and that ... It is really nice for her to be out and about under her own steam and now we have a taxi for those nights out heheheheh.

see how much i got stitched !!!
Thursday night I had the stitcher's group at the mouse house and we had such a laugh and talked till the cows came home , drank lots of tea and they got to see the mouse 's stitch room and I warned them I would have to frisk them before they left ahahahahah  .. I did  manage to get a wee bit of stitching done ... Fa on the fa la la ornament  ooooo and we got to see two hedgehogs that night as we were saying goodbye .. Chris was sooo impressed to see them:)

Saturday was spent at the new house delivering the furniture and other bits and bobs from the mouse house and sorting  stuff out  and we had a rare night with all of us eating a well deserved Indian ....checking out the new local takeaways and it was very yummy toooo 
you really didn't think I would show you
Soooo that finally brings us to today :) and do you know what I did ??????  apart from putting the kettle on of course heheheh .. yup you guessed it stitched .. and I worked all day on the Stitch bitch challenge competition piece sooooo do you want to see what I've been stitching then ???? heheheh .. those are my initials

think this is the cockerel first born
After my tea I did a wee bit on the first of the twin samplers and that's what I am going to concentrate on this week.... I have decided what I am going to stitch for my private exchange with Angela  and will be bobbing into town tomorrow to get a few threads I haven't got to get it started :)
are you still with me ????  not much more to show and tell now .... 
little silkie and best friend
the wee birdies are just over a month and exactly a month old today  and are doing fine .. they love being outside just not the going you ought to hear their cries when we take one of them out of the cage till they are all together  so here are some photos from today :)
well that's my week in a nut shell .... Thea from the Victoria Sampler group fame was asking if I was anywhere near finishing to start something new from her charts and I am pleased to say YESSS I was thinking of starting the winter box as soon as I have got the fabric and threads together ... just need to find them amongst the stash I've got :) and I was thinking of may be starting the Heirloom Christmas sampler but that will depend on whether I have a piece of fabric big enough as that may have to wait until November when I got to Harrogate :)
ok I think that is all my news for now .... if I think of anything else will add to it next week ... the kettle has gone on again as it is time for my bedtime cuppa :) so I shall say good night one and all :0 take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Monday 18 July 2011

Magical week :0

Hi Every one .... grab a cuppa this could be a long one 
Cooo where to start ...  well we got over on Sunday to see my dad and we had a fab time .. the sun shone and although a wee bit windy in places it was mostly warm thank goodness ... 
we went to Lytham first of all for  a walk round the shops and then we moved on to the South Pier at Blackpool as DD2 wanted to go on the amusement slot machines ... we always saved our 2p's when they were younger to go on the one armed bandits ..  we watched some mad fools go up on a trapezium thing to be swung over the pier and also some more mad fools go on a seat that catapulted you up into the air ..... that was really scary to watch (photos to follow)  considering it was almost the hight of the season the beach was actually empty .. I remember days when you couldn't move for folks being on there ... boy that is showing my age hehehehehe  .....
We went on into South Shore to the wonderful ice cream parlour there  .. can't remember how to spell the name as its Italian ... but suffice to say get a tissue ready for the photo of my" Norries mess "...... I know I am not supposed to have ice cream and cream etc but sometimes the pain has to be worth it !!!!!! 
The drive home was uneventful and we arrived safely back at the mouse house around 10ish at night ....
My test piece arrived safely at its destination and Lady P loves it PHEWWWW so here's to a long and lovely stitching time together :)
I finished the Needlework shop on Wednesday so 12 down and 3 to go yipppeeee ....  my order from 123 stitch should be here any day soon too  ... I am stalking the postie every day
brb just going to re pop the kettle on ......
AHHHHH that's better  a lovely cuppa .. any one want a biscuit to dunk ????
Thursday DD 1 and I went to the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER in 3D and wow we weren't disappointed... we set off early as we thought there was going to be a huge queue and got there in record time ... and because we were seeing it in 3D we got let into the cinema early so had time to pick our seats and watch every one come in .. some were dressed up and it was a really nice house to sit and watch the film in .... I won't spoil any ones surprise if they haven't seen it yet but take some tissues ... its the last film ever heheheh
Had my acupuncture on Friday which was a good thing as this week end was the ISHW or international stitch and hermit weekend hosted by .... and boy did I manage to actually hermit and stitch heheheh
Saturday I finished parts 9 and 14 of the Romantique SAL by and have posted my photo off to her already so I can sit back and get one with the thousand and one other stitching bits I need to do hehehehe    (there is a charting error in part 9 the second rose up .. leaf on the right hand side is wrong) ... please note I didn't find out till it was too late and I wasn't going to frog so nerrrr that night I did a wee bit more on the Poinsettia house by LHN :)
Are you still with me ??? 
Sunday I started and finished all the stitching on the summer biscornu exchange  piece for Kate..... who is my partner on Friendly Stitchers for this exchange soooo I can't show you a picture of this one sorryyyyyy .... hoping today I get it sewn together and on its merry way :)
Poinsetta house LHN
I've also started on my challenge piece over on the    so I can't show you that either ...... and you will be pleased to know that I have actually started afternoon tea (HAED) and doing it over one on 25 count  too .... suffice to say I shall be stitching on this one for a lonnnnnggg time 
soooo I think this is it ... was that a collective sigh of relief I heard hahahahah  ... on to the photos yeahhhhhhhh :)
 I shall leave you to drool till next time :) take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx

Flower windmill at Lytham 

My Norries mess YUMMMMM

Hubbies banoffie split

looking towards Blackpool from the south pier

mad fools

that was the seat that went up !!!

close up  of thewindow

NO 12 of the crazies finished 

little silkie cross

all four chicks 

Romantique SAL parts 9/14

close up view

Saturday 9 July 2011

Just squeaked in :)

Hi every one :) hope your week as been less hectic than mine ... honestly you would think that things would have calmed down by now but nope  ..... as the week wore on it got worse heheheh
Soooo may be you'd better put the kettle on now all ready and waiting
I was stitching furiously at the beginning of the week and also at the finish hehehe
and in between well I was playing taxi to both DD's and taking the wee DD out around lots of houses / flats to rent to find somewhere new to live .....
If anybody has ever been through this before or going to be in the future ..... I couldn't believe some of the sights that greeted my eyes !!!!

I have got my model stitching finished :) and off in the post today on its merry way and I just squeaked in ... in getting it sent today as our Post Office closes  early doors on a Saturday ....

From this this am 
And I just squeaked in with the Romantique Sal ...... you have to send your updates to the designer before you get the next ones ..... I think its a really good way of making sure you start and finish the piece but  some months there has been a lot of stitching in the sections and this month with stitching so many other things on a deadline it was a close shave .... as the new parts come out tomorrow !!!! 
But as you can see I did it :)
On Thursday I met up again with my fellow stitcher's but at a different house and we discovered that her brother works with my DH .... this world is getting smaller
to finish this pm :0
I sat and stitched on my needlework shop by LHN and I also did a wee bit after tea tonight on it sooooo i shall show you the progress on this too ... not much more to stitch on it now Yipppee :)
as of tonight :)

I sat down tonight and made a very BIG effort to finally decide and choose what I wanted for my wonderful gift certificate that I won from Peggy at and my final choice was .... mmm should I tell or should I wait and show once its arrived .. ... you want to know now ??? well I shall just pop the kettle on then I shall spill the beans heheheheh
Ok I'm back with tea , coffee and hot chocolate specially for Sandra if she's reading this also got some biccies to dunk too ... a drink is toooo wet with out one hehehe...
sooo with out further ado I chose ....

Melicent Turner Sampler
Pink Hill Manor - Anniversaries of the Heart Pattern 4
Happy Birthday (Anniversaries of the Heart)
Wild Lilies BBD
The Bookstore,LHN
Moon and Stars, LHN
Paper Whites, LHN
28 Ct. Sand Quaker Linen (18x27)

There was a wee bit of Baskititis in there as I really couldn't whittle it down and I can't wait now for the postie to visit the mouse house  .....*VBG 

the Silkie type one
well I can't leave you till I have put up an update on the wee chickens .... they have been enjoying a tootle around the garden in a bigger cage .. we just used the top to keep them contained and to stop any beasties getting at them (we have one or two cats in the area ) The are doing really well and have started to get their proper feathers so look a wee bit punkified at the moment  bless their cotton paws

rest of the gang Buff Orphingtons
Tomorrow we are off to Blackpool to see my Dad and hopefully the weather will at least be kind to us and not rain ... sooo I shall leave you for now and catch up with you all again soon :0.... take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 3 July 2011

busy busy busy :)

Hi Every one :)
hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend and Happy 4th of July to all those across the pond :)
Just hatched

Well this week has been a whirlwind of a week starting on Sunday with the safe arrival of the third chick I was worried about on Saturday and also another little one hatched too :)  unfortunately this is all we got this time  but all four are doing well .. and they have a new home already once they are old enough to leave me
so here are a few pictures taken over  the week of ennie meanie mynie and mo 
we think that the darkest one may be a Silkie  ... they are all doing really well and have been enjoying the sunshine we have had today .

to me from heather (front)
I had a lovely surprise on Wednesday from Heather from the group .. I had sent her some samples of some linen , even weave and hand dyed fabric as she hadn't ventured forth into this wonderful world yet and she has stitched me a beautiful Biscornu on hand dyed Polstitcher's fabric I think ? the colours are just lovely so I shall proudly show off to you all my lovely surprise :)
to me from Heather (back)
On Thursday I met up with some fellow stitcher's that had joined the Friendly stitchers group and they live not too far from the mouse house :) we had a lovely evening stitching and showing said stitching off , with the all important cup of tea and some lovely stickies to go with it tooooo yummmmm :)
Friday was spent going to the hospital for my normal regular checks and then bobbing on to see my friend Sue for a few hours before playing mum's taxi for DD2 
and Saturday I spent making a few cards for a party we were going to that evening soooo today I didn't do much at all except a bit of shopping playing taxi and ooo a tiny bit of stitching
thing this one is a Silkie
OOOOOO and the most important thing I have done this week is ... I got my Model test piece which I have been working on and its looking good even if I say so myself ..... sorry no peeking allowed .:)
BUT the best bit of this week ... shall I tell you ???? really you want to know ... are you sure .. ok are you ready for this ...
I won a$40.00 Gift Certificate for 123 stitch from Peggy  at  It really did brighten my day up and I am soo happy that I have won and can go and spend a few hours browsing for some goodies .. don't panic I will let you  know what I chose :)
So there you are my week in a nut shell or should that be egg shell ... Its time for me to go and put the kettle on again and make you all a cuppa or two :)

Romantique SAL
in between everything else I have been working on the Needlework shop , it now has a full roof and almost a full top wall  I have been doing a bit on the first of the twin samplers and I have put a stitch or two into my Romantique sampler which I need to get done by the tenth of this month for the next installment
Sorry the photos aren't in order but I still can't get it to work 
I think that is it for now ... hope every one has a lovely week and I shall catch up with you soon :)
take care and happy stitching :0
love mouse xxxxx

enjoying a snooze in the pod