Sunday 7 August 2022

Stitching Friends Summer Blog Hop 2022

 Helloooo everyone , as you can see from the title it has come round to the Summer Blog hop ... we have been allocated a partner to introduce to you all and to write a wee blurb about them .

My partner is a new blogger to me and she lives in the UK ( I hope as she mentions a wee kit from Aldi) and she does SALs with her BBF , she has just completed one of a lovely Tree of Life. 

She is also on a software development journey too via Open University , and seems to be doing really well with it too ...

I learnt many moons ago how to do it with 1 and 0 showing my age here.

From reading her posts and her BFF's blog she quilts as well , so we have that in common too :) she also does the gifted gorgeousness that Jo organised too.

She does black work as well as cross stitch and has a washing line of smalls , which I think is really cute way of displaying your stitching . She also isn't afraid to try new skills and as a family watches "Forged in Fire"  so they have had a go at blacksmithing and made some beautiful blades with twists in them and she would like to learn more too :)

I have chosen The Inn at Fox River Mill as a piece that I hope she will like as thinking it would be the ideal place to have a forge there for her 

if you haven't guessed by now my partner is Roni from

take care one and all, until next time .... love mouse xxxxx