Monday 31 October 2011

Stitching SPOOKS n GHOULS eeekkkkk

 Hi every one :) first of all Happy Halloween to every one however you celebrate it or not as the case may be :0
Ok where to start .... ohhh go on then I'll get the kettle on .... cup cake with it ????
kettle is filled and on and  bubbling away merrily ..
The week started with a finish YIPPPPPEEEEEE.. no 13 /15 to be exact..... poinsettia house by LHN ... the last stitches went in on Tuesday night .. unfortunately the piece was un ironed when I took the photo, as we had started to get the Halloween props out and ready for the BIG party on Saturday night :) 
I have also put some more stitches into Winter whites but am not sure I took an update photo as I have slept since then 
my craft room was slowly emptied from then on and cooooo I forgot  how big the room actually is hahhahahah .. my stuff is spread through out the house in the bedrooms the attic and the garage and that was only what was on the floor , the work top, the window ledges and the shelves ....mmmm do you think I might have a craft addiction ???
I got a real shock on Thursday .. we had the stitching club here so that they could see some of the decorations..... as DD1 and her friend K had started to put them out .... we were merrily stitching away when both DD's n DH came in, after going out for a McDonalds, with a MacALLY !!!!!  DD1 had arranged for her to come down and stay for a few days especially for the party WOOOOO HOOOOO :)

Friday was a veryyyyyy lonnnnnng day shifting stuff and hanging stuff up and occasionally stopping for a tea break ... there were four of us doing this and DD2 was baking yummy flapjacks and cup cakes ...... can 't remember what else we did as brain has gone for a 

Saturday the day of the party dawned very early as none  of us had a really good nights sleep as we were soooo excited ... ?? and there were lots still left to do .... I had to find my sewing machine to do some alterations on part of DD1's costume and stick something onto DH's ... Ally was making tea and catching up on emails to make sure we were up to date with all activity on our groups ... she later iced all the cupcakes with butter cream icing in white and dark chocolate .....I went round and took some before photo's while I was at it  too :)

Karen and her DH turned up with the star of the show Freddie who had his own costume and she got straight in and helped with any thing she could :) 
I received some goodies from a blog win (sorry no photo :(  but if you go to  and have a scoot down a wee bit you will see what I won :)
the guests started arriving early and the party got under way in full swing for many an hour and there was music, laughter, karaoke and quite a few screams from peeps finding the scary bits around the house .......
DD1 and K did a fantastic job in the dining room ... they hung ooodles of black bin liners fringed so that you could get through them .. in circles from the ceiling and blacked out everything in there ... the only light was from the UV lights and the animated objects that were sensor activated ...... it took us ages to figure out how to get through and we kept ducking and that was in daylight .... when the guests came it really was pitch black and  caused much merriment :)
every one had a fantastic time and complimented DD1 on throwing such a fabulous party ..... it was with great reluctance  that folks began to drift home in the wee small hours of the morning .
Sunday Ally and I went round mine sweeping all the abandoned bottles , plastic cups and left over food in a bid to get some normality??? back in the mouse .... one huge brown bin full later of bottles  we made it hahahaha
we then collapsed and chilled for the rest of the day (some more so than others eh Ally in her defence she is poorly with a chest infection so I let her off ;)

Sooo Halloween day arrives and it took another 5 of us to take everything down , change light bulbs,  hoover up and then we had a hilarious game of Darts ... please check out the mouse skills photo below !!!
we decided to have a fish and chip supper as a reward for all our hard work and then the girls entertained us with the Karaoke again

All in all we have had a fabulous few days .... the down side is no stitching can be done for a few days now as I and DH redecorate the craft room and then I have to get it all back in some semblance of order eeeekkkkkk  wish me lots of luck ... I think I am going to need it

well there we have it for today folks ... so glad you have kept up with me heheh and the photos are on their way in a mo .... if you have a sensitive nature look away now hahahah 
still tidying and the beers moving in

poinsettia house no 13 finish

winter whites lhn have done more to this since

I've moved out and beer moved in

enchanted living room 


my bathroom eeekkkk

wicked witch

some of the guests

on our front garden
Karen , Ally n mouse


time warp
Little bat
My brilliant shot :)
well that is all for now folks :) hope you have had a wonderful weekend .... take care and hope you all have a great stitching week :)
love mouse xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 23 October 2011

what have tissues and lemsips have in common

Hi every one :) well if you haven't guessed from the title .... this little mouse has been awfully sick this week with a bad cold :(  gotten from her lovely DD1 and its passed on to DH as well ... soooo not much  has been got done this week .
I knew it was going to be bad when my daily squeak got delivered to my in box with a little mouse blowing into a tissue and surrounded by them ... wish I could show it to you, as it was ever soo cute but not sure I can put it onto here 

I have managed to get some more stitched on FA LA LA at stitching on Thursday night at Kath's this week ..... I had been in contact with them before and so far they haven't got it fingers crossed :) we had a lovely night stitching  and admiring Kath's Halloween decorations  and eating a lovely supper cooked by her daughter followed by a piece of coffee cake yummmmyyy :)

and today I finished off the spaniel puppy that I have stitched for Kath on her Afghan ..she asked me if I would like to do a square for her ... and never having stitched on one before I was quite impressed with it ..... may have to get one of my own :0...... I started it on Tuesday  and finished the rest today .... I could work on it as it was over two so was 9 count and my tired little eyes were pleased I could see it with out my glasses heheheh .

on the postie front I have had a wonderful week .. I received my rotating designer exchange piece from Karamino she stitched me the most lovely scissor keep in the shape of an acorn complete with felt leaves and an adorable owl charm :)

then DJ sent me some more ornaments for the Christmas tree  fund for Alison Joy's ward ... there are some more on their way soon soo the whole tree should be covered in "beautifully stitched with lots of love" ornaments :) along with a lovely Halloween ornament for DD1 which she loves and has hanging in her room atm .... I had to prise it down to take a photo hehehe

then I got a chart off Michelle that I am was hoping to stitch asap " poppy creations ...season of the witch" realised I haven't got any cc black coffee or gast black crow agghhhhhhhh..... ho hum

and then the cutest little tiny mouse pin was made and sent to me by cucki all the way from her house to mine ..... unfortunately he suffered a wee bit of damage that was fixed with tweezers and some glue .. one of his little wee tiny ears came off in transit :(

ohhh and I got a lovely card from my secret pen pal too ... I thought  had a idea but now am completely confused who you are hahahahh :)

other than that I've not been able to get much done with the cold .. I have attempted to empty my craft room in preparation for Saturdays huge Halloween Party thrown by DD1 and had to give up but hopefully it will get finished this week.... I had a brain wave that while every thing was out I would re decorate and give the room a lick of paint .... that will be after party and when we are feeling much better :) 
I did manage to get a load of threads on to their new bobbins and into a case .... I've had these threads for years and kept thinking will do them one day and as Thursday was the day  I woke up to a pulled muscle in my neck and I couldn't do anything  other than look forward or to the right sooo driving was  out  I decided to chill for the day and wind them on ....

soooo there you are folks  not much to report except I am feeling a wee bit better today and long may it continue :)
I'd better leave you with the photos of said goodies heheheh 
rotating designer exchange 

my organised threads at long last

my sweet mouse pin from Cucki

FalaLa LHN update

ornament from DJ for DD1

Kath's Afghan piece
sooo there you have it for this week folks :) hope every one stays cold free :) and happy stitching 
love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 16 October 2011

Hermitting and lots of stitching and goodies :)

Hi every one :)

It was the night of the hermitting when all through the house 
not a creature was stirring except for a mouse,
she sat with her needle and stitched through the night 
with a cuppa in one hand and a light to her right. 
She weaved her magic with colours of thread 
with thoughts of new projects dancing in her head,
she stitched tiny kisses till the breaking of light 
and she knew then then end of the chart was in sight.
She put down her needle and scampered to bed 
where she dreamed of more patterns and lots of new thread :)

Its amazing what you can come up with when you are stitching in the wee hours of the morning ... heheheh .. hope you like my wee poem :)

Well I had a lovely start to the week when the postie brought me my Needle book from Ally  we were exchange partners for the Autumn Needlebook exchange over on Friendly Stitchers .. she stitched me the pumpkin design by JBW designs in the recommend floss on a cream even weave .... picture to follow.....  and I also received from my secret pen pal   a cute halloween gift of a candy corn bag filled with yummies including some peeps and gummy rats and a really cute  Doodles design from Hob -Nobb designs called swirling leaves .... thank you ever soooo much .... I still have some of the yummys left and am slowly working my way through them :) DD wants the bag after she was a wee bit jealous that I had got it hehehehe
 I also received some lovely threads off Jillann for my calender girl month over on Friendly Stitchers which I have lovingly drooled  and fondled heheheh
and I have sent my ornaments off to the attic needlework shop to raise some funds for the breast cancer cure and I've sent my pen pal letter off and hope she receives it soon :)
I got my sewing machine out  in the week and finished the needlework shop into a cushion along with some hand stitched cards I had received  and one that I had stitched many years ago ... you may be able to tell its on aida !!! I also made some up for kath too which she picked up when she and Bev and Chris came to the mouse house on Thursday night for the stitching night ..... we all got lots done and lots of tea drunk too ... I worked on my Poinsettia House and stitched some more of it on Saturday  after tea :)

I went out Saturday afternoon with my friend Tina and we went to the local garden centre were we indulged in a wonderful hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and a fresh cream scone tooo .... very bad of me I know and I paid for it late but hey ho hehehehehhe (photo was took ;)
we had a wander round before we headed back to her house for a cup of tea .. it was thirsty work catching up with each other heheheh 

I had a conversation with DJ a few weeks ago and said mmmm your birthday is coming up soon isn't it ... answer yes ... thought ooo got time to do something for it .... this week sent an email saying I was going to be late for an important date .... I forgot about posting times over the pond DOH !!!!! any ways that's what I was doing till the wee small hours on Friday night and on Saturday I finished her wee present which will be in the post asap along with her "Wet Noodle prize" (she came 2nd) in our group "the friendly stitchers" competition .... of who had worked on their UFO's and finished any through out the year ... progress photos were put up during the year and was voted on by the group .... we ran this competition in memory of one of our members Alison Joy  who wielded  the wet noodle for many a year .......

Cindy are you there ???? this next bit is for you :) my haed design was screaming at me today and seeing as it was hermitting weekend  and I was doing it I took it out of its folder and said now then what's up
I had started it ages and ages ago and as things go  other projects came to the front of the queue and it got left behind :( .. I had started the stitching 2 over 1 but wasn't happy about the untidy coverage ... didn't think it was my stitching  and sooo I took it all out today and re started it 1 over 1 and I am much happier with the result and carried on stitching the design until tea time ... so I shall show you the progress photo in a wee while  yippppeee I hear your cry hehehehh 
Have just put the kettle on for you all ... any one want a piece of Chocolate Swiss roll ??? 
Righty ho I am fortified with my cuppa soooo here finally are the photos of progress , cream cakes and some flowers too :) Not to mention the start of the Halloween decorations going up !!!!!
goodies from my pen pal

from Ally 

calender girl goodies from Jillann

my Christmas cards made into cushions

Needle work shop LHN 

Tina and I's cream tea

Spooky decorations


black eyed susans

poinsettia house LHN

Afternoon Tea HAED

ornament one 

ornament two

So there you have it for this week :) hope you have enjoyed the photos and I must thank you all for the lovely comments .. I do enjoy getting them :)
hope you have a great stitchy week :0 till next time take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 9 October 2011

Scarborough, stitching and a century post

Hi every one :)
DD1 has been updating my back ground and my profile picture in honour of Halloween ...... just in case you were confused hehehe

well I can't believe I have got to my 100th  post since I started blogging last year.. I wonder how many cuppa's we have got through in that time hehehehe ....

As you know DH and I escaped for a few days away at Scarborough this week (that's why it was soooo quiet and we had a lovely time.. the weather was great until we got back ....we stayed at  the Grand Hotel and  we got upgraded to a lovely big room due to a mix up with the rooms ....  we wandered around the south side of Scarborough to our hearts content looking at the light house and all the boats in the marina and listening to the gulls screeching and catawalling and the sound of the waves lapping onto the beach as the sun went down and the tide came in.   On Thursday we  went up to The Castle .... we walked round the whole of it with DH giving me all the history and finishing off with "one day they will finish it" hehehehe... and boy was it windy up there , thank goodness DH bought me a new walking coat which was lovely and toastie :) , had a go on the slot machines and won a few trinkets hehehe not to mention taking 330 photos ..but I won't bore you with them all hahahahah .....
we found a 2nd hand book store in the town and I dropped on a copy of Traditional Samplers by Brenda Keyes for £5.00 what a bargain .... I was gutted that the only time I have found a stitching shop there, that it was closed on a Wednesday .... nooooooo....... but DH on the way back home took me to York so I could go to the Viking Loom and the Craft Box there .. but unfortunately I didn't get much there either ... the fabric was wayyyyyyy to expensive(£50.00 for one metre of cream Belfast!!!!!) and they didn't have much in the way of specialist threads either so I ended up with a fat quarter of lovely pink fabric  but I did take a nice shot of the York Minster

SOOOOOO finally onto the stitching bit :)  as you know I entered the stitch bitch challenge competition and I can now show you my entry .. I won one of the lovely charm packs from Barb and Alma  and cant wait to get it and use it for something nice :)
My rotating designer piece arrived safely at its destination soooo I can show you that too yipppee and I have almost caught up with this months Romantique SAL .. I've only got a wee bit left to stitch and have sent my photo in as the final part comes out tomorrow .. if I get chance after yackking to you all I shall put a few more stitches into it :)
that is all the stitching updates I have got this week with going away as I didn't take any with me as we went for a complete just us break :)
but the postie did bring some lovely stuff for me this week .... my blog win from deb of the thread gather's fame arrived safely and I am still drooling over the scissor frog and the adorable gingher scissors ... I am going to have to make a special scissor fob for those beauty's :)
and DJ sent me a" just because prezzie "too the JCS Halloween and Christmas issues which I have had a squeak at, over a large cuppa ..... any one want another one ???? she is also doing a blog giveaway to highlight breast cancer awareness month sooo pop over and see her won't you :)
Rhona of tangled threads has opened her online shop at so please go and have a peek you never know you just may find something that she has designed that will fit the bill :)
ooo have just remembered the little mouse in the needlebook photo is a Dora mouse design ... they do lots of other creatures and they are lovely sooo if you want to buy me something  ;) heheheheh they do a frog, a westie ,a hedgehog and they have brought out some new ones we noticed when we went to the garden centre the other week :)
oooo have just previewed this and the space for the writing is sooo small .... mmmmmm 
ok soooo on to the long awaited photos  ta daaaaaaa

stitch bitch challenge piece

rotating designer piece 

view from dining room window

looking the other way

sunset over Scarborough

sunrise from dining room window

the Grand Staircase

Scarborough Lighthouse 

Scarborough Castle

looking onto North Bay at Scarborough

the Grand Hotel in the distance 

another view just for DJ :)

ruins at the Castle

some more ruins

another view 

York Minster


closer view of scissor frog and yummie ginghers

romantique SAL almost finished

finally framed by me :)
soooo there you are folks and if you've managed to get this far yipppee.. well done have another brew to celebrate hahahah  :)
I shall leave you for now and hope you have a great week stitching :)
take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx