Saturday 20 March 2010

Rainy Saturday

What a rainy Saturday!!! after days of lovely weather here in mouse ville the heavens opened as if some one had left a tap on up there and today i was going to try and plant up a small hay basket on the front railings outside my little house .... i've bought three lovely primulas to go in ah well it will have to save till another day :)
i must admit to not being very well recently so i have neglected my stitching somewhat due to hands that decided not to work and a pesky chest infection:( but a few days ago i started to feel better and i was asked if i could make a couple of cards one for DH work and the other for my neighbours friends golden wedding so i shall bob a pic into show you all :)

the daffodils have started to come out in the front garden so i think spring must definately be on its way hurrraaayyyyyy :) . i've managed to do a small amount on my simple blessings so i shall let you see it in a mo but other than that i've not got much done at all . i hope that everyone is well in blog land and having better weather than me atm although i shouldn't complain too much as we need this rain . take care every one love mouse xxxxx

Monday 1 March 2010

stitchy update :)

Hi all have added an update of how far i've got with the simple blessings by trilogy , i finally managed to get rid of MR FROG  not sure who will get him next but i apologise now heheheheh ;)  and  get on with some stitching on Sunday while the house was nice and quiet :) so here  is as far as i got :)

I' m really enjoing doing this piece and plan i think to stretch it over a  canvas and stand it on a small easel once completed :)..................Last week i also managed to make some cards for my friend Abi's birthday and also a new baby card for another friend who had her baby last monday. so  i shall put them on for you all to nosey at ...