Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day two of the challenge

HI everyone :) thanks for the lovely comments :) keeps me on the straight and narrow 

Jackie sending some WD 40 your way :) its very good for the joints hehehehe ;)

Day two dawned earlier than yesterday and was much brighter and as the house was quiet I snuck into the craft room after my breakfast (still in PJ's) and sat down with the next start which is ...... The Tea Room :) 

Any body who has been to the mouse house will know the kettle is always on:) tea, coffee or herbal we can cater for most brews heheh. And when I saw this design I had to have it and the colours will go well in my kitchen and I've already decided to make it into a quilted wall hanging for in there:)

My hands decided not to work too good at holding the fabric in hand, so I had to resort to putting into a hoop for the first time in ages and realised I had better over lock  (serge) all the pieces later on in the day otherwise I may lose some threads .... slightly better than my marbles which I have lost once or twice hehehehe.... but I have mine and DJ's safe atm

DH decided he wanted to go to Hobbycraft and after I had picked myself up of the floor in shock hehehe I got ready to go :) ..........well I must say I was very disappointed once I got there . They had a huge sale on and I came away with 4 threads that I needed for the challenge (just in case I ran out of what I had got)  and some peel off's for my carding stash and that was that !!!!! 
DH came away with more stuff than me .. how could that happen ?????? 

I'd better put a photo up of my progress while I remember hehehe as I can see me waffling on and posting with out it heheheh .

Day 2 of challenge The Tea Room

It is actually being stitched on buttercream linen but I took the photo under my lamp as it was too dark by this time so sorry for the bad colours .. I shall take another tomorrow  in daylight so you can see it better ... the colours are really lovely and peaceful :)

I managed to get some more done on needlebook mark 2 again and its getting nearer to finishing .... I keep telling myself this.... not much more to do  heheheh.

I shall have a look at how everyone else is doing with the challenge and catch up with you all tomorrow :)
take care  and keep up with the stitching 
love mouse xxxxx


angel parker said...

You are definitely a brave soul to partake of the challenge. Nice stitching Mouse.

DJ said...

Well done Miss Mouse!! I haven't had the privilege of seeing this pattern, so I'll wait patiently to see it appear before my eyes as you go through this challenge! What you have done so far looks amazing! How nice of DH to take you to the store (he probably knew there wasn't anything there to tug at your heart strings, that's how they operate! *wink*). How is his eye? I'll be checking back tomorrow to see how you get on! (Hope your hands feel better soon! *Hugs*

Cindy in MA said...

Well done Mouse. You are progressing nicely in the challenge. I suppose I will have to dig out a UFO so I don't get the wet noodle but it will be hard. Maybe if I just put a few stitches in one day a week I'll be good.Right?

Val said...

Well done Mouse - a good start ....

Val x

And This Little Pig said...

Great start Mouse, day 1 looks good too. After about 9.30-10 PJ's become "daywear" :D

LiBBiE in Oz