Monday 31 December 2012

Last Post of 2012

Hi every one :) find a chair and make yourself comfy , kettles on but there is some thing a wee bit stronger tonight seeing as its New Years Eve at the mouse house ....
well what can I say except I had a wonderful Christmas ... I was thoroughly spoilt by family and friends alike :) DH and the DD's all clubbed together and got me a ...... Kindle Fire HD squeeeeeeeeeee .... I couldn't believe my eyes ... so I have been spending some time with my kindee getting to know it and although I still love proper books I must admit it is lovely to read from this :)

I've heard that all my wee gifts I sent out have arrived and sooo I can now let you know what my brain wave was ... I made bourse's for everyone for all those orts and I even made one for myself too :) so I can show you a few photos of them too .... not sure if I showed the ornament  from Andrea at the Craft room  so it is here again to enjoy in case I did 
I started my scissor Keeper by Jane Greenoff on Christmas day morning to be precise as there was only DD2 and I in ... every one else was at work so I had a good few hours peace and quiet to stitch merrily away ... and also finished my wee gift which is winging its way over the pond to its new owner .... hopefully I will be able to show you what I stitched for her .......I have also worked on The North Wind by LHN one of  my this years crazies over this last week too .... for next years crazy challenge over at the yahoo group  I am doing the WIP challenge and may be throw one or two new ones in there ... I have bought a four drawer filing cabinet and have filled it with all my charts that I have kitted up so far soooo I don't think I shall be short of a project or two now will I .... so at the moment (well not right now as I am yackking to you all ...hehehe) I am re arranging the craft room to get it in and re organised .... I took a photo for you  can't wait to see what you say ...
Tonight I am going to start my SAL with DJ  we are stitching together Friendship Blooms by Blue Ribbon Designs and hopefully going to work on it every Tuesday .. I am doing mine on antique white 40 count with the recommended WDW threads ... they seemed to look nicer on there than the other fabrics I had  :) 
Yesterday Master Bentley and I ventured to the woods for our morning pootle ... it was a lovely bright winters day with a chilly breeze around the face , I came home with some wonderful burnt cheeks . ... the wood was lovely and peaceful with just the sound of the blue tits cheeping and the finches chattering and Master Bentley churning the leaves up chasing some in the breeze , he came home a wee bit muddier than he started out with 
Ok think I need another cuppa now ... any one ???
right sorted, sluuurrrppppp ahhhhh perfect .... I counted up a tally of all I had stitched this year and considering I have actually worked for 6 months of this year after having a three year break I don't think I have done to shabbily with a grand sum total of ....... 38 stitched items and most of them were gifts :) and that doesn't include the Christmas gifts either which were stitched by the machine 
photos any one ?????

my bourse 

lots of bourse :)

RAK win from Andrea at the Craft room 

getting ready for his Christmas day walk

Scissor Keeper Christmas Day start

closer look :)

from Chris (there was some hand cream with this too)

From Michelle 

From Kath 

the North Wind by LHN  (have done a bit more of the snow since this taken )

New picture from DD

organised chaos with the new cabinet 

my new friend

just perfect from Ally 

Happy new year everyone  :)
its now 9.50 pm at the mouse house and I had better go and get my needle into my new start :) Thank you to all my friends both old and new who come and keep this little mouse company with her stitching ... looking forward to stitching with you more this next year and seeing what you are working on too :)
take care my friends and I wish  you a very merry stitchy new year 2013 love mouse xxxxxxx

Monday 24 December 2012

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

courtesy of the mouse house designs 

Hi every one :) its beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the mouse house .... the tree lights are twinkling , the carols are playing via Norad as we are tracking the jolly fellow ... the cake has been iced and all presents been sent to Santa and Santa paws for Master Bentley who is getting rather excited :) The  kettle has boiled and there are mince pies and brownies for all along with some mulled wine for those who are not driving ;0)

I have received my stitch with love exchange from Tina and can know show you the goodies she sent .... just wait until you see my new addition to the mouse house ;) hopefully I will get to say hello to her next year as she often goes to the Nimble Thimble and you all know how much I love to go there heheheh ....I also received a lovely wee ornament from Lainey too  which I have added to my display of stitched goodies :)
for all those who have been following the boiler saga we should have the new one in on Thursday whoop whoop .... :)
stitched with love exchange from Tina

my new mousie :)

from lainey sooo cute 

new scissors to show Anna 

angel stitching on Frances's RR
my Christmas Eve start paws crossed :)

not saying its been cold here but .......

is Santa paws here yet?????
I have managed to do some Angel stitching for Frances on her RR and also some  other  stitching this week but unfortunately I am unable to show as its for a gift for one of my lovely blogger friends .... I saw the chart at Harrogate and just had to stitch it for her .... hopefully it will be winging its way to her in the new year ;)...... talking of stitching I am going to do a new start tonight my scissor stand from Jane Greenoff that I bought at Harrogate as I am treating myself and stitching something for me heheheheh..... soooo watch this space :)
Master Bentley wishes you all a merry Christmas
I would just like to say thanks to you all for visiting over the year and for all your lovely comments too and would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very merry stitchy new year  ....... 

ooooo and I almost forgot the winner of my giveaway is ...... Tricia  .....Happy Christmas :)
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx

Thursday 13 December 2012

the Final TUSAL of 2012

Hi every one from a very brrrrrr mouse house .... we are having a few problems with our central heating soo all blankets gratefully accepted 

as the title suggests today is the final TUSAL photo of the year .... prepare to be amazed..........

can you spot the threads ???
sooooo are you amazed  ... I am stitching on something at the moment which uses this thread but that is all I can tell you and as you can see nothing else has been stitched by these fair paws all month WAAAAAHHHHHH :(

What I can hopefully show you are the wonderful goodies that I have received but couldn't show due to the problem with the photos ..... sooo here goes a feast of goodies ...
what I stitched for Kate of

From Beth

from DJ

the rest of the goodies from DJ

close up of the ornament :)

From Heather

from heather of

The threads from Beth have come in very useful already as they have helped kit up a couple of charts I was trying to finish kitting up ... the wee mouse from Heather I am going to see what fabric I have to make up as soon as possible and the Charts from the other Heather I have got started kitted up ... and the wee note books and nail files are just sooo perfect and very useful indeed
I have some presents to open up Christmas day too so will show them as soon as I can after the big day ...hopefully the wee gifties I have sent out are with their new owners ... there will be more going out in the new year so please don't think I have missed you out .. time and tide will wait for no mouse 
Having had a wee thunk over what I could do as a thank you and to celebrate over 400 followers ... coo thats a lot of tea I have made hehehehe ....I have decided to have a little give away of a gift certificate to either 123stitch or sew and sew ,or another OLNS shop that you like that does them to the value of £25.00 ($40.oo or thereabouts depending on exchange rates ... I will draw a name from the hat on Christmas Day and announce the winner asap after , please if you are a no comment blogger make sure I have a way of contacting you.
I think that is all for now folks .... the kettle has just boiled again and it is defo a Hot Chocolate night brrrrrrr.
take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxxxx

Monday 10 December 2012

Advent calender blog hop

Hi every one :)
Its time for another Blog Hop arranged by Jo  this time the Advent Calender Blog Hop with the theme "Stocking, Sack or Something else?"  So here is my Christmas photo and then I shall tell you my answer

My Christmas ornie display some given and some are stitched by me :)

Ok my answer is Stockings ... as small children, we had stockings hung on our door handles  my sister and I , which we found usually at 5.00 am full of wonderful goodies for us individually wrapped and at the bottom was a satsuma and some gold coins :)  this kept us quiet until it was time to get up properly ....
I have continued this tradition but my DD's don't like satsumas and also we hung a stocking up for our "boys" and Master Bentley will be having is own this Christmas too ... so that Santa Paws can come and visit him heheheh ;0)
happy Blog Hopping :)
love mouse xxxxxx

Thursday 29 November 2012

Harrogate 2012 and scrumptious goodies whoop photos :)

Hi every one :) hope this finds you all well and fortified with a very large cuppa ... there is some yummies for you all too ... you will need to top up quite a bit as methinks this will be an epic post again heheheheh.
mmmmm Harrogate ... well the much waited for, long weekend arrived in style , the sun shone all the way there , the journey was uneventful if you ignore the sat nav taking me off at the wrong junction , taking me round in circles to get back on exactly where I came off at hahahahahah .... I found the hotel fairly easily as we were staying in different accommodation this year and parked up , let them know I had arrived and pootled down into the Halls for a wonderful stash enhancement experience. I had got there well before every one else sooooo I had a head start and by the time I met up with Frances I had a lighter purse but heavier bag than when I started
I took my famous travelling stitcher bag with me which it excellent for all goodies bought and got quite a few comments on it ... some by folks saying I recognise that bag and its owner  hehehe....
Frances and I took a well deserved cuppa break and took stock of goodies bought and were to go next and I became her personal shopper for a wee while and apparently I infected her with enableristis  she just had to buy a few things that I had bought tooo!!!
The rest of the girls arrived through out the day and Niina and Jana(who bobbed over from Finland as you do )  were totally impressed with the show and all its delights ....In fact I am still not sure who exactly got the most stash ;0)
Friday night was full of giggles as we went to Weatherspoons and tried to translate Steak and kidney pudding and mushy peas (not together I hasten to add!) We went back to the apartment and were treated to some gorgeous Finnish tea's and chocolate and tried some salty liqurice which was actually nice :) Niina and Janna made us all a knitted ornament  for our trees in blues and white so we had something to remember them by ... not that we would forget them .
Saturday dawned bright and early and after having a hearty breakfast which was very scrummy and ooodles of cups of tea .... we all went our separate ways around the show after arranging to meet up for lunch of the world famous mouse's bacon butties  ;)  We had carrot cake for afters yummmmmm 
That night we all did a show and tell of all our stash ... and ooooo's and ahhhhs and  where did you get and must have thats were heard through out the night.
Sunday arrived all too soon and we had to say good bye to Niina and Janna as they were going back to Finland and wanted to have a look around Harrogate before they left. Maureen and Ally headed back up north which left myself Sandra and Shelley to brave the show once more and have a last look and go and see the workshops downs stairs ...and more stash was bought Sandra and I had a competition to see who could by the most Sparklies fabric and I let her win this year hahahahah .... (photo of stall later on )
eeee the kettle is back on ... top up any one ????
all too soon it was time to come home and I was back to the mouse house in a blink of a whisker , being fussed by Master Bentley ....
My stash haul photo was taken on the bed in the hotel ... don't think I really got enough do you ????
I have yet to unpack them and get the goodies into the correct chart folders along with the fabric etc ... It has taken me all week to recover .... remind me next year to take a couple of days off after 
on to the scrumptious goodies .....
The postie has been working over time at the mouse house and I have received all the parcels I knew were on the way. I received the most gorgeous and beautifully finished Christmas ornament from Andrea  by one of my favourite designers LHN:) and her card was simply perfect too ....  
The charts I won from Heather arrived followed by a wee RAK from another Heather  of a gorgeous "bitty mouse" pattern and a note book with the night before Christmas mouse on the front asleep in a tea pot heheheeh..... Then the threads I won from Beth arrived the day after and they are just lovely , I have plans for some of them already :) and finally my Christmas present from DJ arrived with a wee note to open up before as it can be used before the big day ... She has stitched me the loveliest santa ..over one... in a stocking frame and she also got me a gorgeous wee ornament from cut paper of a lady stitching in a bevelled glass frame :) and another journal the same as above and some nail files .... seems to be a theme going on here with every one ....I feel soo blessed by everyone :) 
sooo I suppose you want to see some photos ???? ohhh go on then .... any one for a refill while I get them sorted ???
things that make you go HHHHHMMMMMMM ... I unfortunately cannot show you any photos as apparently I now have to buy extra storage space !!!!! soooo if you would like to see the stash photos etc I could email them to you or if someone knows a way round this problem any help much appreciated :)
off to go and sulk :(
take care and happy stitching until next time  love mouse xxxxx
stitching on metal (landrover door)


view of the halls

and another view 

I walked round all of these PHEW

Bed of STASH :)

mouse and Niina stitching :)

west end embroidery 

heheh I get everywhere 

BOOO nice to see you all again :)
don't ask me how but I have managed it .... thanks for advice ... tried to change size of photos but couldn't figure out ...  love mouse xxxx

Wednesday 14 November 2012

COOO its tusal time and some thing to show :)

 Hi every one :) cooo these TUSALs fair come round quick ...Kettle has just boiled and the cups are ready .... I have some choccie biccies for every one :)
well where can I start mmmmm when I last squeaked to you I had a brain wave .... not often that happens heheh but it worked sooo I have been busy sewing away on my machine making some little presents for folks ... and they are sewww pretty even if I say so my self ... in fact I love them that much I made my self one heheheh ....
 you can tell how busy I have been by the threads in the Tusal Jar modelled by my wee sewing machine :)
November TUSAL
My lovely postie has been bringing me lots of goodies too :) first of all my Halloween exchange ornament from the Friendly Stitchers finally made it across the pond ... my partner was Shaunterria and she stitched me spooky :) I can show you what I sent her now too ....
My name was then pulled out of Junes hat and a gorgeous wee Christmas ornament was sent to the mouse house ... June stitched the LHN design over one .... you can see how small and perfect it is as Master Bentley decided to enjoy the vanilla scent that it smells of just as I was taking a picture, in the package was a lovely stitched card of a field mouse and a book mark with a mouse on it too ... seems to be a theme here hahahahah ... she has also sent a Christmas card but I am waiting  a wee while until I open it :)
I was also picked to win a Christmas ornament from Andrea  and that should be turning up any day at the mouse house too :)
I got some charts from the bay of evil but haven't taken a photo of them DOH !!! I won BBD's small token and I have some others on their way too :)
and I have just found out today that I won Heathers blog give away .... whoop whoop :) six wonderful LHN charts that I don't have and want to stitch ....
and on top of that  there is something on its way to the mouse house via another Heather  apparently she saw something while out shopping and it said it had to be sent to me ... soooo I am rather giddy and hopping up and down waiting for the deliverys heheheh.... Of course I will show you all once they arrive ;0)
Work has been very very busy again with another induction taking place this week as we are expanding very nicely :) but I am counting down the days until next Friday as that is ...... HARROGATE  whoop whoop ... its the annual Knitting and Stitching show held in the International Halls ... there are a few of us meeting up and staying as usual for the weekend and quite frankly I can't wait .... I am going to count up my pennies from the running away fund heheheh and going to do my small list ;) of things that I require /want / need etc etc etc ....and I am taking the camera and hope to record a few photos for you all to drool over :)
I think I need another brew after all this ..... care to join ?? I shall get the photos I can show you 
spooky from Shaunterria 

Master Bentley approves June

showing you all my cute side heheheh

all the goodies from June

Boo Mansion by Blue Ribbon Designs stitched by me 
the back of the ornament 

look carefully you can see it is made of rulers

I forgot to show you the ornament hanger I bought the other week ... I thought it was sooo cute and just perfect for hanging my ornaments on ,,, it is made out of rulers :) and I just had to have it :)
I think that this is all my news she says having a good old think .... apart from having my 6 weekly stabs in the back (acupuncture just in time so that I should be able to "run" hahahah round Harrogate ....
hope every one is as well as can be expected ... take care one and all and happy stitching / crafting ... squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxxxxxx
ps have put comment moderation on as been having a few spam comments :(