Monday 27 August 2012

Meeting friends, STASH shopping and other bits and bobs :)

Hi everyone :) cooo two posts in two days ....well I have had a whirlwind weekend which had me picking up Ally on Friday and  then tootling over to Gillies  for the weekend with a trip included to the Nimble Thimble needlework shop at Llangedwyn Mill at Oswestry on Sunday :) 
Chris kindly opened the shop up just for me and Ally of course as she was with me (she would do it for others as well .. I did ask ..heheheh ) 
The kettle has gone on for you all and I do have some chocolate chip cookie bars if any one wants one ... having just been shopping ;)
Soooo were to start ... the drive down to Gillies was lovely and uneventful and we were greeted by the WT  with the kettle is on ... he knows us farrrrr to well heheheh ....the rest of the day was spend gassing , drinking tea, doing show and tells and partaking of delicious food cooked by both Gillie and WT ..... and the talking continued late into the night .... 
Sunday dawned gently with a cuppa and chatting before some delicious bacon butties to put us on while Ally and I travelled down to the Nimble Thimble (Gillie couldn't come with us unfortunately ) .... the weather was glorious and stayed that way for the rest of the day ....
We arrived at the Mill and Chris put the kettle on for us while we ooooo'd and ahhhh'd at all her stitchy goodies and we had a few piles on the chairs before the second cuppa .... Chris was really impressed we came. as she got some work out of the way early  and also some one else popped in on the off chance to pick up some framing :)
I got the threads for the Strawberry sampler by Heartstringsamplery and also some fabric for it too .... got some lovely charts that I have had my eye on for while and also some Gast and CC threads to do the LHN and CCN charts in my stash pile ..... and some more material and some gold needles and also the buttons to go on when I have finished of one of my crazies .... hopefully in the not to distant future heheheh ...
Ally also got a wee stash pile while we were there too hehehe ... don't ask me what it was ... she has promised to do a blog update soon :)...... She also got me a wee rak of a cute mouse ornament and some lovely pumpkin coloured ribbon and a cd of Gilbert and Sullivan music too :)
The journey back up home was made after dinner in a local pub which was really yummy and we both had a very scrummy pudding ..... before setting off on the long journey back up to get Ally's coach for her to return all to quickly home.....
I must admit not a single stitch was put in the weekend by either Ally or I ... Gillie how ever did sooo her halo is on straight 
We had some photos taken on her baronial staircase and I will try and pick out the best from the ones taken with my camera soooo please don't laugh to much at us ... I had wet hair having not been long out of the shower and we were laughing so much I am not sure there is a good one
I have picked the backing fabric for the travelling pattern from June   which arrived last Monday along with a wonderful stitching bag (which came in very handy at the weekend and the threads and have made a small start on it sooo I shall show you that and also how far I have got with the stitcher's heart ..... I have also started yellow bird while waiting in the office for every one to turn up in the morning one morning last week :)
ok I will go and bob the kettle on again and let you have a good nosy at the stash photos  ... not to make you jealous or anything heheheh ....
Travelling pattern and chosen fabric and threads

Rak from June ... very useful :)

whooops more stash from the patchwork rabbit shop

start on the TP

Gillies roses.. the smell was heavenly

Ally , Gillie and I 

the woods this morning :)
having five on his walk today :)

My Rak off Ally

threads and fabric  for the chart

just had to have this one 

ermmmm and these too 

and ermmm these as well hehehe

slowly getting there 

I've started so I will finish

soooo I think that this is it for now folks ....I am sure I have missed something out ....but my brain has gone out for the night heheheh 
take care one and all and squeak to you all soon .....
love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 26 August 2012

Travelling Pattern Winner

Hi every one :) sorry to be sooo late in posting this but I went away for the weekend and had lots of fun which I will post about tomorrow, all being well :)

the lucky winner is ........Daffy  of

so it will be winging away to her on Wednesday as I couldn't get to the post office on Saturday as was intended .. she does know she is the lucky winner .... soooo pop on over to see her and say hello from me :)

take care one and all and happy stitching ... back tomorrow with some photos for you :)
love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 19 August 2012

Kind of hermited, bit of a tusal and other goodies :)

Hi every one :) the kettle is on , there is plenty of cold drinks too with a few yummies for you all as well ..... sit back make your self comfy as you could be here a while heheheh....

Firstly my tusal update for August ..... even Bentley was shocked looking in the jar !!!! .... would have been up yesterday but DH had taken the camera with him to a show .... Daffy don't forget your magnifier

Well the best laid plans of mice can go astray too ... I ended up going out yesterday morning with Kath and Chris and Bev to Elsecar Heritage Centre where we went to the craft shop and got one or two goodies heheheh ... i got some lovely charms and some ribbon but haven't photographed them yet ... may get it done now while I remember ... brb
Kath has won a lovely stitched give away from Angela and I am as excited as she is to see it hehehe as I know how lovely her stitching is having done and exchange with her myself :)
ok that's done now hehehe... when I got back I sort of pottered around and got some housework done before settling down to do some more on the second "life's a stitch" :)..... Kath turned up at the mouse house  a few hours later to pick up some overlocking she had left and also brought me a wee gorgeous gerbera/ daisy type plant which is sat quite happily near me and the orchid which has sprung a new plant too as well as new stalks ... 
Today I had promised Kath I would get her commission done but first I had to tidy the craft room to get some room to do it .... sooo for the first few hours I sorted and organised and got ready .... found a few things I had to sew up too and thought while the sewing machine was out I would get them done too ... sooo feeling very virtuous as all my mending is done as well as turning Winter Band Sampler (LHN) into a simple bell pull too :)
I can show you my Dawn of spring (where I have got up too as all the parts have been released to the girls on the group stitching it ... some have beat me to finishing it already heheheh ...
tea / coffee etc up the kettle has boiled :)
I have been tootling round the blog world as much as I can before work and just before bed time sooo I will pop in to you all soon honest  :) DH has been using the main comp with his World of Tanks game .....
I had some lovely post from Grace this week too I received the  "yellow bird" by BBD and have picked the thread and the finishing goodies but not the fabric yet heheheh ..... I am waiting for the T/P from June, which we hope hasn't been lost as it seems to be a very slowwwww snail mail  getting to the mouse house ....

My little find was indeed a oil can for my singer hand machine .... isn't it cute :) the first one who got it was a oil can for a sewing machine was Lisa ..... sooo hopefully in the next week or so there will be a little something coming your way :)
tonight it is lovely and I've got the back door open and my net curtain (in an effort to keep the bugs out ) is billowing in and out and Bentley is sat on the step sniffing and listening to the sounds of the night and the ponds waterfall is tinkling in the back ground ... lovely and peaceful at the moment ... won't last 
well I think I have waffled enough heheh sooo I had better put some photos up for you and yes Bentley is in them
mouse faints and Bentley can't believe there is nothing in there

wee thank you from Kath

orchid growing nicely

Dawn of Spring Designed by Me ... almost finished

yellow bird BBD with thread and chenille to finish off with

Winter Band Sampler LHN finally made up :0

both "Life's a stitch " by Lizzie * kate finished

and again 

this is my best side 

snuck on grannies chair woof woof 

sooo there you are folks ... had to get those new photos of Bentley for you this morning as had received soooo many emails saying where was he 
hope you all have had a wonderful hermitting weekend and got lots of stitching in :)
take care and will squeak to you all sooooon :) love mouse xxxxx

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Life's a stitch Travelling Pattern :)

Hi every one :)  guess what.... this arrived to the mouse house last Friday and I  started it Sunday and almost finished it by the end of the day ... finally managing to get the last satin stitches in last Saturday ..... what a record

soooo to be in the chance to have this Travelling Pattern "Life's a stitch" by Lizzie *Kate  .... you must  leave a comment on this post only, to say you would like to be considered  ... have an active blog ... be prepared to stitch it as soon as possible and send to it on its way ,where ever in the world next :)

I will pick the next stitcher on the 24th August 2012 so that I can get in the post the next day:)

sooo details

32 count antique white using sampler threads :-
Blue jay
Butternut squash
Holly berry
Shutter green

it really was a delight to stitch and I may manage to get another one done before it is on its way heheheh .... I have plans to finish this one as a pin keep hopefully 
soooo I shall leave you with a couple of photos to enjoy :)
ohhh and the kettle is on .. what would you like and I have some yummies in too ;)
started 5th August 2012, finished 11th August 2012

Lizzie * Kate "Life's a Stitch
soooo there you are I have managed to get some stitching done ... hopefully more will follow soon :)
take care and happy stitching to you all :)
love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 5 August 2012

Finally something to show you

Hi every one :) the kettle has just boiled and I'm taking orders now heheheh ... think you might need one today ....
I have finally got some stitching to show you whoop whoop ... Master Bentley has also posed for you ... he was really impressed that you had missed him and he agreed to have some photos taken just for you all ;0
I got my first wage last week and I splashed out on some trims from Nancy's Victorian Motte Sampler Shop and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival :) 
I also won a chart on the bay of evil Acorn Sampler by With my Needle and I splashed out on Strawberrry Sampler by Heartstringsamplery which I have wanted since she released it earlier this year and now I haves it heheheheh .... her links to the shop etc and how to get her yummies are on her blog :)

While having a clean out in the garage DH came across something I had forgotten I had got ... sooo I took a photo and see if you can think what it is :) may even be a small prize heheheh 
Soooo what have I been up to ..... well apart from work work and more work I entered the Christmas/Winter in July Challenge over on Friendly Stitchers  I oorginally put down for three ornaments but that was before I got the job I did well I managed..... two..... hehehe and the third is in the wings waiting to be started .... Jillann has let me know that hers has arrived so I can finally show you ... I did Red House in Winter by LHN  twice heheheh .. its one I wanted to do for myself and thought well everything was there I would do it for her as well :) the third one when I do it will be peace by LHN (I stitched it for a rak earlier on this year too )
Last night I managed to finish finish my red house and also my busy needles into wee cushions  .... ... it was soooo nice to see something stitched and finished at long last .....
I have worked on a wee bit more of Dawn of Spring but it isn't released until next week so I can't show you just yet .... and Thursday it was stitching at Bev's and I managed to get some more done on Pumpkin Cottage .. it was the first time I had put needle and thread together in 5 days ...... *sigh this working lark sure does eat into your stitching time .... on the plus side I can now afford some stash goodies and go to Harrogate for definite hehehe....
I really need to hire someone to clean my house, do the washing and cooking too ... any volunteers ????  no I didn't think soo hahahahahah 

I have been trying to sneak visits to you all and leaving a comment as much as I can but usually by the time I get time for the computer I am falling as sleep ... Last week was hermitting weekend as you all know and I did stitch and finish that ornament for me ... but half way into the afternoon I took a mouse nap in my chair both days .... one minute I was stitching the next minute I woke up a few hours later  with my needle stuck ready for the next stitch !!!!!
hopefully today I will manage to stay awake long enough to get something done

Red House In Winter by LHN for Jillann

the start of mine with Jillanns finished

posing for you all 

can you guess what it is ?????

Buns at Bev's made with help from GD

ebay win :)

progress on Pumpkin Cottage :)

The travelling Pattern :)

isn't it beautiful 

new orchid growing 

Goodies from DJ :)

can't wait to get started on this one :)

my blog win from Mary Ann

Red House in Winter for me :)

Busy Needles :)
well I shall go and pop the kettle on again while the photos up load ready for you to have a wee peek :) oooo I see they have already uploaded .. cooo that was quick
I received the Lizzie *kate Travelling Pattern Lifes a Stitch from Margaret so today I shall be starting it and as soon as I can will announce when it will be ready to go on its merry way :) it was a good mail day as I received goodies from DJ too on the same day .... she sent a chart she thought my DD1 would love and stitch ... well she loves it.... but mmmmm not sure about the stitching bit . heheheh .. think it will be up to me ;0 she says it will be stitched by 2016 ????
thank you for thinking about me :)

oooo my phone is ringing 

tell them I love them all :)

mmmm I think it is time to go and make something to eat and another cuppa .... I shall leave you all for now and hope to be back sooner than I was
take care every one and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx