Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 7 Of The Challenge

Helllloooo everybody :) .... well what a day .... it dawned very early and dark... is there really two 7.00 o'clock s in the day?????? 
I had to take DH to see the eye specialist today to check up on how it was healing after last week ..... he has to go back as he has got pressure in his eye and he may have to have a small operation too ..... ho hum  brill start to the new year eh ???

After we came out the heavens had opened and the world had gone very very white again ...... it took us nearly an hour to get a couple of miles to almost home due to peeps not being able to drive their cars properly in the weather conditions ...

been here before
SO needless to say DD and I didn't get off to see Harry Potter so I snuggled down under my rug in my stitching chair and started on Queen Bee of the LHN  while the world turned white outside again 

I'm stitching it on some evenweave that is a redish brown in colour and I think its a 36 count  ..  I got it from a friend who had also done this chart but not got any info on it as she couldn't remember either 
Any way what ever fabric it is ... it is very lovely to work with and I whiled away a good few hours  and got a lot done while eldest DD kept me supplied with plenty of cuppa's ..... she tried to sneak into the kitchen to make her dad one but I heard her 

soooo here it is my latest start ... can you believe we are halfway through this challenge starting wise ????

Queen Bee LHN

Right I shall leave you all for now hopefully happily stitching away to your hearts content and look forward to seeing everyone's updates too :)
Happy stitching and take care 
love mouse xxxxxx


Val said...

Lovely update Mouse - you are doing well - yes there are quite often two 7 o clocks in one day lol

Gillie said...

Poor Stew, I am sorry! I helped a lady this morning in the lane who couldn't get up the hill - she was gunning her engine furiously, when she slowed down and crept along (on my advice) - she did it!

tjdesignsncrafts said...

well done mouse, and thank you for keeping me motivated on this challenge, as are the rest of my friends, and when weather and me have picked up i will go on an adventure to the mouse house.

take care


DJ said...

Wow, Mouse! You are a quick stitcher!! Look how much you've gotten done!! The color of the fabric is really pretty for this piece, it's a shame you don't have the info on it. I really can't wait to see this one finished...Sorry to hear about Stew's eye, I hope he doesn't have to have the operation, I'll keep praying for him! I hope the weather clears up so you can see Harry Potter soon! *hugs*

Vicky L said...

You did quite a bit on this pattern. I love the fabric you are using. It is gorgeous Looking forward next week's challenge posts.

Sari said...

You have stitched so much this. Good starts :)