Monday 22 April 2013

Come down to the sea and stitch with me :)

Hi every one :) firstly I must apologise for not being around much and popping into say hello to your blogs but I had  been working extra at work  then I got the dreaded acute gastroenteritis  ... was very very poorly and almost admitted to hospital with dehydration .... I shall just leave it at that ....
I am now almost back to being a normal mouse , just a wee bit tired more than normal .....
any hooo .... the kettle is on and I have lots of yummies for you to nibble on while you reading my waffle as to what I have been up to when was ok 
The title refers to the BBD design in the stitcher's journey handbook which is what we chose when some friends and I went to Whitby (UK) for a stitching retreat this last weekend from Friday till Sunday .... there were six of us , Kath, Chris, Wendy , Iris and Elizabeth and I and we shared a lovely shabby chic cottage near the 99 steps and just underneath were the land slide was from the church .... I have taken some photos of the men working on the hill just above the cottage ....
The weather was simply perfect the whole weekend and we were able to wander and do some shopping as you do , take lots of photos and then stitch the night away in company with the fire popping and the sounds of the needles going through the thread as we all made headway into the lovely design. and it was hermitting weekend sooo simply perfect timing ...I was sorry to leave our wee cottage and travel back home as we had had a wonderful time and can't wait to have another one , hopefully soon :)
Well Mr Postie has also been very busy delivering lots of wonderful goodies to the mouse house ..... firstly I received my PIF from Kaye , she stitched me the birdhouse alphabet sampler by LHN and made it into a wonderful cushion which is sat on my treadle machine in my lounge .... I will have to do another post on the PIF once I have found out the rules again ....
Then Lainey sent me a cute little button box filled with buttons and charms and was wrapped in some lovely stitchy fabric and tied with ribbon ... I have put the ribbon through the button lid holes and think it looks cute . 
I received my hop into spring exchange and can now show you what I received from Lisa V  and also what I sent to Lisa of the inspired stitcher fame :) Lisa V stitched me a wee pin keep and sent me some lovely goodies some which have been used already and others are awaiting inspiration ....
for Lisa I stitched her the tulip house stitching companion from the Stitchers Journey by BBD , she was rather impressed if you go to her blog and see the post about it I have enough fabbie and threads left to make myself a matching one as I loved it that much I didn't want to part with it  hehehehe.....
The biggest surprise postie visit came while I was away and it was from Lynda and it rendered me speechless ... which is hard to do I know heheheheh .... in a little package just for me was ...... The Needleworker by LHN as a cheer me up from being poorly ... well it certainly put a megga grin on this wee mouse's face I can tell you .... and I will have to sort out some fabric toot suite and get it started :)
I have refilled the kettle as I am sure you will need another brew by now  hehehehe
Stitching wise I have worked on the SAL with DJ and Babs and made a bit more progress than before . ... did some more on the SAL with Sally , almost finished Dandy Dreams (once this done will start on the Needleworker as my Thursday night project ) and made a birthday gift for Michelle .... this still has to be finished finished and sent on its way and that is my plan for this weekend coming all being well ....
Tusal came and went without me posting I did however manage to take a photo a few days late .... when I could just about hold the camera and as I hadn't stitched for over a week there wasn't any additional threads added ....
well I suppose you want to see some photos ????
Dandy Dreams by Silvercreek Samplers

April Tusal

view from the back of the cottage 

wendy having a breather 

this makes me giggle every time

glorious weather 

Old Kipper Cottage is the one with the flower boxes

our chosen retreat piece with my thread and fabbie

fire just perfect

Elizabeth stitching away 

wendy, Chris and Iris , Kath you can just see 

after the first night , kath did the crochet flower

advantage point

how big is that bird ????

simply perfect 

pirate ship coming into the harbour

lighthouse taken into the sun

moon rising over the rock face ... 

I started to learn to knit

after the second night of stitching 

had to buy these for the DD's 

my wonderful surprise from Lynda

a wee bit of stash

my lucky duck ... DD's is red 

from Lainey

the glass heart present from the MIL
and my new mouse miss Henrietta  Kipper

whoops some more stash

forgot to mention I have done some more on this

spring has arrived

oooo we off out ???

a closer look at my hermitting / retreat stitching
finished  Romantique sal  finally

goodies from Lisa V

closer look at the pin keep

progress report 

stitched for Calamity for the birthday giveaway

stitched for Danichic for the birthday giveaway

I think that is all ... if I have missed anything or anybody out just squeak ....
must wave a wee paw at my new followers ... hope you are enjoying the cuppa's and yummies ;)
hopefully will bob in to you all over the next few days ... take care one and all and happy stitching till next time :) love mouse xxxxxx