Saturday, 1 January 2011

January Challenge day one :)

 Happy New Year to everybody :)

Well today .....01/01/11..... dawned grey, damp and jolly well miserable :(  

I dragged my self from my warm comfy bed feeling as if I had done 10 rounds with Mohammed Ali and I certainly didn't feel like a butterfly a few cans of WD40 later hehehe  and a couple of coffees  I was ready to tackle the washing up so that I could settle down with a clear conscience and start stitching on my first piece of the year :)

Box of charts all kitted up for the challenge
I took this picture yesterday and forgot to show it DOH !!!! any ways I dove in this morning and picked out Holly and Berries by LHN as my first piece to start and away I went stitching merrily in my room for a couple of peace free hours before the rest of the family surfaced :)

So here is where I got up to before I had to stop and do other things ..... After tea I did manage to get some more done on the Needlebook mark 2 so am feeling please with my progress so far so good

so far so good

I hope that everyone else has managed to do some on their own challenges:)

looking forward to seeing everybody's progress reports 
see you tomorrow :)
love mouse xxxxx


Niina said...

Really good start! I'm going to stitch a while, then add photo to my blog ;)
Hugs Niina

Maajo said...

Good start indeed, this challenge is really fun! :)

Cindy in MA said...

Love the start. You got quite a bit done.

Val said...

Oh well done Mouse - good start ... Val x

DJ said...

Well done, Mouse!! My hat's off to you! I had a hard time waiting for this day to begin, I'm so glad we're on our way! You have a very nice start, can't wait to see what you'll do tomorrow! *hugs*

Scattered Threads said...

Can I get some of your WD40. LOL Mouse. You are too funny and I love it. Your stiched piece is looking quite lovely and your needlebook resulted beautiful as well.
Your Enabling buddy.

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

Nice beginning! Love this chart, I hope I will be able to stitch it this year...