Monday 27 August 2018

Stitching and finishing the days away

Well hello everyone … bet you thought I had fallen off the blog world as it has been a rather long time since I updated you all on everything …. I have been really busy with the stitching front and finishing things off as well … you will be impressed .. I have got all my "presents" for work stitched finished and handed out … made a few things up that needed finishing , stitched a couple of smalls for a gift but can't show that as of yet, made a bag for Roz …, made a project bag and matching smaller bag just because ... been away to Blackpool and back and saw the Lancaster Bomber, got to see a Spitfire called Rebecca very close up and then a Dakota flew over the mouse house the other day too …
And in between all of that I have been working and done the Function Skills English test level 2 and swotting up on the same one for Maths too ….test yet to be done, as well as going to the NEC for the Festival of Quilts show where I bumped into Stuart Hillard, Sherrie Falls and another nice lady who's name escapes me for the moment but I am sure you will be able to tell me who she is just had a brain wave and she is called Sarah Payne :)
SOoo have you got your cuppa's ready ??? I have some cookies and if you look in the cupboard there may be some cake left.
The Festival of Quilts was a lovely show and we got to see the 300yr old quilt as well .. it was amazing how bright it was and some of the pieces with it still had papers in too ...I got a small amount of stash enhancement … not much as apart from being skint hahaha I am also trying to work from stash I already have to stitch with and make up too .. and so far so good … I decided to have a go at making a project bag and I was sooo impressed that I did it I can see more being made in the future for possible gifts as well :)
I started Hands on Design " Stitching is my Hearts Desire " yesterday and fully finished it off today … and started it again because I can on different fabric but with the same threads and different finishing fabbie ..
Today is the 3rd anniversary since I lost my dad and so I decided that it was a good day to get things finished off … my dad loved to see my work and would often give his choice of colourways on things too … so I thought it was rather fitting that I should get stuff done. DH helped with cutting the mount board for me :)
presents for work

Bag for Roz

Flypast  Spitfire 

me in front of Rebecca the Spitfire

Dakota that flew past my window 
worked some more on this 

more finishing off :)

another gift for work

My gift to Mary over on Friendly Stitchers 

Finished this ..awaiting the right frame

Small progress on this one 

Sherrie Falls designer from America 

loved this work 

cream tea anyone ???

Stuart Hillard and moi at the Nec 

Sarah Payne 

The 1718 silk patchwork coverlet 

small stash enhancement from the show

and a bit more 

fully finished this one 

first project bag made

small bag to match 

Merry Mouse getting there :)

Painted the frame to match the piece :)

finally made this up 

Love this one.. stitched and finished in two days 

Hurrahhhhh … finally finished this one with some mouse changes .lol 

finished these off 

birthday present for Butterfly

finally finished the stitching on this one 

if you look carefully you can see Mars to the left 

My exchange piece from Mary 

finished this into a needle book 

Cooooo I think that is all of the photos to show you... actually think there are more quilts but if I bobbed them up, you could be here all night hehehheh
Well as it is getting late here at the mouse house now I shall say good night to you all … and hopefully will squeak to you all again soon … take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx