Wednesday 26 May 2010

Have i been a busy mouse :)

well hello folks am finally back in the land of normality (if you can call my little house normal 
things have been so hectic with one thing and another that i don't know where to start ... i've had a lot of appointments recently and a few more to come due to my pesky condition but hey ho that's life lol .

Must say a cheery hello and fingers crossed to DJ if you manage to read this ;) will be thinking of you and hope all goes well over the next few weeks :)

I managed to become a fairy godmother to one of my friends on the stitching group as it was her birthday and she had got tickets to go and see Rod Stewart at the Birmingham NIA but due to circumstances beyond her control had been left without any transport so as i was free i picked her up and off we went after much talking and yummy food we got there and even managed to find a very nice man who got us his visitor pass so that we could park on his road which was two hops skip and a jump from the NIA . we tootled of into the arena and found our seats got comfy and the curtains went up .... such good timing :)
The show was fantastic and we even got up and waved to we are sailing :) before we knew it the show had ended and then we had the wonderful task of getting out of Birmingham which with the sat nav was slightly easier than getting in
We turned up at Maureen's house very late and had a midnight snack of cheese n onion on toast scrummmmmyyyyy ;) a couple of hours later after we had finished chatting we retired to bed .
The next day dawned very sunny so we spent some time in Maureen's lovely garden admiring the plants and sitting in the sun ... i did turn a slight pink colour woops !!! we then went to look at Maureen s stash pile and i must say she has more than me !!!! just needs to be organised slightly
any ways all good things come to an end and i had to trundle back home later that day.

On the stitchy front i've got my Judy Dixon piece back from the framers and it is now proudly hanging in my bedroom :) . Other than that i've  re started to catch up with "The Embroideress"  so hopefully a photo next time on how far i've got :)

take care one and all and i shall squeak more soon xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 5 May 2010

UFO updates and a little finish or two :)

hi folks , hope this finds you all well and not suffering form any colds etc that seem to be springing up around here atm due to the inclement weather. doesn't know whether the sun wants to shine or rain pour down on me :(.
well i've been rather busy stitching on my UFO "The Castle " by TW  this last week and i thought i'd show you my progress ... i seemed to have been merrily stitching away and not got very far till i actually looked at my last pic of where i had got up to and now i can see that the hard work has paid off and no MR Frog yipppppppeeee !!!! so here is an update picture :) i can't wait to start on the dragon and am almost there on the chart :)
I've also finished a ufo that i started in December last year hoping to get it done for Christmas but sadly life as it does got in the way but it is now ready to hang for this year after a wee pressing and a bit of ribbon n beads to hang from it .I've got a snowman to do that will hang opposite (once stitched .lol)  on my fireplace.

I decided i wanted a break from doing something large so i picked a humbug design that was designed by Val of the friendly stitcher's and had a go ... i stitched it on Polstitches hand dyed fabric called Dragon shades which i received in an exchange a few years ago and thought ooooo i know what would look good on this hahahaha so here it is :) and i've started another two and my MIL now wants one ;) I've stuffed it with wadding and lavender from my garden that i dried last year :) and it is now hanging on my wardrobe door:)

I thought you also might like to see the finished result of my youngest dd's room which is now apparently the best room in our little mouse house One down a few more to go I asked her if she would do it again and said "i'm going to get a professional decorator in next time it was sooo hard" well hopefully she will use her new found skills sometime in the future :)
well i think that this is all my news for now so i shall sign off.  t.t.f.n 
take care one and all and squeak to you all soon :) xxxxxx