Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 11 and on the countdown to the finish :)

Hasn't the time flown by sooo quickly I can't believe we have almost got the end of the challenge, only another 4 days to go .....

Today has been a busy old day from getting up early ish  to take DD no 2 to work then going on up into town to the post office and the library to  get some reading material and then I bobbed onto my friends to get a cuppa and see how she was doing as not seen her since before the Christmas holidays.

She had a present for me .....a button box to rummage through with lots of lovely little buttons to go on my stitching and scrap booking / cards . There is something about a button box that has fascinated me since I was a small child and allowed to play in my mums and grandma's button boxes :)

So I came home with lots of goodies and I shall put them away in to my button boxes later :)

After all that excitement I had to sit down when is got home and do some stitching hehehehe...... today's challenge was Nature's Beauty again by LHN ... I really should be on commission here hahahhah....

I'm stitching it on 32 count antique white linen and anchor threads equivalent to the DMC ones listed (I have oodles of them so thought to use them up ) I had a full set from when I had my little needlework shop years ago and kept the  range for myself  and I am so glad I did now ..lol

so here is today photo update :)

Day 11 Natures Beauty LHN 

I started on the right side from the middle then added the little rabbit and the part finished flower then I thought ooooo am I going to meet from the other side and PHEWWWW I did ..lol   soo that's it for today :)

hope every one else is busily stitching away and I shall catch up with you all tomorrow :)
love mouse xxxxxx


Tricia T said...

Another wonderful start! I can't believe that the first part of the challenge is almost done... although the second part of the challenge - finishing everything we started - won't go quite so quickly! :-)

Babs in Alabama said...

I am the same way about buttons and feel like I've found gold when I see a little container at antique stores or flea markets. Love your new start and going now to see what the whole piece looks like...it could be in my stash :)

Sandi Jo said...

Sis boom bah (see my pom poms shaking as they cheer you to January Challenge victory!) Lucky you got to stitch today. I am at work making money to buy stash or pay bills!

Oh-h-h buttons I love them too! What a lovely friend!

DJ said...

What memories you brought back by talking about buttons. My Grandmother had a can of them, she passed them on to my Mom when she began sewing for my sister and me when we were small. We used to search through the buttons and use thread to "sew" like buttons together. I would spend hours doing that as a child. As for your stitching, I really do think you should get commission on all your Little House Needleworks plugs! LOL Another amazing start, can't wait to see more of this one (I'm intrigued by the title). Can't wait to see what you'll do tomorrow...see you then!! *hugs*

blueladie said...

Great stitching mouse. :) I love this piece. You've started a lot of LHN charts which has me absolutely drooling. I DO love the colors in this one though. I know you will be able to finish your challenges cause they are all such wonderful pieces. :) Cathryn

Val said...

Well done Mouse - nearly there ! .... x