Friday, 21 January 2011


HELLOOO Every body .... just a quick update on the sal that DJ enabled me into 

It is the Romantique SAL from

I just managed to squeak in by a whisker hehehe and I have been searching through my stash to find a piece of fabric big enough for the pattern size just less than 19" x19" on 28 count ....... well needless to say I drew a complete blank on a piece that big ... I didn't want to do it over one as there is some back stitched highlight areas and you wouldn't get the lace effect recquired soooooooo I re dug into the fabric box and pulled out some 32 counts of fabric that it will just squeeze onto as long as I am not framing it ... The choice was a 32 count linen in laurel / olive green and mint green or a FAB purple evenweave Murano from Sparklies called ...whoops its a one off piece a Solitaire one 

well if you can't guess which one I eventually picked 
here it is 
start of the Romantique SAL
it is spread over 10 months 2 patterns each month and we have to send pics to the designer :) so show the progress pics :0 Nowt like having a deadline 

OOoo yes ......I have also sorted out the pesky  chart and have started stitching it so hopefully by the end of the week end I can show you a teaser bit

ok folks its time for me to put the kettle on again and have a quick catch up with every body ... hope you all have a lovely weekend preferably stitching hehehehe.
see you all soon love mouse xxxxx


Crystal said...

Love your fabric choice, this is going to look very pretty.

Linda said...

Great job Mouse. I hope to post my second finish tomorrow.


DJ said...

Oh my goodness, Mouse!! I love the fabric and thread choices you've made, wow!! I finally finished parts one and two today, with pictures on my blog too! Yours is going to be so much prettier than mine!!! (Happy to be of assistance in the enabling department! LOL)

Val said...

Oh that is lovely Mouse !!

Babs in Alabama said...

What a beautiful fabric choice, Mouse! and no DJ, that's the beauty of sals that you choose your own stuff...the variety is so much fun for the rest of us to watch :)
I wish I'd known about the sal...I went over but it was too late, alas.
Oh well, I'll still enjoy watching them take shape.

Niina said...

Hi Mouse! It sure is a fab colour...need to go look that Sorry, I ate your noodles ;)