Sunday 8 February 2015

Making Progress

Hi peeps .... yes I know its late but I have only just got the computer to myself long enough to keep you updated brews are ready and I am sure there are some cookies hiding in the cupboard if you want a dunker to go with it :)
Well this last week is a wee bit of a blur with being soooo busy with work and getting the room sorted ....I didn't go to Chris's on Tuesday as she was poorly so DH and I went down to the new mouse house to do a bit more on it .... DH painted out the storage room while I was polishing the furniture that we got moved ... luckily with it being empty * for now;)  it was easy to move ....
Saturday saw me tootling round the office supply shop for a pair of matching filing cabinets for under my work top and the nice guys let me have some for a decent price ... they loaded them up in the mouse mobile for me and when I got to the house DD2's fiance (sp) was just pulling up sooo I borrowed his muscles to get them into my room ... well you just have too don't you 
I pottered around for a couple of hours touching up the paint where we had done some work ... tried out my rocking chair and my new fleece blankie  and thought yes I can see myself falling asleep in this .... and measuring out the gap for the work top and the other big filing cabinet .... must have done a good job as it all fitted together no problem with room to spare woooo hoooo ....
I have taken some progress photos for you as promised and hopefully with a fair wind and good sails I will get my all my craft stuff over this week ... a few boxes at a time in my boot .....then I can at least sort out at my leisure ... 
I was sat stitching on Sally's RR last night doing great when I ran out of the thread for the last couple of words .... agghhhhhh .... what was a girl supposed to do except nip to hobbycraft the next morning to get a thread ....ohhh my they had lots of nice fabric on offer and other stitchy goodies ..... any hooo I digress ... I was sat stitching when I heard a rustling noise ..... I sat very still thinking I was going to see a wee head pop up out of the boxes or something when ..... a butterfly came towards me and landed on my arm .... bearing in mind this is February and it was about 11.00 pm ... well I tried to get it out as it would have killed itself going into the lights and in the process managed to actually get a couple of decent shots when it was still ... (I did manage to get it out btw) still can't believe that it was in my room and obviously been there a wee while as DD2 mentioned at least three weeks ago that one had flown in and actually I didn't believe it to be honest ... whoops .....
I was pottering round the garden today as it was a lovely day , the sun was out and the sky was a pretty blue and I took some photos of the snowdrops in my neighbour's garden and the crocus too ... while I was there my gray doves where in the tree sooo I managed to get a good photo of one of them at any rate ....heheheh 
right I had better pop some photos up for you .... and then I will be off to the land of nod ....
Full moon on Friday night 

atmospheric shot

on my kitchen ceiling

how pretty is it against the fabric

think this is the male of the doves 

ohhhh nooo she's got the camera out again 


isn't this lovely 

here you go

looking good if I say so myself 

my treadle machine in place

Sally's RR my bit is from Libero down to aspettati
soooo there you have it folks .... can't wait to get the room fully sorted and in it either for that matter stitching away ....
I shall leave you for now and will catch up with you all again this week .... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 1 February 2015

Birthday celebrations and some stitching too :)

Yoooo hoooo every one :) hope you are all cosy and warm with the bad weather folks seem to have been experiencing on both sides of the pond .... going to work the other day was a wee bit scary mary as they say .... but I was prepared with my snow boots and change of clothes and food and a blanket on my back seat in case we were stuck at work once I had got there .... 
I must thank every one for the lovely birthday wishes, cards and gifts too ... some decided to go the scenic route first before they got to the mouse house  Michelle  sent me some lovely fabric from Sparklies  which took ages to get here (mind you it didn't help that the post code was a teeny bit wrong ..) so it was a good job she posted early, as it arrived the day before my big day :) and a couple of cards  from friends  who have known where the mouse house is for years also had the wrong post codes on ... must be catching heheheheheh... good job my postie knows me 
Jo sent me a beautiful stitched mouse card ... which is on my mantelpiece with my other cards and I haven't photographed it yet .... whoops ...
June sent me a gorgeous stitched needlebook with a wee mouse on it and a bobbin and some scissors on it as well as pink polka dot tin full of goodies and a wee notebook and cards. Chris and Wendy got me a kit of a tall pincushion holder to make and something else that hadn't arrived before my big day and Chris had also knitted me a snood and some matching finger-less gloves which has come in very handy with the weather we have been having in a lovely soft wool ... not photographed either as I wasn't doing a selfie heheheh.... Bev's is an IOU as she has not been well and it wasn't finished .... sooo my birthday is extended wooo hooo .... from the family I got some headphones to go with my boom box I got for Christmas and a lovely flake birthday cake .....  some gorgeous flowers and pennies to spend on something that takes my fancy when I see it :)  Oooo I feel a browse around the internet coming on
My boss also got me some chocolate and wine for my birthday ... I can share out the chocolate if you want some but the wine is mine hahahah....
OOO the kettle has just boiled ... off to go and make a cuppa for every one ...
here you go and some cookies too ....
Well we have been doing some more to the new mouse house and tomorrow all being well my sink is going to be taken out and popped onto a new work top and re plumbed as the pipe from it is lead .... once that is done I can paint the shelves and after much consideration and consultation with the DH I have decided to paint the fireplace with the proper black paint rather than try and take the old crackled paint off as it is too much of a job to be honest .... and I want to get into my room and get it sorted ....
Apart from DD1's room and the top of the hallway .. all the paper is off the walls and they are ready to be sized before paper going back on .....any one fancy giving me a hand .. we have had to buy more masonry paint for DH's side of the basement and he has started to paint that today  sooo all in all things are going almost to my schedule
Stitching wise I have been busy on Sally's RR ... its going slower than normal as I am having to stitch the opposite to the way I normally do ... that and I don't want to make any mistakes(personalize) with it not being mine ... DJ has just done her bit on mine and its up on her blog if you want to bob over and go and have a peep ... its soooo cute :)
And that my dears is all the news from the mouse house this week sooo I will bob up the photos for you :)
From June beautifully wrapped :)

see all the goodies

how gorgeous is that wee needlebook ...

headphones and cake .... yummmmmm

lovely fabric from Michelle

flowers from the DD's :)

Bentley say's Hi

see the door is done 

looking better 

more the right bright white colour it should be

Sally's RR :)

from my lovely Boss ....

part of my goodies from Chris and Wendy

had a busy ole day ....
I hope that every one has a wonderful stitchy week and looking forward to bobbing in and saying hi to every one ... may take me a wee while as you have all been rather busy this last week ... take care one and all and I shall squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxxxx