Sunday 31 December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close

Good afternoon my stitchy friends ... as the last day of the year 2017 is nearly over here at the mouse house .... I want to thank each and every one of you, for being here for me over the year with all the highs and lows that life has thrown me .....
I have stitched and crocheted my way through many things and that has kept me sane when life has thrown those curve balls when you least expect them ...

Here's to a better 2018 , with lots more crafty goodness and more blog posts for you .. as I am sure you are missing all the cuppas and cookies

I shall leave you with a wee wish , that your needles stay shiny, your floss behaves and that the frogs never visit and you can all stitch up a storm and get lots of those projects finished and more started ....

take care one and all and I shall squeak to you more next year, love and hugs mouse xxxxxx

Saturday 9 December 2017

Coooo twice in one week ... long overdue post

Helllo my friends hellooo , I have finally managed to get some time where I can sit comfortably with a cuppa, of course ( there are cookies ;0) and catch you up with what has been going on at the mouse house .....
when I did my last update little did I know that I would slip a disc in my back again resulting in horrible pins and needles down the right side of my body and me being unable to sit for more than a few mins in a chair .. the best place was for me to lie down ....and all this when got loads of ornies to finish off for work as well and just before Harrogate too ....
I got sent to Physio which has helped and some relaxant pills too ... so now I am on the mend and can almost run again hahahahhahaha sorry shouldn't make you laugh .....
Sooo are you comfy yet and got your cuppa's ??? I managed to get to the Harrogate Show and with plenty of pit stops and my tens machine stuck on me got round and got some nice goodies ... a wee bit different from previous hauls ...I have got the crochet bug and got lots of nice wool to make at least three blankets, I treated myself to a wool bowl as well and did get a few charts but only one piece of sewing fabric and of course some sparklies fabric which I seem to think I haven't taken a photo of, as I have put some away with the charts I bought them for .... whoops...
With not being able to get out and about I have not taken many photos but last Sunday I snuck out for a short bimble to the canal and got some photos of the last baby swan and a little grebe as well as a bull finch and a squibbbblleeee ... I was sooo excited to see it in the tree and then my battery decided to die on me and sooo I carefully without moving too much, put a new one in and got a wonderful shot of the said squibble ..wooooo ... it must be a mixed race one too as it had lots of red on it, either that or it was rusty, also managed to get a nice one of cooper that day too as they came to find me to check I was ok .. 
I have got a new unit for my kitchen which is duck egg blue and I love it .. it has mismatched handles which add to its charm .. it is a wee bit fuller now with
I forgot that Halloween has happened too and just found the photo of my exchange piece from Mary as well as the one I did for myself , Mary's is Boo from Brittercup designs I hope I have remembered that correctly and the one for myself was by StitchersAnon ....
A wee while back I was gifted from DJ, a wool pincushion to make up that came with its own box and I finally managed to make it up the other night and I am quite proud of how it turned out as it is the first one I have made like this ... DJ has also sent me two lovely ornaments as well as two scissor fobs one of them has a tea set on it ... wonder why she chose that hahahahh....
Well I had better get the photos up for you and get ready to go to bed as I am up early doors tomorrow as going into work for the ER shift as we are short of staff again this weekend ....

new unit with my new lantern 

my woolie pincushion from DJ

ornie that I did for Amanda
inside the Royal Theatre at Harrogate ,we were sat in one of the boxes

close up of the one we adapted for Colleen 

all of them finished wooooo

From DJ soooo cute :)

the one from Mary is on the right

got 4 balls of this scrummy wool

got a few more of this one 

got a full pack of the variegated and 4 of the plain lilac

love this bowl

thought this was just me

charts I bought
nearly finished this blanket ... love the greens in this one

Mr Bobbin 

Baby Cooper ....

Little Grebe


last baby swan of the season 

and not forgetting Master Bentley 

I think I have remembered everything ?? if not I will be back again soon, honest:) so I shall leave you and wish you all a good night and a happy stitchy week , take care one and all and I shall squeak to you all again very soon :) love mouse xxxx

Thursday 7 December 2017

Christmas Blog Hop 2017 Day 7

Hellloooo every one ..... in case you can't remember is me mouse ... you know the one that has all the cuppas and cookies
I am participating in Jo's Christmas Blog Hop again and the theme this year is Boxing Day and your traditions along with a photo that represents this time ..
Sooo having wracked my wee brains.... on boxing days in the past our family used to have a very lazy day, starting with a long walk with the dogs and coming back and  finishing off any leftover food  and generally chilling , sometimes we would finish off board games that we had started the day before such as monopoly or jigsaws depending on what the DD's got for Christmas, sometimes it was the only day that we got to see DH over the festive period due to his work in them days .. boy that makes me sound old hahahaha
When the girls had gone to bed I just did a bit of stitching while watching Morecombe and Wise or some other good comedy programs that used to be on in the good old days of only 4 channels to choose from and probably munching on some Christmas Cake ...and with a cuppa or two, somethings have never changed hahahaha
I shall leave you with a couple of pictures from Google of snakes and ladders and monopoly ....for a wee bit of nostalgia :)

I will be back with a long overdue update asap :) love mouse xxxxxx

Saturday 16 September 2017

Helloooo Autumn

Gosh I can't believe a month has flown since my last post ... better get that kettle on as you will all be parched ...well as you can tell from the title that Autumn has started to appear at the mouse house with the leaves starting to turn to beautiful hues of red and copper and to fall from the trees as well ...the temperatures have started to drop as well brrrr but the good thing is I have finished three blankets now and on to a fourth with wool bought for a couple more to make as well ... crochet is sooo relaxing when your eyes are too tired to see the wee holes on the linen when cross stitching ...and I am learning more from my friends how to do it too :) always a billy bonus as they say 
I have been keeping busy and have finished two of the ornaments for work for Christmas , just need to assemble and have started on the third .... worked some more on "My Pink Rose" by Blackbird Designs ... just today I have put some more stitches in the linen and thread mystery sal .... waving small paw at La tea da .....and have almost finished Januarys section ... go me and I have stitched the Holmsey Halloween chart from Stitchersanon over on Facebook on the Holmsey Hares Haven page  I sort of model stitched it for her and I am going to finish finish it into a wee hanging ornament ... I was going to send it out as an exchange piece but I love it too much sooo I am going to stitch it again but with a slight alteration ... changing the moon to silver and the words to the darker orange colour ... just because I can :)
DH and I nipped over to Ripley again a few weeks ago to pick up DD1 and had to take Master Bentley along for the ride too .. she had finished her work up there and was coming back home again .... there was the annual scarecrow festival on and I managed to get photos of some of them ....when we had a quick walk to stretch the paws after the car journey...
Hmmmm what else have I done ... ohhh yes how could I forget ... Chris, Roz and I went to the small Harrogate quilt show and came home with a few more goodies ... in fact I got the wool there for the blanket I am crocheting now ... a James C Brett Stonewash DK in muted pinks and heathers and green ... Wendy said it reminded her of 100's and 1000's melted into icing well the pattern is called the cupcake blanket hehehehe...
The night before the show DH and I went to Otley to my Step Sister's 40th birthday bash ... it was folk music orientated and I have a few videos of the stars performing one of them being Madeline ...
I have also been busy at work and working on my NVQ level 4 business administration ... sent another unit in and working on unit 22 atm collaborating with other departments, written as an article ... you would think with all the waffling I do normally this wouldn't be a problem so far only half way through it...
ok doke the kettle is going on again and I will sort out the photos while it is boiling ....
for Colleen at work 

cooper having a wee nap

hope this works 

Neil the Knit where I got my wool from :)

only photo I got of Chris and Roz this day

third ornie for work 5th time of stitching it !!

Bentley just out of the bath ... not happy ahaahh

Started this one when my dad became poorly 
finished last weekend finally :)

the trees are turning colour now

almost friends

Double rainbow from the other day

cupcake blanket design by Attic 24

Stitchersanon design Holmsey and Fergus's Halloween

gorgeous purple asters on todays pootle 
some stash from the small Harrogate show
Ripley Castle with gorgeous copper / red ivy on the walls 
Enjoying a special doggie icecream from Ripley  
Bora the explorer apparently

just love this saying hehehe

I hadn't realised there were sooooo many photos .. whoops .. I hope the videos work for you ... ok I had better go and get some crafting done before it is too late tonight , so I shall wish you all a wonderful stitchy week and I will squeak to you all soon x .. take care one and all ... love mouse xxxxxx