Monday 27 February 2012

A few stitches here and few stitches there

HI every one :)
hope every one is enjoying this wee bit of spring weather we are having ... the mouse house windows have been open most days to let some of the gorgeous fresh air into the house ... I've even had some washing out on the line :)
the kettle is boiling and the cups are ready ... sooo as you are armed and dangerous with a cuppa and a biscuit, read on heheheh...

last week I was pootling round my little room as often do when all of a sudden while bending over to get something out of a drawer ... I let out a huge scream ... of pain .. my back decided to spasm and tell me it wasn't happy with the current situation ... me neither it was not a pretty sight 
sooooo things ain't going to well in that dept atm as it has been screaming at me on and off all week and again tonight ..., just when I had got used the humming chorus yesterday as well
sooo what has a girl got to do but stitch on a few bits and bats .... get taken on a gentle stroll with DH and Bentley and have a thunk ......

sooo stitching ....
I've finished the Jan cottage of the CCN sal and moved onto February's one :) , I finished and sent Inky  her prize and worked on Kath's prezzie and am over half way now :) I did a wee bit on the Mary Wigham sampler andI put a few stitches into Lady bugs and Bumble bees .. worked some more on my Band sampler that I've designed for my group Friendly stitchers , stitched on the Needle dictionary series by Cherrywood designs , drooled over the new releases and yummy charts that are being stitched at the moment in the blog land and started to make bloom into a cushion ... 
I was looking at Becky's blog  yesterday after I had started Bloom and had to laugh as we have seem to have the same tastes in fabric for little pillows ... now bearing in mind that the piece of fabric was bought for making a skirt (I think) by my mum many years ago I don't think she will mind too much me using it for this and Becky lives over the pond I would love to know where she got hers from 

the stroll with DH and Bentley was lovely as we went to Wentworth house please get a tissue ready now to mop up the drool when you see the photos ;) and on the way back DH and I popped into a pub we know allows poochies and looked up the garden to see a wee spaniel that was very similar to Bentley ... in fact it was almost a spit of him ..... we approved the couple who had the wee dog as said at the same time coooo they look so like each other ..... and to cut a long story short the wee dog Jeff was actually Bentley's litter brother and they don't live to far from us at all !!!! photos were taken before the camera batteries died on me .....
oooo before I forget I did take a photo of my tusal orts on the correct day and a picture of the new moon too but obviously haven't posted it till today (sorry daffy )

soooo on to the thunk bit ..... I would like to send out some RAK's over the year(s) ahead and although I have a few address's from private exchanges etc I would love to be able to send something to my regular readers and commenter's as a wee thank you for reading my blog and encouraging  me to keep on stitching and waffling to you all each week ..... soooo If you like to receive something from the mouse house could you send me your snail mail address's to me (email is on the right hand side under my profile picture) I promise not to sell on to third parties even if bribed with chocolate and a cuppa heheheh 

right well I suppose I ought to put you out of your misery and show you the photos ????? 
mmmm are you ready ... another cuppa ???
my wee snowdrop has grown :)

tusal orts taken on 22/02/12

Mary Wigham sampler

Stable block of Wentworth house 

Wentworth house 

isn't this gorgeous :0

looking into the stable block to the fountain

a bit of a  closer view

Part of the gate into the stable block

top of the gate 

Bentley before the pub

Now this is Jeff :)

Jeff again 

Jeff having his tummy tickled

Jeff at front and Bentley not tooo sure

New moon taken on the 23/02/12

Bentley in my chair 

Finally got round to putting in a frame :)

Needle by Cherrywood designs

Ladybugs CCN 

Cottage Sal by CCN 

Bloom being made into a cushion 
soooo there you go ... I hope you have enjoyed this weeks photos :) I am off now to find a comfy seat ;)
take care and happy stitching until next time :) love mouse xxxxxx

Tuesday 21 February 2012

from RAKs to Hermit-ting and Beyond

Hi everyone :)
cooooo what a wonderful week .... I suggest you get that kettle filled up ... the cups are ready along with a angle cake slice or a biscuit to go with it :)
soooo where to start ... June sent me a lovely RAK of a mouse house design :) the mat comes with it with wee paw marks on it .... it is sooo lovely and was just the thing to brighten my day :)
I heard that the gifts I had stitched all arrived safely at their new homes and so I can finally reveal what I have been stitching away at these last few weeks  :) 
It was Becky's birthday on Saturday and my little stitched gift to her, actually arrived on the day ... what good timing was that ... she absolutely loves it PHEW and says it is sooo her 
Jo and Sally and Niina have received their 200 follower winner gifts  so I can show you those too (Inky 's yours is stitched just needs finishing hopefully today and then can be on its way;) 

for Jo I stitched part of the Romantique sampler(scroll down a few posts to see it almost done  as she has always coveted it and wants to come over and sneak it to her house once finished ... I took the top off the fabric and used the same threads to do the rose for her ....
for Sally I stitched a freebie from Ewe and Eye and Friends Alphabet Heart in Gast claret I think it was :)
Niina I stitched the top part with the sampler girls freebie a little tea and then charted the finnish underneath with my own wee design to tie in together :) for  Becky I stitched the freebie ,A token of Friendship which I thought was just her (when I can find the link to say who designed  it... I will do :)

soooo the fun continues ....... in case you thought it was quiet at the mouse house over the week end .. you were right .. I escaped to the country and hermitted at Gillies house ..... 
the journey over was a wee bit wet but I saw the most amazing rainbow on the way there and strangely enough it was in the same place on the way back three days later  but when I arrived  the sun was out and stayed the whole time while light :)
I took with me all my crazy's and my country cottage sal along with my over locker as Gillie wanted to cut down the excess fabric on her crazies and have some more manageable pieces to work on :)
while I was there I received  my birthday surprise from DJ and I can't thank her enough as she spoiled me rotten and when you see the photo you will know why it has moved into my must stitch now pile 
soooo Gillie and I spent a productive weekend stitching and chatting while drinking tea with some cutting and punching ....that was me making floss tags while Gillie did her overlocking heheheh......we also had a wonderful pub meal on the saturday night and went for a lovely tootle (well they walked fast I just after church on Sunday and took some lovely photos :)

and the outcome of all that stitching ..... I finished my first crazy of this year WHOOPPPP WHOOOP.....  Bloom by Threadwork Primitives ..... Gillie wanted it to stay at her house .. I said it was a good job I didn't mind stitching it twice (mmmm christmas prezzie sorted???? hahahah) 
and I almost finished the January Cottage  tooo .... just a few little bits and then I can move onto February's before March's get to the mouse house :)

I had a wonderful time at Gillies and we both didn't want it to end ... DH say's I can escape any time Gillie would like me back hehhehe.....
soooo are you ready for the photos ????
for Becky birthday :)

for Niina 

Bloom finished :)

birthday goodies from DJ :)

for Sally

For Jo

snowdrops at the mouse house :)

sign in Gillies kitchen

Gillies Church :)

gillie and WT forging ahead 

just stunning views on walk

cuppa and orts :)

Jan Cottage CC SAL

Bentley in his dragon costume :)
From June :) 
for Joyzeeee:)

Bentley taken today 

and again after a mad chase round the garden

hyacinth today :)

mmmmm Joyzeeeee I have taken some photos of my orchid for you but I can't seem to find them on the computer eeeekkk ... may not have up loaded them DOH ... I will find them for you :)(found and added and some more )
just had to include one of Bentley wearing his new scary outfit ... he is currently snoozing waiting to go on his pootle to the woods methinks thats where DD1 is taking him :)
well the kettle has just reboiled so any one want another one before I go and get some HW done ... now don't get too worried only sorting the washing out off the airers heheheh ...
soo there you go folks a wonderful end to a wonderful start  .... hopefully this week will just be as good and productive ... until next time, take care and happy stitching every one :) love mouse xxxxx

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happppyyyy Valentines Day :)

HI every one :) Happy Valentines day to you all :) Jo had another lovely idea of a Secret stitcher Valentine .... we had to send in a photo of something we had stitched with the word love on it or a heart and she would send them to every one  and we would post our secret Valentines heart etc on our blogs  today :)
mine is  beautiful so I thank my " Secret Valentine" very much 

From my Secret Valentine :)
off to go and see who got mine ... seee you there :)
love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 12 February 2012

Winner of the travelling Pattern :)

Hi everyone :)
just a quick squeak to let you know who the winner is for the Travelling pattern ... drum roll please as I pass out some more custard creams and bourbon biscuits with the cuppas .......

Anne of   please can you email me back channel with your snail mail address and I shall get it in the post to you asap :)

sorry it soooo short and sweet today but time and tide wait for no man including a wee mouse .....
will catch up with all the blogs over the next day or two and hopefully will be able to share some photos of stuff that has been sent out :)
take care every one and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxxx
perfect pose 
well I couldn't leave with out one photo now could I hehheheh

Sunday 5 February 2012

Travelling pattern, Snow and kettle is on

Hi every one :) well the world outside the mouse house is white... brrrrrrr but the sun is out and looks ever so pretty ... I have stocked up the bird feeders so they are chirping merrily at me in thanks ....
the kettle has just boiled soo brews all round ???  I have some bourbon creams or custard ones if any one wants an elevens iz  with it :)

Well as the title says the Travelling pattern "Thankful for Ewe" is ready to move on ..... so if you would like the chance to have it next,  please squeak up :)
 I didn't have any of the colours in that the chart requires so I did a floss toss and picked out ones that were near to them and then decided on the fabric as to which looked best on it ... surprisingly enough it was down to two choices an antique white 32 count linen and 18 count rustico aida and I decided to go with the aida ...... now bearing in mind I haven't stitched on aida in quite a few years .... I have become a linen/ even weave snob .... you would have thought it would have been a doddle ... the finished size is wee compared to what I normally stitch BUT NO !!!!!! I have un stitched more times on this small piece than I have in the last few years on everything else .....  so next time I have a thought to do something on Aida prod me hard will you !!!

I must thank every one for their birthday wishes and cards and emails and presents  :) I have had a fabulous week of the post man bringing goodies and there is something still to come *VBG .... I think it is lovely that you can spread the celebrations out and sorry that there isn't any cake left for those who missed out on it ....

I decided on Monday to sneak up to the town and go and have a look around the charity shops and I am so glad I did as I dropped on quite a few bargains for a change ..... I got a lovely wooden box perfect for putting some stitching on , a frame that is the perfect colours for to bee or not to bee LHN , just needs a wee bit of tlc , a small white urn that will be perfect for a pin cushion and also a couple of stitching mags one of which is the very first issue:)
I have been stitching as much as I can this week and have finished a present for some one who reads the blog so I can't say or show atm but I will be making it up this afternoon to go on its merry way hopefully in time for her birthday ....
I have got the stuff sorted to get the rest of the 200 follower winners stitched and finished ... won't be long girls (and I'm over 300 now *VBG mmmmm thinking cap on here ) 
I have also been working some more on Kaths present sooo with any luck she will get it this side of Christmas hahahahah .....
I got further on with I sew's my heart by Heartstring Samplery too ... just love working on 40 count too :) 
I did a bit more on the Cottage SAl on Thursday night over at Bev's in between munching on hot freshly made scones and jam and a cuppa or two .....
and also been working on my Band Sampler that I have designed for my group the Friendly Stitchers ....... the release date is march so I am stitching away at it to double check there are no mistakes ??? I think I may need a model stitcher or two ... any takers hehehehe ;)

Fresh cuppa is here again ...:)
The girls wanted to get a coat for Bentley for next week when he will be able to start to go out in the real world and meet more doggies ... so off we went to Pets at Home (just as the snow was starting to come down ) and he came away with ...... a lovely warm waterproof coat and a jumper which he loves to bits and asked for it putting on last night to go out in the snow with .... he was so funny chasing the flakes and trying to eat them as they were coming down .... I did try to take some photos but he was moving that fast it was very difficult .....

well I had better show you some photos now hadn't I otherwise you won't believe I have actually done some stitching this week hehehehe ....
goodies from the charity shops 

little urn 

goodies from Michelle 

I sew'd my heart Heartstring Samplery

perfect colours or what :)

BOO snuggled up as cold out there

Birthday goodies from DD1

lovely card from Teejay

cottage sal  CCN 

start of the snow 

WOOO HOOO finished !!!!

new coat 

love my jumper 

a touch of spring 

see I am getting further with it 

birdies at the feeder 

this morning :)

So there you are this week folks .. I din't realise how much I had to tell you all .. off to go and get that finishing done and a few other bits and bobs ..... hope you all have a a fab superbowl sale / day over across the pond .....
squeak to you all later (don't forget to say if you want to be next for the TP, will draw it next weekend 11/12th Feb :)
take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxxx