Friday 24 March 2017

Yooooo Hoooo I am still here :)

Helloooo everyone .... I am still here honest .. please grab a chair and your brew all freshly made and... I have cookies ..... :)
So sorry to have been so quiet but I do have a good reason or two ... mainly the computer decided not to talk to the internet and had to be sent away  WAHHHHHH.... work has been extra busy due to use tupe over two companies and .......I had to get my craft room sorted after the leak and back to some semblance of order so that I can sit and stitch again and boy did that take ages and ages and I have still a bit to do yet .... eeeekkkkk but it is looking loads better and because we have moved things around I seem to have more space ??? DH and almost the SIL, moved my furniture for me and secured the shelves to the wall , I just had to do the sorting and some painting of the walls again to freshen it up :)
Stitching wise I actually have a couple of finishes and finished finishes and a progress report to boot too .. go me
I have finished Lizzie* Kate "do your best " the other day and just need to make it up ... it was a limited edition kit that I got from the Nimble Thimble last time I was there soooo I do have everything to make it up sooo you never know it could be this weekend :)
I stitched a wee Easter Pillow for work from a small kit from HobbyCraft and in the end made it up to work ... I am not sure who the designer was or who put the kit together but believe me when I say thank goodness for evenweave and stash of threads ... the kit came with aida and the chart was almost impossible to read correctly and it had over one stitches ... and three of them at one point in one square of stitch ... and they made it up with aida !!!!!!! .... needless to say I won't be getting anymore of them ... I thought it would be a quick stitch I could do in the time scale I had got .... hmmmmmm... not saying another squeak on the matter ....
Moving swiftly along, I stitched for Stitcher's Day over on Friendly Stitchers "the best things" from My Big Toe Designs for Cindy as a surprise for her ... I stitched it on a piece of Sparklies Fabric " Slightly Nutty " Opalescent with a lovely purple green threadworks thread and I am happy to report that it arrived safely and she loves it :) 
I've done a wee bit more on My Soul is fed but no got an up to date picture of it as of yet .... and I have been plodding along with the Linen and Thread Sal and loving it ....
Somewhere between this and the last post DD1 and I went to Harlow Carr RHS Garden for her birthday trip ... I got some gorgeous photos of the birds and plants there .. it was just a shame it was a wee bit damp around the edges but all in all we did have a lovely day and want to go back when the weather is nicer and more flowers are out
OOOO OOOO guess what ..... I am famouse .... lol .... I am on the blogger of the week blog set up by our lovely Jo from Serendipitous Stitching .....
She decided as the Cross Stitch Collection magazine had now ended and they used to do the blogger of the month write up she would do her version of it and I am it for this week ... sooo please bob on over and say hi :)
I have had some lovely comments from it and I will find the photo of said design  or retake it  if I can't find it and apparently I forgot to mention I love photography hahahahahah sorry Kay .....
well I had better find the photos for you ... hang on and I will make another brew for us all as well......
Mess from the leak

can you spot the missing piece ??

My version of the piece I designed :0

Betty's Tea Room Teapot :)

this was I think nearly £300 !!!!

Sleeping Bentley

Easter Pillow for the works raffle

Lizzie*Kate do your best finish

Bullfinch at Harlow Carr

Fabric moved to new place in craft room

looks a wee bit better than this now

Linen and Thread SAL  I have done a wee bit more since
Frome Lainey for my birthday :)

 As you can see there is one from Lainey that came after my birthday  as she was unwell and didn't get it done on time but it was well worth the wait :)
well I had better finish off now before I write another novel sooo tooodle pip and take care one and all and I shall squeak to you all again soon :) love mouse xxxxxxx