Tuesday 17 July 2012

Whitby , stash and some stitching on the side ..lol

Hi every one :) hope you all have been behaving and doing lots of stitching this last week or two while I have been missing in action ..lol
the kettle is on for you all and I've got some nice choccie biccies for you all too :)
Well life in the mouse house is settling down to a sort of routine with us all passing each other like ships in the night and leaving messages in various places like "to do " lists ..lol ..... and most importantly I have managed to get some wee bit of stitching in most nights to boot too ..... you can tell from the TUSAL orts that I have been doing an itsy bitsy bit .... and I've posted them early as not sure about getting back on to do them on the 19th as it might be stitching at the mouse house this week :)
have I said I love my postie ...lol  I have received a lovely RAK from Shirlee which smells divine when you squeeze it ....the other week just after I last blogged ..., my July cottage arrived safely too and also today I got my blog win from Mary Ann   Cardinal winter by LHN :) thank you for picking me :)
OOOO yes DJ's piece I stitched for her arrived safely too PHEW :)
Over on Friendly Stitchers  we are doing a Christmas / winter in July along with an exchange and I have finished the stitching for my partner and started on the one for me .. can't show you them just yet but will do as soon as I can :)
I have worked on the Sal I am doing with Sally :) and I am really enjoying this piece even if it is taking me ages *pesky work heheheh and looking forward to doing some more on it tomorrow too :)
I have done some more on my Dawn of Spring so I shall show you that bit too .... only two more parts left ... it has simply flown by and every one is simply gorgeous that has been stitched by my group ladies :) and I am so proud of them for doing stitches that they wouldn't have normally tackled and doing a wonderful job to boot too :) and even adapting it to make it even more personal as well :)
sluurrpppp ahhhhh much better now where was I .. ahhh yes ....
I really must apologise for not getting to say hello to every one on their blog updates .... I am trying to get to a few each night sooo I will get there in the end honest :)
Don't forget it is Hermitting weekend this weekend :) go to Joyze's blog to sign up and join in the fun :) 
soooo onto Whitby and the all important stash haul ...lol 
On Sunday Chris , Kath , Iris and I went on a wonderful day trip to Whitby and the weather was kind to us and the sun shone all day  with a slight breeze and the smell of the sea and sand wafted along the prom..... mingled with the sound of the sea gulls as they flew over our heads .
We wandered around all the shops oooing and aahhing over the wares and I found a new lovely wee mouse which I just had to buy ... along with some presents for the girls and the DH ...... and then I went into the market hall to the patchwork/embroidery / cardcraft shop and had a slight ???? stash haul on the patchwork fabric and some ribbon along with a cute pair of lime green polka dot scissors which just called my name :)
There was so much to drool over I was lucky to get away with what I did  heheheh ... I could have had sooooo much more .... you all know that feeling ;0 but I resisted ...
soooo I had better show you the goodies , the tusal etc etc while I pop the kettle back on for you all .... 
RAK from Shirlee

wee baby card I made for Karen at work

last weeks update :)

Pumpkin Cottage lhn

Whitby on Sunday 15th July 2012

the 99 steps ... think there is more tbh ..lol

saw this and thought it was fab :0)

just love that sea :)

see the open bridge for the yacht 

first stash haul with new mousie and scisors

second stash haul :0

July's TUSAL

Blog win from Mary Ann :)
Dawn of Spring  latest update designed and stitched by mouse 
 Bentley says hello to every one , he is growing up fast and is such a good boy and he is adapting quite well to the extra upset of me working full time  and then DD2 working full time and getting up very early for 4 weeks .. she is doing 6 am till 2 pm ... so life is as we say ships that pass in the night for a wee while ..lol 
mmmmm I am sure there is more but I have got a serious ermmmmm moment hehehehe. sooo I shall say t.t..f.n for now and hope to catch up with you all sooner rather than later :)
take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 1 July 2012

A wee working mouse and some stitching hehehe :)

Hi every one :)
Thank you for all your good luck wishes it helped enormously and I have settled in really well at my new place of work ..... I know loads of you do work but I haven't for the last three years and not done full time either .... so its a bit of a learning curve trying to get things organised and sorted and making sure I can fit some stitching in as well ..lol 
I am doing admin for two branches of the same company ... luckily there are in the same office ..... I have a HUGE area to work in and the kitchen is only ten foot away .....I am in charge of the cuppas ;0
sooo I had better make some for you now too ...lol
the team I work for are really nice and the office is quite busy I have been thrown in the deep end but am swimming along quite nicely and giving suggestions on how to improve certain procedures .... I have learnt how to do the wages ... my boss sat down and did them while I wrote notes and this week he is going to read my notes while I do them .... wish me luck ..lol .....
He laughed when I took a photo of the office to show it off to you and the view from our windows too ... the photo of the view isn't the best as it has been rather wet around these parts these last few weeks ... and doesn't look likely to improve either ho hum .....
I have managed to get some stitching in as I have been working on the Travelling Pattern from Lynda and have finished one and want to get another one stitched before I send it on its way ... she has a list of all who wanted to stitch it, so this one isn't open to who wants it next I am afraid ....
My little present for June  arrived safely and so I can show you that too :) she loved it as well PHEW ..lol
I am still waiting to see if DJ has got the light house picture I did for her .... I hope it hasn't got lost in the postal system .....
Michelle  sent me a lovely wee gift of a tape measure twill ribbon from France when she was there last weekend .. I am hoping I can go next year now I am earning some pennies :) I have also took a photo of my treadle machine for her to nosy at .... 
I also received a lovely biscornu from Chris G as a Rak as I had sent her ages and ages ago some scented threads and she used the rose one on it and it smells really nice too :)
Yesterday DH and Master Bentley and I went to Elvington Air Museum as DH was doing the Fire cover there for the DeHavland  Devon aircraft sooo we went along for the ride and I took a great shot of them with the Mosquito plane as well .... Bentley and I had a wander round while he was busy as we were waiting to see if the Spitfire would also fly over ..... unfortunately there was a humongous thunder and lighting storm so it didn't come over :(
Over on Friendly Stitchers  we are doing the Christmas/winter Challenge in July where we try and stitch up to three ornaments in this month and do one for an exchange too *(this can be part of your chosen amount ..lol) and I signed up before I got the job for three eeeekkkk  ... well today I sat down and started the one for my partner and am almost halfway there PHEW >>>LOL at least her's will be done .....
well I had better pop the photos one while I get the second round of brews ready ... chocolate swiss roll any one ????
for Junes birthday gift :)

Rak of Chris

sorry bad photo due  to no decent light :(

TP done with the tape ribbon from Michelle
My DH is the first on the left :) 

view from my office :)

my lovely office :)

a better view  :)

Bentley out in the woods :)

mmmm spot the storm coming in 

it got rather wet ...lol
well that's it for this week folks ... hopefully will have some more stitching to show you next time :)
take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx