Monday 26 March 2012

Happpppy Hedgehog day :)

Hi every one :)
can you see this wee mouse boogy  nahhh didn't think you could, after all you are behind my  screen hahahah....
 but I am sure you heard the wee shouts of delight last Friday when I put the last stitches into Kath's Hedgies  ...... yes finally it is done *VBG and we went today to choose a frame for it, so that I can frame it for her too :) 
I said after all the work that went into it ... it was her birthday and pif present rolled into one   
soooo now I can move onto my next goodies to stitch for Catherine .... who won the tusal award from Daffy cat last year and I am stitching her a little something I've designed as a "well done" :)

well where to start this week ... today we have iced tea, cranberry and raspberry , Turkish apple and pear and  guava  for a change in case you didn't know, here at the mouse house we are experiencing rather warm sunny weather .... I think sssshhhh that spring / early summer has arrived  ... 
I've had my washing out blowing in the slight breeze and smelling gorgeous and fresh when brought in dry ... total bliss  .. love these lazy hazy days when the washing can get dried outside:)

oooo just having a cranberry and raspberry tea now ...slurping  sipping daintily from my mug  china cup .....

this week has been a good postie week not just for me but also Rhona.... she mentioned how lovely one of my pairs of scissors was a while back and sooo the other week I tootled off in the mouse mobile and picked her some up on my travels and they have safely arrived at her end .... 
pop over and have a look at her photo  as  I forgot to take one .. DOH ... she also designs some lovely cute designs and mounts them on to cards so I sent some paper flowers for her too :) she designs for some of the cross stitch magazines over here too ... :)

my wee package arrived on Friday from Nataly, she picked my name for some of her wonderful counting pins and made them in my favourite colours too and I've used them already *VBG  was doing a wee bit of with drawn thread work ;)

Talking of scissors again Julie asked if I had a favourite pair ... and to be honest no ... I love all my scissors and they all get used regularly  apart from my Gingher's atm, as I am stitching the Needle and thread by LHN for them to rest in and have the fob attached so the don't get used for something other than stitching ... and I need to make a wee fob for those cute Kelmscott ones from Laurie too :)

Sally and I have been emailing back and forth and we have decided to do the Summer splendour as a SAL on Wednesday s ... I haven't touched this since I started it back in January (due to hedgies and thought it would be nice if I could join her and stitch it together :)
I succumbed last night to a wee bit of shopping of charts from the sampler girl in her sale and got My Everything and A Turn in the Garden from her and its all Niina's fault as she told me while I snuck on FB that she had a sale on .....

Last  Thursday MIL and I went out for our mothers day treat to Wentworth Garden Centre and had a stroll round the plants and the gardens and also had something to eat there too ....(Kate don't look too closely I had the one with the least calories heheheh) so I shall let you have a stroll round there with me too later ....
Bentley continues to grow and be a snuggle bear as every morning he comes into my bedroom ... dives on the bed and snuggles up to me and falls asleep at the side of me until I get up ... He hasn't got in to the pond yet but helps me every day feed the fish ....I think I am going to train him as my support dog as he helps me with the washing as well ;)

well I think you will be needing a top up by now  sooo here you go while I load the photos up for you .
pleaseeee can I have a biscuit :)

kate look away now

garden centre

gorgeous violas 

magnolia in bloom

dwarf tulips and some thing pretty in blue 

fountain going 

gorgeous gardens to walk round

counting pins from Nataly

Hedgies finished and ironed :)
gorgeous cherry blossom in my garden 

closer look at the hedgie

Feb cottage SAL CCN so far 

well there you go .. lots to nosy at .... I did do a bit on the Feb cottage and haven't got much more to do sooo I may carry on with that tonight so I can move on as have got March and April waiting in the wings :)
mmmm don't think there was anything else ... if I've forgotten to reply to something just email me to remind me 
take care every one and happy stitching  till next time :) love mouse xxxxx 

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Hermitting Hedgehogs :)

HI every one :) 
well the sun is out and it is such a glorious sunny spring morning at the mouse house .....the washing is blowing on the line :) the kettle is on and just about to boil for your drinks sooo what do you want today ??? as not sure if this will be your first drink of the day or the last ...
This weekend was the ISHW  (the international stitch and hermit weekend) usually the 3rd weekend of each month hosted by Joyce and although I didn't get to stitch as much as normal with normal life getting in the way shheesh I have done a wee bit over the week too on the hedgehogs  and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel YIPPPEEEE .... I will be so glad to get this one done and move onto something a wee bit smaller for a few days 
I had to stitch on something different for a few hours and did a little bit more on the Feb cottage SAL  and the Needle and thread by LHN  so I shall show you their progress's too a wee bit later on :)
I forgot last week with all that went off to show you the PIF prize I sent to Inky ... she absolutely adores it and he will be on show all year round ..... Inky is doing the great scissor scamper for a wee bit of fun and I have taken a photo of my scissors and realised afterwards there are some missing off the photo ... nooooo ... ho hum they will get in next time  I seem to have one or two and some lovely scissor frogs too ....:)
The postie was lovely to me this last week too .... I received my blog win off  Laurie , the lovely Mary Ann Gollins sampler and she also sent the most cutest wee Kelmscott scissors which are just the right size for my paws and some Bohin needles yummm :) I was squeaking with delight when they turned up I an sure she heard me across the pond 
and the cutest wee pyn pillow came from Sally as a thank you ... I had actually printed this one off to do as a RAK as well .. great minds think alike heheheh :)

Thank you for all your kind words regarding my design .... the first part has now been released to 50 of my members on friendly stitchers  and every one who has stitched it so far  loves it and their colour ways are gorgeous :) in fact some are itching to get the next part now 
(if you taking part and  are reading this :) don't forget I want to see the photos before the next part is due ;)

On Sunday here in the UK it was mothers day ... and I hope you all had a fab day .... I got some lovely body shop bubble bath and lotion and a bath lily as  well as  lovely candle from Next off DD2 and DD 1 says I can order the Nashville LHN and Shakespeare Peddlers chart  Woooo Hoooo *VBG*

I was moaning to DH the other day that I used to have a lovely tidy house ..... until we got a wee bundle of black and white fur  I had to take a photo after he had had one of his mad moments of running through the house from one end to the other around the pouffe and on it and back round etc ..... just to show how it looks nine times out of ten here hehehehe .... 
He is off out on his walk with DD1 hence why I am catching up on here as he loves to cuddle me when I am sat at the computer and say hello to every one
another cuppa ??????
I've bobbed my Tusal photo on this essay ;) as I won't get back to do it on time and better  to be two days early than two days late than I was last month 
the jar on the left is the one with all this years so far in and the one on the right is this months with an extra soggy doggy drooled piece in there too  hahahaha .... I got up to make a drink and a length must have slipped on the floor and he thought he would try and see how tasty it was
I must admit I quite like to get up early on these sunny days and get every thing done and organised so that I can get a thread length or two in  in between the necessary jobs .. making brews , washing , ironing , making brews etc of the day hahahahah.... I have to do every thing in small doses .... but once done the day is mine .... 
I've just gone out and pegged a couple of things out and the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing and my flowers are gently nodding in the breeze .... may just have to go and have my next cuppa sat on the decking by my pond :)
sooo while you are all sipping your cuppas daintily here are the latest photos for you to drool over hehehehe
goodies from Charity shops either side of the candlestick

gorgeous thank you from Sally

mad run chasing bubbles

can you see them ... taste like peach apparently ?

Blog win from Laurie, see those cute scissors :)

I seem to have one or two

getting there with Needle and thread LHN

checking out the pond

how cute am I auntie Liz ;)

CCN sal cottages so far :)

mmmm that rug is supposed to be in front of the fire

Kaths Hedgies almost there wooo hoooo

Tusal photo :)

morning fans ;)

going to wake up DD 

For Inky's PIF 
soooo there you go folks , a Bentley fix and a stitchy fix and not a cake in sight ... 
hope every one has a fab week :) off to go and catch up with every one ... take care and happy stitching till next time :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 11 March 2012

Blooming marvellous .....

Hi every one :)
thank you for all your get well wishes .... I'm still on the mend but today I've been better than I have been since last week and long may it continue :)

I didn't realise how famouse I was , until this week.... I have discovered I have at least three stalkers (one was actually two persons at once) and not just my normal lovely followers either .....
these persons had the cheek to "steal " one of my photos of the start of my band sampler sal and pull it to ribbons with criticism ..... the person who did this had no ownership of the photo or its contents and  I do believe  this is illegal and it should in all probability be reported to yahoo ........... the sad thing is one of the people involved used to be a good friend of mine ........

Its a shame that the theft of designs on stitching groups and also blogs  has become so blatent .... another designer Angie has stopped all her charts for her sal due to something similar ..... 

soooo on to nice things now ... kettle has just boiled and I'm well stocked up on bourbons and custard creams ...... ;)
I finished the making up of the bloom cushion this week and I'm really pleased at how it has turned out ....:)
I dug deep into my fabric piles as I knew I had some fabric to finish of the winter band sampler by LHN and found the beige dupion silk  duly cut and pinned together and then went DOH !!!!! forgot to make a tassle out of the red to hang down from the point and went to look for it and noooooooooo haven't got enough left ........ sooo its still as it was 
I've stitched  the next part of my Band sampler sal up but sorry you won' t be able to see this until it is totally finished as I would hate for the above to happen again !!!!!
I've almost finished the needle and thread LHN piece ... I just love it and can't wait to make it up and have my lovely ginghers resting in there .....:)
Wednesday was DD1's birthday and we were supposed to go off for the day but the weather was dreadful so we went to a local pub and had a nice meal there before coming home and having a piece much later on of her hedgehog birthday cake .... unfortunately there is none left of that :(
Thursday saw me take a wee trip to Hobby Craft and I dropped on some bargains for Christmas ... nowt like being organised heheheh as well as getting the paint to do the casting a spell box and some other wee boxes for RAKs etc :)
I also managed to get a wooden candlestick that I have been after for ages to do a pin cushion with YIPPPPEEEEE :) sooo watch this space ....
well the sun has been shining all day at the mouse house and I've got the washing up to date with help from Mr Bentley who has now learnt to climb the stairs and brings down those rouge socks 
I've finished a wee freebie but forgot to take a photo but has gone into my to finish for the raks pile 
I've had a busy 10 mins this morning printing out freebies to stitch and thinking who they should go to once done .... may be awhile yet ... sometimes wish I had another pair of hands to stitch them with heheheh ...
sooo here are some photos to drool and ahhh over :0
Bloom by threadwork primatives

DD''s card

almost blooming

pub pud :) very yummy 

DD's birthday cake yummmmmm :)

dafdowndillys in full bloom 

whoops snuck on to grannies chair

ok she's not mad at me as taking lots of photos ;)

Needle and thread LHN more has been done since this taken
hope every one is having a fab time this weekend especially those of you who are at the lake having stitching fun ;)
take care one and all and squeak to you all soon :)
love mouse xxxxx

Monday 5 March 2012

wonderful post day , the lurg and lots of stitching :)

HI every one :) sorry to have been so quiet these last few days but I have come down with a chest infection and lost my voice which sounds like a cross between a mouse and a frog atm hahahahah 
the kettle is full if you want to help your selves and there are some biscuits in the cupboard to the left :)
If you want to make me a lemsip I won't object 

Saturday was a really bad day illness wise I stayed in bed for the most part and that is very unlike me ..... the good bit though was my lovely postie brought me two parcels :)
one from Elisa  which was our private spring exchange , and I can now show you mine to her ... was a lovely pin keep with Bent Creeks Spring house on it, stitched beautifully in the recommended threads ..... the funny thing was I almost did the same for her too heheheh ..... I stitched Elisa  Spring by Lizzie *kate with gast threads and anchor threads that I thought looked pretty with each other :)
the other was a RAK from Becky SC which is a beautiful scissor/ needle tin stitched with  a lovely blue bird on it .... hang on while I go and find her details of it ....... zooommmm  ho hum just scrolled through a load of posts to find she says blue bird magnetic needle and scissor holder heheheh  just what I said 
what lovely surprises to cheer a wee mouse up :0

sooo when you are ill, what do you do ???? 
I curled up under my noo noo blankie as we call them and got out some stitching and finished my second crazy Winter Band Sampler by LHN  wooo hoooo and I also worked on there is a garden by homespun elegance and am about 3/4 of the way done on that tooo :) and just because I was ill I treated myself to a new start .... well you just have to don't you ??? my birthday present of DJ .... Needle and thread by LHN :)

On Thursday before I became ill  I went to stitching group at Bev's house and worked on Pumpkin cottage and got some more done on that and took a photo of the buns she made before they got eaten too heehhehh ....
I've done a wee bit more on my Band sampler today and its looking good even if I say so myself .....
the sun shone on Thursday at the mouse house so I was able to get some photos of my daffodils as they had just come out to bloom for you all sooo spring is nearly here whoop whoop :)
..... photos are on there way now for you all 
lady bugs out on thursday 1st march 2012

lovely wee crocus

Bev's home made buns very yummy :)

pumpkin cottage LHN

Mine to Elisa :0

RAK from Becky to me 

inside is just gorgeous too :)

Beautiful wee pin keep from Elisa to me :)

and the back 

daffodils outside the mouse house 


Winter Band sampler finished 3rd March LHN

my new start :)

there is a garden homespun elegance 

the actual colour of the homespun elegance piece is actually peach fabric .. ho hum the sun was shining when I took that  :)
so there you are folks :) hope everyone else is well and stitching merrily away ... I've tried to keep up with every one sooo if I have missed you please squeak loudly and I will go and visit you :)
take care love mouse xxxxxx