Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Well here we are again folks .... that pesky mouse blogging again with her achievements on the stitchy front of the challenge, which I must say I am really enjoying all these new starts and tomorrow I will be working on two pieces as I have to do some on a UFO as it is the "wet noodle talk about" day on friendly stitchers so I had better stitch on something otherwise there will be a queue waiting to give me a swish of the wet noodle hahahahah.

What can I say about today's bit then  oooo yes I know  I started stitching it and thought I'd got the count wrong of the fabric as it looked wayyyy to big .... I know I did have my glasses on but.... hehehe.  Any way I found my free subscription gift from Jane Greenoffs Cross stitch guild last year that is a handy see through size of stitches guide and it was right 

Soooo panic over I settled down to stitch (after a quick trip to get some shopping in ... usual stuff  milk bread etc ... nothing exciting ,was very good tooo didn't even buy any Christmas goodies that were half price!!)

 Here is today's challenge ..... I picked out the Needlework shop :) I'm doing it on DMC off white evenweave  and anchor alternatives as this is what I had in so the colours may be slightly different to the original piece , can you spot which piece  of lhn I have on the frame ????

ok here is the picture :)

The Needlework Shop

Right I think this is all for tonight ... keep up the good work every body ... I have been having a quick peek and  I am sorry to hear that some of you are feeling under the weather atm ... sending *HUGS* your way and hope you are feeling much better soon xxx
take care till tomorrow 
love mouse xxxx


DJ said...

Hey Mouse!! Lovely start and so creative to put something on the scroll chart in the picture.....what a creative Mouse you are!! You are doing really well with the challenge, hang in there! *Hugs*

blueladie said...

What a great job you are doing with this challenge so far. Your needles must be smokin'! :D Cathryn

Tricia said...

Marvelous, Mouse!! Why didn't I have your blog marked up until now???? I'll blame it on my cold. You are doing a fantastic job with the challenge!!! Good for you!

And This Little Pig said...

Love it, the needlework frame, cotton and needles so cute.
LiBBiE in Oz

Vicky L said...

You are doing a good job and your stitching is beautiful. I cant wait to see your other projects for the challenge.

nancy-lou said...

Another madwoman, but then I knew that already!! Seriously, I look forward to seeing all your projects and the progress - good luck! Love Nancy >:o)

Rita said...

Great choices for your challenge. Enjoy!

Joy said...

Love it Mouse!! I think the colors are just fine. Looking forward to what's on deck!