Tuesday 23 August 2011

SQUEAKING with excitement :)

Hi every one :) I am soooo happy I am just squeaking with excitement .. today has started off really good ... I have "won" the travelling chart off Jo at http://serendipitousstitching.blogspot.com/ ...... I have followed this from the beginning and now have finally got the chance to stitch it . YIPPPEEEEEE :) soooo watch this space for when it is stitched so that I can pass it on :0

secondly I had my stash arrive from America today too I was worried it had got lost but it is here safe and sound in my paws :) also got lots of goodies from the bay of evil as DH calls it .. can't think why hehehehe  and finally .......

I am off on my Jolly hols to Glasgow tomorrow to stay with the wee Scottish woman other wise know as Ally ......I have got the necessaries eg Tea bags , milk and sugar along with a few goodies packed already ... just need to go and pack the stitching stash and my clothes   and I shall be off in the morning for a week of lots of tea drinking , stitching and sight seeing, all being well :) I am taking my over locker to over sew some fabric for her and also I shall be sorting out her sewing machine and giving her a lesson or two on how to use it :) I am packing the camera for the photo shoots heheheheh :)

On the Stitching front I do have something to show you heheheh..... Finally I hear you all say ..lol  I had the stitching group at my house on Thursday last week and Bev was a wee bit jealous of my stash heheheh  but I actually managed to stitch a bit while they were all there in between the cuppas and chocolate cake bars .. yummm and slurpppp ;)

I have also done a few finishes for Kath and she has given me permission to show them  but I know who they are for, reads my blog soooo I shall only show the one that's not for them atm :) I have finished and finished off my personal exchange for Angela  and it went in the post today and also have done Ally's PIF and will be giving that to her tomorrow ... letter has been sent to DJ too *waving paw helloo and also a few other surprises have gone out too soooo hopefully I will make some ones day soon :) 

The girls Barbara and Margaret have settled in beautifully and want to let all their fans know that they are having a fabulous time at their new home :) Their new parents were telling us all their antics when we went out for a meal with them and another couple of friends on Saturday night :)

So with out further ado  I shall leave you for the next week still doing a happy dance  and about to put the kettle on before tackling the packing with the update photos etc :0
take care every one and I shall see you all next week with lots of stitching updates hopefully :0 
Kaths stitching .. my finishing :)

LHN Fa la la stitching me ,, DJ is next ..lol

stash goodies and bay of evil wins ):

Poinsettia House LHN update :)
love mouse xxxxxx

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Smoking needles and flying fur!!!!

HI Every one :) hope you are all well and managing to get lots of lovely stitching done :0
Well as you know things have been very busy here at the mouse house recently and hopefully now have calmed down so that some semblance of normality resumes .... ok I am not that normal with a name like mouse hahahahah ;)
soooo grab that cuppa and off we go .....
I have to report to the chickens loyal fan club that the girls (Barbara and Margaret) have gone to their posh new home last Sunday (photos later)..... I spent a lot of time trying to convince them to smile for you all .... I had them sat on my knees and at the side of me and I hope you like what I managed to take ..lol ... just wish I had a cushion as the derrière went numb hahahaha .
Mr Postie was good to me this week as well, as I received a chart from a fellow blogger  Jenny from http://onestitchcloser.blogspot.com/  sent me Autumn Pumpkins Welcome from the Sweetheart Tree  complete with special little  nibbles from her  parrot :) a lovely long letter from DJ too and I  also received my secret pen pal note *waving small paw at you .. thanks for the tea and the kind offer too ... may just take you up on that ..lol ;)  mine was sent off as well and I hope she may have got it by now ..... Parsley organised this and has done a lovely job :) I just love getting proper mail :0
 Niina my lovely friend has been very naughty and enabled me into buying some more stash hhahahh ... she sent me a link...http://www.wasatchneedlecraft.com/ to a lovely shop with a sale on and also another 20% off on top .... sooo DD1 saw a chart she would like me to stitch and it went from there ..lol ... when i converted the dollars to pounds I found I was extremely good .. darn it hahahaha ....
 sooo I shall be stalking the postie yet again as I know there is my summer biscornu on its way too *VBG

The flying fur of the title is a chocolate Labrador called  Fudge and he is on loan for two weeks while his owners go off on hols ... he has settled in sooo well and I don't think he will want to leave ..lol ... he has these mad 5 mins running up and down the rooms flying round and at 13 months old he can fly ..lol  photos below too ...... we got took out for Sunday tea with some friends of ours to the next but one village to ours called Wentworth .. they have a wonderful garden centre and also one or two lovely pubs .. on of which we got treated to a lovely meal at ...... they have a lovely westie called Wellington and he grew up with my boys (who are now both at the rainbow bridge ) and he decided to pose for me at the table .... the photos turned out lovely and his owners are well pleased with them (also below ...) Have also put some photos of the village on too ... :)

well on the stitching front and on to my second cuppa .... I have finished both twin samplers  and just need to make up into cushions ... I went to the Quilt shop and got some lovely fabric for them and also a few other bits (that I still can't show you yet either ) and all I have to do is make up a wee hangy thing to celebrate their christenings too .... that shouldn't take too long hopefully (fingers crossed ..lol) 
I also have finished the stitching on my private exchange piece for Angela and just need to make up then it can be on its way to her .... I have started the PIF for Ally too  and also kitted up the one for DJ and for Linda and will get started on them asap :)
My competition piece for the stitch bitch blogs challenge is almost finished and ready to make up with fabbie from the above stash haul ..lol and I've got emails back from my follower winners and shall be searching suitable projects to make for each of them soon too :)
Deep Breath here hahahah and a slurp of the cuppa ....... I am going to drive up to Glasgow at the end of the month to go and stay with Ally ... and taking up a few essential supplies ... over locker, fabric , threads as well as lots of tea bags and milk of course hahahah ooo and not forgetting her PIF and some stitching to do while there ....  and I am going to meet up with some fellow stitcher's up there too sooo there shall be lots to tell once I get back and hopefully lots of photos too :)

well I had better up load the photos for you to have a nosy at and enjoy  ...
Barbara and Margarets new home

view from pub

Wellie :)

High street Wentworth

Paradise Square at Wentworth

Samplers finished

Fudge on a walk



Silkie cross cockerel

Buff Cockerel 

found these and couldn't resist

Fudge after walk :)

So there you have it folks for this weeks update ...... I shall squeak to you all soon and hope that you all have a fab week of stitching and crafting too :0
ooo mustn't forget LynnB is having a fab giveaway for her followers at http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com/

and Buttons and stitches blog put me onto the http://pumpkinpatchandcobreastfund.blogspot.com ......where you stitch something for breast cancer and send to the Attic Needlework shop and they are auctioned off to raise funds for this wonderful cause :) ... needless to say I have put my name down and the stitched item has to be there before the 1st November :)

and that is defo it tonight folks ..... t.t.f.n love mouse xxxxxx

Monday 8 August 2011

Anniversary winners :0

HI everyone :)
hope you are all ok ????.... flying by post tonight as late and I'm reallllyy snooozy  but I didn't want any one to wait any longer for the results of my anniversary stitchy give away soooooo here are the winners ......

please girls can you email me back channel with your addresses etc :) as well as your favourite colours and designers etc as a wee guide for me to stitch you something you will like ..lol 

stitching Kath 
Jo who can't think of a nickname
and finally Sally :)

looking forward to hearing from you all asap :)

off to go and make a last cuppa before I'm of to bed :0
night night .. take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx

Monday 1 August 2011

Normal service has resumed for a few days ..lol

Hi Every one :) oooo I am sat here in the peace and quiet and I don't have to go any where do anything or get something YEAHHHHH ..... the mouse house is back to normal service at least for a few days .. more on that later ...lol
sooooo sit back , grab you cuppa this is going to be a longgggg post .. its that bad I've had to make a list of what I need to put in hahahah
I didn't need to stalk the postie this week but I did receive three lovely surprises:) 1)a lovely long chatty letter from DJ (just love getting those ) have joined parsley's secret pen pal  and have sent mine off already to my partner :)
2) a lovely stuffed mouse ornament from Ally photo later :)
3) the barbecue sauce that Peggy sent me for the other part of my blog win :) and DH said it is" de..lish" also photo later as it came in a fab bottle with a label you just have to read ..lol 

Finally got DD and BF into their new house on Friday and boy was I ever glad we made it ... you ought to have seen DD and I at Ikea  trying to get two sofa bed settees into the mouse mobeel !!!... it was soo funny as they were deeper than I thought and the car was 1/2 inch too small to get the both in , in the boxes ... I am sure they had a camera on us laughing ..lol  but in they went .. we took one out of the box got all the pieces in and around the other box and collapsed the box up and popped that in as well and drove home !!! were there is a will there is a way hahahaha 
I have been given a stylish blogger award by Rhona of http://tangledthreadsstitching.blogspot.com/ fame :) the rules are simple, thank the person that has awarded it to you "THANKS Rhona" ..lol  say seven things about yourself .. now that could be the hard part and give the award to 15 other stylish bloggers 
soooo I have sat and thought and come up with the blogging list ... and please go and visit them and say hi  from me :)
Ally ....http://allysstitchinglife.blogspot.com/....... coz she keeps me company most nights on FB ..lol
Vonna ... http://thetwistedstitcher.blogspot.com/ Vonna does amazing tutorials 
Lynn B ....http://happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com/ and the same goes for Lynn
 Edgar    http://blacksheepsite.blogspot.com/ as he is a fantastic stitcher and food and thrift a holic ..lol 
Margret ...http://daysofasamplerlover.blogspot.com/.... she stitches amazing samplers and has a cute cat called mia :)

and the rest of my awards go to all the rest on my blog list as I think you are all fantastic and I love going to see you all each day and catch up with all your goings on too :) ( I know a bit of a cop out but I really couldn't choooooseee sorry ..lol) 
and sooo on to the seven things about me !!
1) born at home in sunny Blackpool
2) I am still the Rose Queen for my church nearly 30 years later ..lol 
3) passed my driving test at the grand old age of 40 first time yipppee after riding a bike for quite a few years 
4) love all kinds of stitching and crafting (ok you already knew that bit ..lol)
5) am slightly colour blind (blues/greens and browns/orange) 
6) used to develop photos for a well known, at the time photographic shop
7) classically trained singer  but a wee bit rusty now :)
so there you have it  a small insight to me :)

here is another cuppa for you if you have made it this far well done .. it gets better hahahah 
I have managed to finish one of the twin samplers and started on the other .. found some buttons that match and got the details confirmed what is required on them and was also asked to do two little hangy ornaments for the christening details on too ... my needles are sure going to be smoking heheh
We had our stitching group last Thursday and I actually managed to get some more stitched on my Poinsettia House whoop ..lol they are coming here again this week so don't expect too much stitched then will you ..lol
I've kitted up two of my PIF's and also my private exchange with Angela  and I know how I am going to finish them too :) but for obvious reasons can't say atm ..lol
I mustn't forget we are dog sitting a chocolate lab for two weeks from Friday eeekkk .. he is only 13mths old and hasn't been trained very much till he got his new owners who have only had him 3 weeks prior to us getting him ... wish me luck ..lol 
and finally the best bit .....I have got over 200 followers now:)....so thank you all for putting up with my ramblings and I must make the best cuppa in town ... hahahah so I have had a little thunk and have decided to stitch a couple of things for  a couple of my followers (won't be done right quick though ..lol) .... soooo if you wish something stitched by me please leave a comment , say you are a follower and with a way to contact you too (email or blog addy ) and I shall draw  the winners next Monday the 8th of August :)
finished but no buttons
 and that's it finally sooo onto the photos and have included ones of the chicks having a great time out in the back garden :) sorry some are the wrong way round haven't had time to sort them ..lol
till next time take care and happy stitching 
love mouse xxxxxxx

showing the buttons

Barbecue sauce and cute card 

poinsettia house LHN

sooo cute  settled well into my stitching chair :)