Wednesday 18 August 2010

well what can I say !!!!

Hi folks all I can say is thank goodness Friday the thirteenth is over !!!!!!
I've scrapped the bumper on my car :(  amongst other things that went wrong as well suffice to say PHEW its over !!!!

Well life has squeaked passed again really fast and I seem to be playing catch up with all sorts of things, the weather here hasn't known whether its going to rain or shine every passing hour it has changed
here it is at the start of a stitching session followed by about an hour later :(
how is anybody to get the washing piles down eh ???

Well I have managed to get some stitching 
done for some stitching exchanges on friendly stitchers but unfortunately I can't show you yet as the new owners haven't got them yet but here's a teaser for them........took so long to finish doing this blog they have received them so i can at least show you one of the pieces :) I stitched "The Tailor of Gloucester" for Jillann for the book mark exchange and here it is :)

It actually looks a bit like me when I'm stitching hehehehe......

I have been doing some more of "the castle " and when I manage to find the camera I shall post an update photo of that too ...... other than that my craft room looks like a rummage sale  been in it :( so I shall have to go and be brave and start to tidy up eeeekkkkkk !!!! I keep telling my DH it is organised chaos !!!!

I have been taking more photos round my garden so I shall leave you with a shot of one of my favourite flowers the carnation . it was taken in one of the rare moments we haven't had rain !! and I also managed to harvest quite a bit off my lavender bush which is now hung up drying with paper bags around it to catch all the bits when they fall off :)

take care one and all and happy stitching till the next time ):
love mouse xxxxx