Tuesday 29 December 2020

Stitching through 2020

Hi everyone.. pull up a chair , grab brew and some goodies ... we have plenty left to nibble on ... 

well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas despite the restrictions that have been put on us all. I know we did as we have our wee grandson living with us as you know so it was really special for us this year despite the dratted virus.

I have been extremely lucky with lots of stitchy goodies been sent to the mouse house and a few bought by my DH ( guided by me ;) ) and I am looking forward to them being put to good use ...

I also sent out some gifts and the list this year seemed to have got longer as I made more gifts as a wee thankyou for my stitchy friends keeping me sane through out it all ....you know who you are 😁

I am going to try and make a collage of all the goodies otherwise you will be here till next year looking at all the goodies hehehehehe

Over the year I have kept a record of what stitched on, finished, gifted etc and up to press have managed around 60 things this year and one of those was a wee picnic quilt ... I am currently in the process of finishing off a lap quilt for myself too and brrr do I need it on my lap today as for the first time in ages we got snow ☃☃☃☃ .. it was that bad I worked from home ... my poor wee mouse mobile would not have got me there or back for that matter....especially if it freezes over night 

for Sally, DJ and my boss 

goodies for me 

more goodies for me 

for Lindsey exchange gift 

from Barb to me :)

from Sally S to me :)
waiting for santa paws

Ok I've managed to collage my Christmas goodies amongst visits to York and Whitby in the photos and if you are careful you may spot my tiny elf ... who is now 7 and 3/4 mths old ... crawling, waving bye bye and saying hiya ... no toothy -pegs yet but he is managing to eat "normal " food quite happily  and loves pureed Sunday dinners ...oh and trifles too... I wonder where he gets that liking from hahahahah . We even managed to redecorate the spare bedroom as well amongst all the chaos and run up to Christmas and a wee pic is up of that too ... it is now much warmer and cheerier looking :)

there are some gifts I have sent that are missing from this lot hmmmmm will have to look for them for next time .... but I did find some to me that didn't make the original photos ...so bit of a bonus ...lolol

I hope that next year for everyone is better than it has been this ... so If I don't squeak to you before I wish everyone a happy, healthy stitchy/ crafty New Year 2021...

Take care one and all and happppy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 13 December 2020

Jo's Christmas Blog Hop post

 Helllloo everyone ... it is that time of year again the annual Jo's Christmas Blog Hop post and when having a wee squeak with her the other day it is her 10th year of doing it too :)

sooo the theme this year is to post something christmassy or winter themed stitching that you have done and to pick a book that you like to read at this time of year ... either to yourself, a small person etc etc etc 

Well that bit was easy for me .... "T'was the night before Christmas"..... when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even the mouse ..... this year I have already read this to my wee grandson and will no doubt read it again before the big day .. he doesn't understand it as of yet but he likes to listen to me read to him and look at the bright coloured pictures 

The stitching is a wee bit harder as I have done sooooo many ..lol so I shall just bob the kettle on while I peruse my photos and pick something for your delight

Both pieces I did for exchanges last year and I did the Merry Christmas one for me as well to hang on my own ornament tree when I eventually get one :)

soooo I shall leave you for now ... please bob along and see what everyone else has chosen by clicking on the link above to Jo's blog and choosing the blog address's under the doors :)

take care one and all and I will squeak to you all again soon :) love mouse xxxxx