Friday 30 September 2011

Lights camera action :)

Hi every one :) ooooo its been really warm here at the mouse house ... the washing line has been full every day with billowing sheets drying in the glorious Autumn sunshine ... long may it last .... my freckle s have almost joined together to make a lovely tan heheheh 
well I can at last show you some of the stuff I've been working on yippppeeeeee :)
soooo grab your cuppa and sit back to watch the show

I  left you last week with the start of my Autumn Challenge Sampler from the Samplermaker group...... well on Wednesday I finished it..... VBG :)  ... I stitched it on a 28 count peachy creamy beige even weave from my stash using Anchor threads and a tiny wee bit of DMC 930 for the birds ...... If you want a copy of the chart and the no's I've used just email me :) .... it just needs a wee bit of tweaking as I noticed I'd moved the alphabet at the bottom one stitch to the left too much ....  ho hum still learning this designing lark heheheheh

 I also finished my needle book for Ally and sent it on its merry way and as she has got it I can now show you that too :) I stitched her Autumn treasures a freebie from the rainbow gallery designed by Erica Michaels using a piece of gold sparklie unknown linen using threadworx and Steph francis Silk in autumnal colours whipped stitched together with quilt wadding inside and a coordinating felt for her to pop her needles on too :) She adores it another big PHEW heheeh

Sally got the travelling pattern safely and has made a good start on it last time I looked so bob on over to see how she is getting on :)

Lynda finally received my PIF and loves it too  PHEW again  so another photo for you to drool over heheheh this was stitched on a piece of mocha ? linen using the same threadwork thread as Ally's needle book  and finished off into a wee pillow with autumnal fabric .....the chart was a freebie from another blog and I wish I could remember who it was so I can say thanks for it ..... if any one recognises it please let me know :)

on the stitching front I've also stitched the little freebie that daffy cat was offering on her blog called ladybug smile and I've stitched it to sent to America to the Attic Needlework shop so that they can raise funds to help cure breast cancer ... it only took a couple of hours to do so I shall be stitching another one or two and make them up into little cushions :)  this is my plan for the weekend ...all being well as you all know the best laid plans of mice and men

we had the stitching group at Bev's this week and I managed to get quite a bit done on the Poinsettia House by LHN  .. sorry no photo on this one as just realised and its too dark in here to take one now DOH !!!!! will bob it up next time :) ...... I have quickly started the next sections of the Romantique SAL today and have almost got part 19 ( I think ) done  but again its waaaaay to late to take a photo ...... I have been struggling to get the post up as I've had to move onto the new updated blogger interface and though a wee bit strange am getting more used to it ...... this may change

DH has just brought me a cuppa in :)  oooo yeah we are going away this next week for a couple of days to Scarborough all being well .... just the two of us :) looking forward to a fish and chip supper on the prom heheheh

I have decided only to do the 15 challenge pieces next year as thought if I did the 31 I wouldn't be able to stitch anything for any one else ..... I am hopefully going to go  through my stash this weekend as I try and tidy up in here and pick the pieces and then figure out what fabric and threads I need to get after going through the mouse house stash piles :)...... all being well there shouldn't be too much to get heheheh ... but as we are going to Harrogate Show again this back end of November I can pick up what I need extra from there :)

Ok sooooo are you ready for the show ??????? ......... here you go some photos for you to peep at :)
Ally's needle book

Autumn Sampler Challenge peice

Daffys cats freebie stitched for fund raising

Lynda's PIF
So there you go folks :) hope you have enjoyed the show and all being well there will be some more piccy updates next time :)
t.t.f.n and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxxx

Friday 23 September 2011

Would you believe I'm speechless and the Winner of the TP revealed :)

Hi every one :) ooooo hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely fall weather we are having atm and that as it is weekend you will get lots of stitching done :)
well as I have said I am speechless this week .... a rare occurrence hahahahah but it has happened not once , not twice but three times this week alone!!!! ..... soooo put the kettle on as I've got lots to tell and show this week as well as reveal the next stitcher  of the Travelling pattern :)
are you settled ... want a biscuit to dunk ?? Edgar has got a new cookie book... think he ought to make us some to go with our cuppas :) 

ok I digress ... I received the lovely "happiness "chart from Jane  on Tuesday  which is in the must stitch soon pile ... and also my calender girl threads arrived from Meg (friendly stitchers)

 On Wednesday my private exchange arrived from Angela .... I took it carefully out of its parcel and wow wow wow it is gorgeous ... my photo (to follow) just doesn't do it justice .... it is beautifully stitched and finished and my very first flatfold .... she had a hard time choosing the pattern for me .... I didn't realise I was sooo awkward  she writes all about it on her blog .. go over for a peek :)

Thursday the lovely post lady we have this week knocked on the door and passed me a large white box and it was addressed to me for a change hehehehe ... and  it was my "back to blogging prize" from Terri .... I carefully opened the box and the first thing that struck me was the delicious smell followed by "oh my " oooooohhhhh and look and wow which brought DD into the craft room to see what all the fuss was about .. she tried to pinch my Yankee candle ... but it didn't work I was blown away with the goodies inside of fabric , threads , material , charts , sweeties and a pen and note-lets and a wish list pad not to mention the lovely ribbons .... I just spent the day looking and fondling and and generally gob smacked to be honest ......
I just had to take them to our stitching group meet up which was at Bev's this week and show off my goodies to them all :) and I got some stitching done in between the cups of tea and the delicious butterfly buns that Bev had quickly whipped up  for us to eat :)

eeee I've popped the kettle on again ... its thirsty work writing this hehehe 

oooo back to the speechless bit .. I got a message on the Friendly stitchers  from Jillann that she had sent me a just because present ...... and it arrived today ,..... the cutest little stitching mouse ... from Etsy ... complete with a mouse badge and a certificate too ..... DD1 said it looks just like me.... although it should be wearing glasses when stitching
soooo there you have it  ... I am just overwhelmed with everything this week and I thank you all from the bottom of my stash pile ;0 (and its a lot bigger now I am so glad that I started this blog and found so many new friends in the stitching world.......

On the stitching front I have completed and packed,ready to send the rotating designer piece to my partner... this time was Prairie Schooler..... I've started my needlebook for Ally for our Autumn Exchange over on the Friendly stitchers ..... kitted out a few bits for some ornaments to raise money for Breast cancer ( see Pumpkins blog ) and started stitching the Autumn Challenge Piece on the Sampler maker group sooo I will show you in a wee bit ...

And my Challenge piece is up on the Stitch Bitch blog you can go and vote for your favourite ... I'm not saying which is mine but may be you can guess ???

FINALLY the winner is of the Travelling Pattern is ..................................


It was a very difficult choice ...... I shall pop the pattern in the post on Monday as I've to go to the post office with a huge pile of stuff and that's the first day I can pootle up .... can you just let me know its arrived safely :)

If you have made it this far congratulations the photos are coming up next for you to drool over ... please have your hankies ready to mop it up ;)
My exchange piece from Angela" Paper Whites" LHN

Back to Blogging  goodies from Terri

My stitching mouse from Jilllann

Autumn Challenge piece The samplermaker Group

calender girl goodies from Meg

I am now going to go and get a wee bit of supper and then go and get some more done on the sampler  as I am thoroughly enjoying stitching on something I have designed using the motifs from Jenny over at appleseed prim blog that she kindly gave us to use how we wished for the challenge .. I just hope she likes what I have done :0 and for the eagled eyes ones of you ... yes the colours are different to what I have charted I did a floss toss on my fabric and they were the ones that went pick me pick me .... so I did

take care one and all and hope you all have a lovely stitchy weekend and I shall squeak to you all soon :)
love mouse xxxx

Monday 19 September 2011

IHSW and i'm stalking the postie again :)

Hi Every one :) hope this finds you all well and been stitching to your hearts content of the weekend of the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend of September..... I was really good and managed to hide away on Friday night and then it went down hill from there hahahaha .. did get loads done on two exchange pieces I am doing... unfortunately can't show you just yet:(
BUT the week before well I can show you lots and yack about lots heheheh SOOOOOO get the kettle on me thinks you are going to need it

now where was I ahhh yes .... I have been very fortunate these last few days and have won some lovely give aways .. one from Debbie which please forgive me for droooling a wee bit here .. a pair of wonderful blue gingher scissors and a scissor frog will be winging its way across to the mouse house .... a lovely chart off Jane  a bird of happiness and also a prize from Terri for her back to blogging give away ... this also is winging its way to me .... sooo can you see my happy dance  ???
My personal exchange piece is winging its way across the pond too soooo now you can see why I am stalking the postie heheheh ..... he has been very nice to me this week already though as my secret pen pal sent me two of the cutest wee  mice ornaments and some notelets .....(I've sent my letter off to my pen pal and I hope she gets this one ) and also my calender girl parcel of Meg (from the friendly stitchers group) arrived too  ... soo have been drooling over my stash again heheheh

on the sewing front I have completed the making up of the christening cushions and dropped them off as well as doing some making up of stuff for Kath too.... so now I can move a wee bit more in the craft room .. well I could until I went to ..... Kath asked me if I wanted to go and meet Michelle on Saturday as she was going to pick something up from hers and as I had bought a craft tote from her as well, I could get it early instead of waiting to meet her at Harrogate ... well not being one to miss out on an outing ... off we went to Michelle's house and Chris came too ... I was the map reader again
we had a lovely time there ... her new conservatory is gorgeous as well as her garden and while I was there gave an improptu sewing lesson ... we went out for lunch and had a lovely meal at a local carvery before heading back for another cuppa or two and admiring of her stitched pieces and stash too :)
Can't wait for Harrogate to meet up again ... how many sleeps now ???
I got back home to find out that our main computer has developed a fault  NOOOOOOOOOO ..... luckily I had managed to back up quite a lot of my files of work a few days before ... its still all there just won't let us stay on to do anything .........
I've managed to get a bit of stitching done since I got back and hopefully as DH is on nights this week should get a bit done each day and night soooo that I can catch up with everything this space ......:)

ok hopefully I will be able to upload some pictures soooo fingers crossed as never done this before on here ......
christening cushions finished

from my secret penpal :)

Stocking stitched by Kath made up by me

Fa La La By LHN me and DJ :)

Stitched by Kath made up by me :)
Yeahhhhhhh it did it ..... I've sent off my PIF to Lynda sooo hopefully it will arrive soon ...
we had our stitching group at the mouse house last Thursday and I managed to get quite a lot done on the Fa La La by LHN ... DJ can you see yourself now ????
before I forget I must let you know that the boys have gone to a new home and are settling well ... they have now got lots of lady friends ;) and my garden can now be put back to some semblance of normality as the boys quite liked a lot of my plants to munch on my poor hostas are reduced to tiny ragged leaves ....
think this is it for now ..... don't forget about the travelling pattern in my last post ..... you need to comment there if you want to be in with a chance for it ..  well I have just seen the time and it definitely time for this little mouse to go to snooze so I shall say t.t.f.n... take care and happy stitching till next time :) love mouse xxxxx

Friday 16 September 2011

Time to Travel on TP is finished :)

Hi every one :)
short post tonight  but still, does any one want a cuppa ?????

The travelling pattern is finished Woooo Hoooo :) I started in Sunday and finished at stitch club night on Thursday at the mouse house :) I have even made some wee changes to make it mine ..... can any body guess ??? 

The rules of the TP are as follows:

1. Comment on this post, saying you would like to be part of the Stitcherhood.

2. By leaving this comment, you agree (if you are chosen) to stitch the design and send it along to the next person in a timely manner. If this means dropping everything in your rotation to concentrate on this be it. If you can't bring yourself to do this ~ don't sign up.

3. You must have an active blog to participate. If you have a blog but never post to it ~ you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher.

4. This is a giveaway-type Traveling Pattern. That means you must follow it from blogger to blogger to enter each time it is ready to send along. Commenting on this post doesn't make you a guaranteed part of the Stitcherhood.

The Traveling Pattern has been stitched by:
1. Sharon of It's DaffycatOklahoma, USA
2. Karen of Karen's Handiwork, South Carolina, USA
3. Patty of Hanging On By A Thread, Florida, USA
4. Terri of Chocolates for Breakfast, Stitching for Lunch, USA
5. Lynda of A Cozy Little Place for Stitching, Oregon, USA
6. Nataly of Nataly's Needle Creations, Massachusetts, USA
7. Erin of Fairy Tales & French Knots, NY, USA
8. Jo of Serendipititous Stitching, Suffolk, UK
9. Mouse of talesofastitchingmouse South Yorkshire uk
The  above are all the blogs where the TP appears in all it's glory so you don't have to rummage through the blogs to find them.  

so with out further ado I shall bob a photo of mine up now (don't forget to spot the difference 
and look forward to seeing your replies :)
I shall choose the next person next friday 23rd Sept :)
take care and happy stitching :)
My rendition of CYB by Shakespeare pedler 
love mouse xxxxx

Monday 12 September 2011

From a Travelling pattern to the Nimble Thimble and beyond heheheh :)

Hi everyone :)
I must say many thanks for all the comments about missing me .. you made a little mouse (ok not soo little hehe) feel all warm and fuzzy when reading like I'd got lots of Hugs off you all :)
Well I shall say it again .. grab a cuppa this is gonna be a long one ... do you know for a person who doesn't get out and about  normally  I sure seem to be these days heheheh...
It took me quite a few days to recover from the trip back from Scotland sooooo much so I forgot to put in my post that the Travelling Pattern had arrived "Count Your Blessings"  safely from Jo at ..... I popped it safely on my desk and at the first opportunity I pulled the threads for it  and cooooo I actually had most of them  .. that was a shock to the system I can tell you .. no stash shopping for them hahahahah .... found some fabric took a photo then changed mind about the fabric DOH !!!! (all photos at the end as sooo much easier for me 
anyways I have started it last night and have got the top border and part of the house done soooo won't be long with this one folks... :)  so keep a peep out for the post saying it is ready to go on its merry way and for some one else to stitch this lovely design :)
We had the stitching club at Bev's this week and I got loads done on Fa La La done .. in fact it is half way finished ... I've just got to stitch DJ  next ;)
I have finished the stitching on Linda's PIF just got to make it up hopefully over the next couple of days as well as the twins hanggy things are done now soo need to make them up and the pillows sooo pleased that they will be  done in time  PHEWWWW 
I took DH out for his birthday and he loved his presents .. DD2 made a fantastic cake .. walnut and Fudge  and she got high praise from DD1 as she thought it was made by Grannie as it was soooo nice :) In fact we went out again last night to the Indian with the DD2 and brought something back for DD1 as she wasn't feeling to good :(
COOOOO I have just looked up to see the trees are being blown about and it looks yuck out there at the mouse house and I need to go out this morning too ..... eeekkkk 
ok where was I  mmmmmm kettle   ... who's having one today ??? 
I went on Friday to have my acupuncture which was great timing as we(the stitchy girls ) were going off  on Saturday to The Nimble Thimble and meeting up with Gillie .......
This is the fun bit ... hope you have got your drinks by now and also a large napkin / tissue etc to mop up the drool .....
Saturday dawned lovely thankfully and I drove to Kaths house to meet up with every one else before we set off in Kaths Rav mobile to The Nimble Thimble .... it is somewhere where I have been wanting to go to for years .. I have always chatted to Chris at the shows and wanted to go and see the shop and I was going finally  YEAHHHH .....
We were all giddy in the car and discussed what we may or may not be buying  and Bev had never been to Wales before (we pass through and out etc on the drive down ) I was in the front seat (more leg room phew) as co driver and keeping an eye on the trusty sat nav and the road signs ... we arrived safely at the destination with only on hiccup to the wonderful place that the shop is located at ...... 
We pulled up and Chris came out to greet us all as I was taking pictures (as usual she didn't see me until I walked in and she was shocked to see me finally there and with the company I was with ,as she has known Kath for years too and couldn't believe that we came from the same area and had only found of each other recently :)
well after that the kettle went on and well  we drooled and were like kids let loose in a sweetie shop not knowing where to start .. look at ... fondle or drool over ... it is set out beautifully with welcoming arm chairs for those poor other halves who have to suffer coming and the wallet having to come out too hahahahah ......
I asked Chris could I take photos and was given permission to take.. so that you could drool over the eye candy on offer ....there is something for every one from fabric in aida , even weave and linen to charts from LHN to La de da and everything in between as well as Weeks dye works threads, Crescent Colours and GAST threads too :) not forgetting to mention that they do framing as well ..... I was taking photos to squeaks of delight  and oo look at this and wow and then there was a "hello Kidda " as Gillie walked in sooo more hugs and intros all round ...
We had been there for ages going through the stash and popping things in piles around the room going that's my pile to every one .... it got to dinner time and as the weather was a wee bit iffy .. Chris had set up the table upstairs with the important kettle for us to eat our picnic with (normally we would have sat out side as the views are gorgeous) Gillie had to threaten the girls to step away three paces from the charts to get them to go upstairs hehehehe...
we all had a lovely picnic and chatted nineteen to the dozen on what we had put in our stash piles and what we were looking for and when we were suitably fortified we went back and ooooed and ahhhed some more :)
I must admit that in the stash pile contest I won the "least amount spent " award... DH was pleased to hear that hahahah .... and the others well lets just say they all had a fantastic time and were grinning from ear to ear with their goodies and the car was definitely more heavier on the way back ;)
Chris 's customer service is second to none .. she knew where everything was .. recommend stuff and also found stuff for us "just in case" and not forgetting that all important phrase "the kettle is on girls" :)
It was such a pleasure to go and visit the shop in real life and I would higly recommend it to any one ... they don't have a web page atm *hopefully soon* but do  do a fantastic mail order ... 
just ring them up ..01691 780088 
or email
(full address is .. The Nimble Thimble,Llangedwyn Mill, Llangedwyn , Nr Oswestry, Shropshire Sy10 9LD UK)
and no I didn't get any perks for this write up ... just wanted to let peeps know how good it was there ;)
SOOOOOOO breath a sigh of relief if you have got here in one piece hahahah and nowwww on to the drool session  .. oooo but wait forgot to say we called at Llangollen Viaduct on the way back to see the canal etc ....
Bev having hard time to chose
Ok Michelle  here they are just for you and every one else
DH birthday cake made by DD2
The Gang :)
Discussing the charts :0

Chris coming out to greet us at The Nimble Thimble

Inside .. how yummmy

Bev  being let loose in the shop

Another shot inside

Drawn thread,Sweet heart Tree and Victoria Sampler  Wall 

Iris enjoying the drool fest

Llangollen Viaduct 

canal boat at Llangollen

View from Other side of Viaduct

Calender Girls Stash from Val

Small Stash pile :)

Count your blessings Shakespeare Peddler 

Fa La La LHN 
Soooo there you go folks :)  I hope you enjoy your drool fest and I forgot earlier to say its my month for the Calender Girl threads over on Friendly Stitchers and I got some gorgeous threads from Val and some beautiful earings "just because"  she makes them herself sooo if you are looking for nice Christmas presents of jewellery have a pop over and have a look at her etsy site :) ( I really should be on commission for all this advertising hahahaha )
Ok I shall leave you to carry on drooling and shall catch up with you all soon :0
take care and happy stitching :)
ps had to add this as forgot earlier ..... sent my pen pal letter and received mine on Friday last week :) *waving helloooo to you  
love mouse xxxxxxx

Saturday 3 September 2011

YOOOO HOOOO am back :)

HI every one :) have you missed me ???? make sure you grab a cuppa or two and a dunker this is going to be a lonnnnngggg post with lots of pictures :)
As you all remember I was setting off to sunny Glasgow last Wednesday .... well it was sunny until I reached the border hahaha then it poured down soooo much I couldn't see the road in front...... apparently that was Scotland's way of saying hello . 
The scenery was fabulous and the heather was out on the hills and it looks soooo soft to touch from a distance but don't do it close up as it prickles  hehehe 
I set off from the mouse house at 9.30am and arrived in one piece around 2.30ish and after a wee bit of ...woops that bit of motorway isn't on the sat nav.... I found Ally's pad and parked up ..... then the fun started we had to unload the rather full boot up 3 flights of stairs eeeeekkkk ..... luckily one of her neighbours "Q" came and helped with everything and then the kettle went on :)
The rest of the day was spent yacking , drinking tea and doing a show and tell as well as giving Ally her PIF (photo later) and meeting the famous miss Minnie May .
Thursday we went up to the shops for a pootle round and to see where Ally volunteers at the PDSA as well as getting some of Jim's gorgeous "tablet"...... we stopped of to partake of some refreshments at a local cafe and I was impressed with the Scottish snowball .. being used to the tunnocks one's here  and of course I had to partake of one with my cuppa.... well a girl has to keep her figure up hahahahah and yup I did take a photo ;)
Friday was spent stitching as the weather didn't know whether to be sunny , thunderstorms and lightning or just normal !!!! sooo I spent my time stitching on the Romantique SAL and almost finished it there (just done the last bit today) while Ally did some more on her crocus cushion ......
Saturday we had arranged to meet up with some fellow stitchers at Largs which is a wee coastal town about  an hour away from Glasgow..... the weather was kind to us and the road was fabulous to drive down  with a hill of 10% going round a steep bend or as I called it "hell fire corner" !!!! we managed to find a parking space after we almost joined the queue to get on the ferry to Millport I think it was ....and strolled along the promenade to Nardinis to partake of one of their famous Ice creams and meet up with the girls .. as Ally and I were first there we had some lunch of delicious home made lentil soup and a sandwich before we had the Ice cream and you've guessed it I took a photo of it hahahaha
the rest of the girls arrived and we spent a couple of hours yacking and doing a wee show and tell .... Maureen had left hers in the car  Dee showed us her Drawn Thread Alphabet and it was Gorgeous and soooo neat on the back too well you just have to have a peek don't you hehehehe..... 
We decided to have a stroll round the town to walk off the ice cream and bobbed into a few shops and grabbed a few bargains too ... Laurna bought a beautiful pink checked type of Twiggy Hat .. wish I could remember the name of the designer and wore it while we were there later on when the weather got a wee bit cooler as we strolled on the sea front .... stopping every so oft for me to take pictures of the views etc as per usual :)
it was great meeting up with the girls and spending a short time with them .. we will have to have a longer stay next time as we had all travelled quite a way to get to Largs ,we decided to set off back before it started to rain and get dark ....
Sunday dawned another lovely day but as we were shattered we decided to have a stitching day again ... for all those who know ally please make sure you are sat down for the next bit of waffle ..... are you ready ???? please don't have a slurp of your tea just yet as .......... I taught Ally how to sew on the machine and the over locker and yes I did get evidence hahahahaha you can slurp and pick yourselves up hahahah ....... I had a look at Ally's lovely antique hand machine and after a wee bit of mmmming and ahhhh ing we managed to get it to sew but we need to find some better needles as the ones I had brought with me were too rounded they needed to be flatter (she has got a picture of the machine on her blog ....... ..... so if you get chance go and bob over and see it :)
while the over locker was out I went round all her fabric in her basket soo that it was all neat and no frayed edges and also her WIP basket soooo I know exactly what she has got and how far she has got with it too after tea I worked on my Autumn Challenge pattern for the samplermakers group and it felt like a "Blue Peter " moment as I was armed with coloured pencils and prit stick heheheh ... and I quite like the end result ... hopefully I can get it stitched in time :)
On Monday we went to a business meeting re Ally's soon to be new shop (fingers crossed all works out) before we went onto the gardens where Ally spends a lot of her time tending her plants ( I came home with a couple ) and went round the secret walled garden which was absolutely lovely and I can see why she spends so much time there :)
Just popping to put the kettle on .... who wants one ???? be right back :)
right were was I ??? ohhh yeah  Tuesday we went to the "Millicast " shop for DH as its his birthday next week and he wanted some tanks from there and as it is only 10 mins walking from Ally's pad I thought I'd better go heheheh ..... when we got back we had a well deserved cuppa before settling down to some more stitching ..... Ally is doing Blackberry Jam by the Sweetheart Tree and was struggling with the Scotch stitch on the Gingham fabric and so I helped her get back on the straight and narrow and now she is well pleased as she is now almost halfway done with the piece ...seee I do come in useful heheheh.... I did the restart to my Winter Whites by LHN and worked on that for the rest of the night with Minnie purring beside me  :)
Wednesday was spent at another meeting and pottering round the shops again and browsing through charts and magazines and getting stuff ready for my homeward journey the next day which I have to say was dreadful as there were two accidents one only 500 yards in front of me which stopped us on the motorway for an hour and the other which had the other motorway I needed to get  onto blocked off and I had to do a detour across the moors luckily given instructions by a lovely local lady (unfortunately there was loss of life at this one :( 
I finally arrived back home to the mouse house after a 9.5 hour drive totally exhausted and first thing I did was make a brew  and have some cereal as not had anything to eat or drink since 12.30 and it was now almost 8 pm .........
Well if you are still reading this you deserve a medal  and I shall now say the photos are almost here .....
there is one more thing to say.... Anglea ( has received the personal exchange piece I did for her YIPPPEEEE I can now show you that as well :)  

Finally the bit you've all been waiting for the photos which I shall let speak for themselves .......
take care and thanks for putting up with me waffling
love mouse xxxxxxx
Minnie May

River at the back of Ally;s

Snowball :)

Really friendly Locals

glass houses 

Beautiful memorial 

yep Ally using the overlocker :)


Chunky Fudge YUMMM

The girls admiring the view

Still largs

Ally's PIF and others done for her :0

The potting shed

Secret Walled Garden

Inside the Garden

Passport and my pocket money

Angela's Cushion 

Winter Whites LHN restart

Poinsettia House LHN

Romantique SAL