Sunday 25 October 2015

I like my postie and other tales :)

Helloooo every one ... hope you have all had a fabulous week ..... mine started well with some fabulous postie days and then it has gone a wee bit down hill as I have now got a cold ATCHOOOOOOOO .....*wipes screen clean ....
any hooo if you are brave enough to sneak in the kitchen ....there is plenty of goodies to go with your cuppas .... help yourselves :)
thank you every one for your lovely comments on my room ... you are all welcome to come for a visit and bring your stitching ... and your finishing too if you want to peruse my stash for inspiration etc etc etc ....
Master Bentley is still being a diva after his photo shoot and demands his ears brushed , a cuppa on a Sunday morning and extra meaty chunks in his food hahahhahh
I have been busy stitching more this week ... the added advantage of having a cold I got banished to my craft room today so got one RR finished and another started (in between  was a mouse nap and I have also done more on my Jingle all the way ... but forgot to take an up to date photo ... will remedy that for next visit :) also my exchange piece for Ann arrived safely and I can now show you what I stitched for her and what she did with it too :)
sooo are you excited to hear what the postie brought me?????.......................................................................................................................
my first two squares for my stitcher's memory quilt for my big 50 birthday end of January next year .....
The first one arrived Tuesday from Annette California Stitcher with some goodies in the package too ... some lovely tea to try .... some seeds to plant for next year and some threads to kit up my latest charts she had seen I had bought as well as a wee needle holder ....and she stitched me the mouse from the Tailor of Gloucester.... she wrote a lovely wee note about how the book had been put in a safe place and she knew she had to find it as it would be perfect for the quilt  and she was right :) Thank you sooo much again  Annette :)
The next wee package was from Sally  she stitched me a spot of tea by Teresa Wentzler .whoops sorry Dragon Dreams ........ wonder where she got that I love tea from hahahahaha .... and she stitched me a wee mouse on a sledge for me to hang up for Christmas ... think it will be hung up all year as it is adorable :) I can't wait to get started on the quilt now .... have a few ideas running through my head as to how it will look ... always subject to change until I really start on it :)
We have had some lovely autumnal days round here atm but I can feel the air changing and the geese have started to form again ... signs that winter will be soon upon us .....that and the clocks went back an hour last night .... loved the extra sleep I got ... can we try again tonight too 
ok doke I had better get some photos up before I have another sneezing attack ....
for Ann for the Autumn Needle book exchange

this was taken through some electric cables ...
looks like its sitting down for a rest :)

same moon earlier in the day

Ann made my wee bag into a vase ... how cool is that 

from Sally :) I just love tea :)

look at that wee sledge ...

from Annette :)

see me looking at my chart 

view from my back door

finally made this up ... Natalie poppy's chart from the blue attic

the moon last night 

Lynda's RR 

the bit I stitched on it :)

getting there on Chris's RR
right hooo I had better go and get ready for work tomorrow .... mustn't forget to pack tissues , lemsips and other necessaries required for this blooming cold ... I will bob round as soon as I can to see what you have all been up too this past week .... wishing you all a wonderful stitchy week .... take care one and all love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday 18 October 2015

I've been a busy mouse

Hellooooooo every one ..... the kettle has just boiled and my cup of earl grey tea is steaming at the side of me .... I have some goodies to go with the cuppa's too .... so pull up your chair and join me for a wee while ....
I have been a rather busy mouse ... both with the needle and with my craft room and I can now show you pictures whoo hooo  but ....
Let me back track a few weeks ..... at the beginning of the month it was DD2's birthday and as I was stuck as to what to get her I took her to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park  .... now bearing in mind all the wonderful photos that Sally has taken I thought, wow I should get some wonderful shots of the animals .... please note the should .... I know it was early when we got there and it wasn't the brightest of days but really ALLLLL  the lions and tigers were all asleep !!!!! and in such places it was hard to get a good shot with my camera zoom and boy did I try ... the giraffes and the monkeys were awake thank goodness .. I will have to go back on a sunnier day and with a better camera methinks ....
I will show you the best of a bad bunch 
I managed to get my exchange piece off to Ann on time but she hasn't received it as yet so I can't show you that at the moment but I made a wee birth record pillow for one of my work colleagues, it was a secret for her and I was stitching on it while "daddy sitting" one Saturday in August when he was on the main ward , my dad loved it and did see it finished but not made up .... but now I can show you finished, but not made up ,as I forgot to take a photo of it made up DOHHHH I was sooo pleased I had managed to get it finally finished and on its way  I am also pleased to say that she loves it Phew ... it was adapted from La D Da's Gabrielle Rose chart as it was for some one else not me ...
I am also stitching on Scarlett House Jingle all the way and have just got the J and the I and the rest of the snowflakes to finish ... the photo was taken yesterday and I have done more since then .... it is being stitched on Sparklies fabric Ocean Depths with I think the right colours charted ... keep forgetting to look .... 
Master Bentley had a photo shoot the other day , DD2's friend has set up her own photography business and wanted to try out some new back drops and asked DD if she could borrow him to try them out ... well will a wee bit of persuasion * think yummies .... he had lots of photos taken and I just love the ones she has shown us as a taster ....
The day's are getting chillier and I wanted to get my room as near as finished as it could be atm so that I can have a wee fire in the range (hopefully ) over Christmas..... watch this space  sooo I have been mousing away at my stash and putting things away in their correct places and getting rid of excess packaging .... using my boxes etc finally .... I am really happy with it soo far ... there is a wee bit more work to be done down there but I can stitch and sew now to my hearts content in peace and quiet and have guests there too :)
sooo please form an orderly queue heheheheh
ok I had better go and pop the kettle back on and sort the photos out for you :)
just love the flicked ear 

and love this one 

in the jungle the mighty jungle the lions sleep tonight 

adapted from La D Da's Gabrielle Rose chart 

Jingle all the way Scarlett House

my craft room woop whoop

and the other side done yeahhhhh
The sewing box next to my chair was a charity shop find and I am in the middle of reupholstering it .... you may be able to see the fabric I am using at the top .. this is my next project , the one after that is sorting all my fabric out so that it is out and you can see it so I know what I definitely have  I think I might be busy for a wee while don't you ???  The wee wicker chair is mine when I was little ... all the bears are mine too ... I am a big softie
I shall leave you all now and will wish you all a wonderful stitchy week and I shall bob round and see you all asap .... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx