Thursday 26 September 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

Happppyyyy blogaversary Pumpkin and to celebrate here is my Pumpkin Cottage .... every time I look at it, I think of you and how it would be fun to stitch together there .... one day :) 

oooo and I mustn't forget the cuppas and the cookies either  hehehe

A stitching retreat for us all :)

A little bird well a daffycat to be precise reminded us of this special day soooo please bob over to her blog and also Pumpkins as well and say I said hellooo :)

take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxxxxx

Sunday 8 September 2013

Tusal...a few days late and a few dollars lighter

Hi every one :) well the title says it all .... Tusal a few days late and the few dollars lighter I will come to that soon heheheh
Well you had all better pull up a chair grab your cuppa and a goodies and sit back and relax while I waffle away
The Tusal was due about two days ago ...but as the norm these days I seem to late for it please do not think I have stitched that much in the jar as I can assure you this has two months worth .... I couldn't find my bigger jar under the archaeological layers on my work top when it was time to empty it heheheheh ...
sooo what can I tell you today  hmmmmm ok firstly I am getting my wee apprentice tomorrow so my work load should quieten down a bit and I will not be napping in my chair on an evening and will be stitching .... work has been rather hectic to say the least this last two weeks but hopefully now will be much  calmer  paws crossed .... 
Last Friday night and most of Saturday was spent in the company of Gillie  who had bobbed over from across the pond for her nieces wedding and managed to squeeze in a visit to me at the mouse house and brought me my Christmas in July exchange piece "Noel " by Blackbird designs which is lovely and has a very pretty backing fabric :) .... she took photos of my craft room to the immortal words "I thought you had tidied this " heheheh told her it was still a work in progress ...." WT" said to be fair it was much better than the last time we were here hehhehehheheh .... She was impressed with all stitching I have done and also the charts that are kitted up ready to go ... seee some of it is organised, it was lovely to see them both and hope it isn't too long before we can spend time in each others company again :)
Last Sunday Chris and I decided we would go to the small Harrogate show at the Showground .... it only took us 45 mins to get there in the mouse mobile and we could park right out side the door ..... and it was the quietest day they had which was for us great as we could get round all the stalls and look at all the eye candy ... and Quilts that were on show too .... We also met up with Kate and got on like a house on fire so to speak ... we wandered round ooooing and ahhhhing at all the quilting fabric there and I did buy a small amount of goodies (a few dollars lighter) .... ok ok you don't believe me, I wonder why ?hahahhahha.... some things I can't show as they are for prezzies for peeps :) but I can say we went back to the Polstitches Stall three times 
Stitching wise I have managed to do a wee bit more on the Needleworker on Thursday night at Bev's , some more on Curly Q on Wednesday only to find yesterday when talking the photo I will need to frog most of what I put in due to it being the wrong colour DOH!!!!! told you I was tired .... I have done a teeny bit more on the ABCD  but most nights I am afraid I have been mouse napping ......
The weather here is turning Autumnal with lovely misty mornings with the sunlight dappling through the trees and the air having that start of a nip in it and the smell of the last of the summer barbeques in the evenings .. I love this time of the year :) and it made a lovely drive to Holmfirth today to go and see Frances again and pick up another RR :)  its such a shame I can't stop on the way to take some view photos for you ...  but I did manage to take some photos of the pumpkins she has been growing :)
ok will bob the kettle on again .... who wants seconds ???  photos going up in a mo :)
my Christmas in July exchange piece from Gillie 

Me and Gillie 

Small Harrogate show 

Prize winning Quilt :)

just loved this one 

ermmmm did I say Polsitches was there 

charts from Trudy Ann

some finishing goodies 

and some more

September Tusal (remember two months in here)

over halfway done 

spot the two rows

gorgeous rainbow near to the mouse house 

Master Bentley not happy with me going to France's on my own


and a few more

this one reminds me of LHN houses :)

The button fabric you can see under the goodies is actually an ironing board on one side and a cutting board on the other ... this was one of the things I was going to get from the show in November but while I was there and I could get it to the car ok I bought it :)... this week at the mouse house I don't think will be quite as busy
I shall say good night to you all and hope you have a wonderful stitchy week and I shall squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxxxxx