Tuesday 29 March 2011

COOOO Getting there :0

Hi Every one :) hope you have been enjoying some of the gorgeous weather we have been having this last week  until tonight when it decided to give my plants a much needed spritz ..lol
I have had washing drying on the line every day and listening to the drone of bees mingled with the lawnmowers and the children playing out in the fresh air ...
we had some viewers round the mouse house on Sunday so the house was gleaming and it was lovely for them to see it in the nice weather too :) have yet to get any feedback from it but hey ho ...

Ok as promised as I haven't heard anything from Patti or Peggy at all I have re drawn two new names (well DH did to make it fair :) and the new winners are
Carla in Fargo, ND   and Shari  so girls can you please email me with your snail mail addresses :) my email is in top left hand corner on here :)

I also won a stylish blogger award this week ... made my day :0 from  Kell at Diary of a Domestic Goddess...  I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself but can't think of anything to tell you heheheh .... will have a think 
ok here goes ...have sung with the Black Abbotts , learnt to sew on a hand sewing machine ,got locked up in a gorilla cage for a photo shoot (no animals were harmed hahaha)  and the first thing I ever stitched from scratch by hand was a little mouse with frilly dresses and a cap ... I nearly won the pattern on ebay a few weeks ago ... 
well not quite seven but ...lol  and I am supposed to award 15 blogs the same award .. well I can't choose... so you will have to shout if you want it ..lol don't want to hurt anybodies feelings by not awarding it  :)

And finally the reason for my title ..... the Romantique SAL ..... I am almost there in finishing parts 5 & 6 PHEWWWW ..... so I shall show you the progress to date as well as the garden pleasures I did some more on :0

Garden pleasures LHN

Romatique SAL 5 & 6

So there you have it :) ... In two more sleeps Ally will be here and staying for a few days and we shall be popping over to see Gillie and Karen over the weekend ... Val can't make it :( but we will take lots of photos and keep her updated as we don't want her to miss out :)

so that's it for now :) I shall go and put the kettle on as I am quite thirsty after all this waffleing heheheheh ..... squeak to you all later ...
love mouse xxxxxx

Thursday 24 March 2011

Another beautiful day at the mouse house :)

Hi everyone :) I am not bragging honest ..lol but we have had another beautiful day here at the mouse house .... I've had all the windows opened and the washing on the line again (nothing beats line fresh eh ??)  the birds have been tweeting away and the pigeons have been cooing to each other on the summer house (not that grand really ..lol)
I have been really good today and tackled the leaning tower of ironing , luckily for me there wasn't much to iron,  just sort PHEW !!! I even put mine away :0 soo as a reward I settled down to do some stitching on a few bits n bobs .....

up to yesterday 23rd march 
I finished the thread length on the Home of a needleworker so I have actually done a bit more than on the photo .... of the border on the top .... I had far too much fabric for this one so I wanted to get to the top so I could take of the excess and over lock the edges on both pieces and do another few bits of fabric while I was at it , so that was another good job done :0

As you know Teejay came over to the mouse house for the afternoon and we had a lovely time .... well I can now show you the pincushions :)
Teejays to me :)

Mine to Teejay :)

I spent a few minutes in the garden watching the bees buzz round and a lovely butterfly fluttered by me at the pond ... it was a sure sign that spring is here yipppeee (watch it rain tomorrow ..lol) ... the collared Doves have been cooing at each other and have been watching me everywhere I went in my very small garden  trying to take some decent photos of my flowers to show you all :)
drunk gnomes root beer ???

miniature cherry blossom

these appeared in my pot !

they have flowered all through winter 

my small front area 
How is it I can get them to line up on the bit I'm writing on then they don't on the blog *sigh ... oh well  you win some you lose some ..lol

So finally onto the rest of today's stitching I worked a bit more on the Romatique sal .... I was thinking earlier ...dangerous I know ;) ..lol  but wouldn't it be lovely when doing a piece like this, that has a lot of repeats, if you could have a copy and paste on your needle !!!  or an undo button for when you misread the chart ..lol  
getting there :)

Garden pleasures LHN 

Then I worked on the Garden Pleasures By LHN . It seemed rather apt today as I was in the garden enjoying the flowers and the animals etc  and I have been talking on my groups about doing gardens up etc these last few days and what plants we have in etc ....
I have got all stuff in that is low maintenance and that comes every year .. nearly at any rate as although I love to garden ... gardening doesn't love me ..lol and I have got raised beds, as you know bending isn't always an option hehehe .

Ok it has got to that time of night when the kettle goes on ... so far I've got 2 coffee's and about four teas ... any advance ???? still got those low calorie cyber chocolate biscuits if you fancy a dunk ;)
squeak to you all later and happy stitching till next time :)
love mouse xxxx

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Sunny days is spring here ??

Hi Everyone :)
oooo it has been soooo nice here at the mouse house ... I have had all the windows opened , washing blowing on the line , the birds have been singing their little hearts out and my craft room upside down ..lol .....
I had one of those nights last night where I couldn't remember where I had put my travelling stitcher chart ..... I had seen on one of my blogs Tricia's I think ???where she had done a little scissor fob with it and I thought oooo what a good idea  and then panic struck ....where was it .... luckily DD 1 was off today so she was able to help in the search and shifting stuff ... and a couple of spiders ousted later I found it PHEWWWWW!!!!! 

so my little room got a bit of a spring clean which was good really as hopefully Teejay is coming over tomorrow afternoon for a cuppa and some stitching and to pick her pin cushion up so I shall be able to show it to you all after she has been :0

I really must say thank you all for your lovely comments on my stitching and my competition pieces ... it makes my day to get comments and to find that peeps really like what I do, is even better :) especially after seeing the  stitching  that you all do :) 

I have been doing some stitching on one of the 15 crazies that I haven't touched since I started it, as a break from the Romantique SAL this part 6 has taken ages to get going .... the main problem was I had printed off the charts on the wrong setting, so part of them were missing then I re do the bit missing to find it is smaller than the original print out .. DOH!!!!! sooooooo by the time I've figured it all out and gone back and forth and back and forth I have finally sussed it and could get on with the stitching which is definitely not fast by any means with this one  with it being 32 count and dark material .. I have had to put my mouse glasses  on for this one ..lol so I shall show you how far I have not got with it ..lol and the "Rose Cottage" as well
Rose Cottage by CCN so far 

parts 5 and 6 of SAL

Sorry about the creases and wonky scans ..lol working in hand for both and didn't realise wonky till done it ..lol...... the dark purple stitches up the side on the left are where I have to stitch to with the light purple bit  before the 10th of next month eeeekkkkk  !! I have almost done part 5 just need to do another  cream and dark purple bit and that's that bit done on the right hand side phewwww..lol 

The Rose Cottage is bliss to stitch in between as on 28 count and light and much smaller  :) and I just love these charts ..... 

I have posted out the prizes for the blog giveaway but I still haven't heard from the last two ladies  Patti and Peggy  so if any body knows them, can they give them a nudge to contact me please otherwise they will miss out :( and I will have to re draw ...

well I think that is almost all my news here at the mouse house except a week on  Thursday Ally is coming down to my little pad for a few days R & R and we are meeting up with karen and Gillie too ... so there will be much to tell (hopefully;)

Ok if you have made it this far with my waffling heheh you deserve a cuppa :) I shall go and put the kettle on :) choccie biccie with it ??? 
squeak to you all soon and happy stitching every one :)
love mouse xxxx

Saturday 19 March 2011

PIF and other stitchy bits :)

Hi Every one :) hope you've had a good weekend so far and got some stitching done ???

OOO I have some news and so stitching stuff to show today soooo what shall it be first ????? Oh go on then the news first ..lol.
I had quite a few names for this and decided because I have a year to stitch something for my PIF I would or rather DH did ..lol draw three names for this PIF .... yeah I know I'm mad ..lol but it keeps me out of mischief hehehehe .....

Ok the winners of my PIF are drum roll please......

Lynda http://acozyplaceforstitchingtoo.blogspot.com/
DJ http://tickledpinkinstitches.blogspot.com/   and this is defo not fixed .lol
Ally http://allysstitchinglife.blogspot.com/

Sooo can you please email me with some likes and dislikes etc so I can put my thinking cap on :)

and don't forget that you must do a PIF on your blog too (though you don't have to draw three names like me ..lol)

and now the stitchy bit ... I have entered the Victoria Sampler competition (in the  yahoo group) we had a chart designed by Thea and the rules where to be judged on stitching and how we finished them too :) there has been some wonderful entries so far ... so here is my entry :)  
My competition piece for the V/S group
my finish :)

I have also been working on Celtic Autumn and The Romantique SAL as well this weekend as I have been on my own as DD's 1 & 2 are in london for the weekend and DH is out and about doing his fire training stuff  so there has just been me and the small furbabies and the birds twittering in the garden for company so got quite a bit done on the SAL after sticking the parts together then realising bits had been missed of when printed out eeeekkkk !!! and I had to wing it .. quite well I think really....lol ..... so here are the updates 
update 17th march 
Update on SAL done today :)

So that is it for now I think ..... thanks for all who took part in my giveaway and my PIF .... if any one knows how to get in touch with Patti and Peggy can you tell them to contact me re the pin cushions .. I have sent them emails but not heard anything back and I would hate for them to miss out ...... If they haven't got in touch with me by next weekend then I will do a redraw .

Thanks every one ... off to go and put the kettle on and make another cuppa as its thirsty work typing heheheh ...
happy stitching and squeak to you all soon :)
love mouse xxxx

Tuesday 15 March 2011

And the winners are :)

 Hellloooo every body ... I have blogged early tonight to put peeps out of their misery waiting for the all important who won post heheheheh .....
I must first tell you, I had my DD1 do the honours,.... she double checked all names were there and folded correctly in my sanctuary box ... no expense spared here you know hahahah and said she couldn't be bought.... even for trifle ..lol 

shaken not stirred 
all names present and correct

With out further ado the winner of the big cushion is ..........

and in no particular order the other winners are :)

Cathryn Blueladie,  Patti,  Teresa(heartfelt stitches)  , Peggy(keep me institches) and Kathy (Rory's mum) ..... 

can you all email me with your snail mail addresses to mouse_stitch 3@yahoo.co.uk  so that I can get them out to you as soon as I can :)    ooo and if you could say which ones you would like I will endeavour to get it right heheh;)

A really BIG Thank you to all who took part, I am sorry I can't stitch every body something  (59 Peeps left comments:) But you could have another go if you leave a comment on my post Lucky Friday as I am doing a Pass it forward :)

I shall be doing some more give away's later on in the year so keep your eyes peeled as I have really enjoyed doing this one for you all ...:)

off to go and have a well deserved  cuppa now and to go and do a bit of stitching on a competition piece, hopefully revealed later on in the week :)
take care and happy stitching every one 
love mouse xxxx

Monday 14 March 2011

Whoop another one :)

Hi every one :) I have been following Tricia's advice these last few days of do something then stitch a bit, do a bit of something else the stitch again and it has worked :) 

I have another finish...... number 5 out of fifteen is  "The Rain Fell" it was rather apt yesterday as when I pulled it out to work on it was raining and when I had done for the day the sun had come out :)
Today the sun shone all day and I managed to get some washing on the line blowing in the slight breeze and it almost dried :) so that was an added bonus too ..lol
The birds were twittering at me to fill the bird feeder up and even stayed in the tree when I kept pootleing out to check on the washing unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of them as they are camera shy ..lol

Don't forget its the give away drawing tomorrow and my pass it forward on Saturday (see lucky Friday post ) so I shall see you again then ... but with out further ado and any more yacking here it is ......
The Rain Fell .. LHN stitched by mouse x
I am not sure if you can tell I've used Iridescent beads for the rain drops from the picture but it looks lovely and sparkly in real life :)..... I just love all the LHN and CC charts can you tell hehehe.....
right I'd better let you see this otherwise it will be tomorrow before I know it ..lol
take care and happy stitching every one,  see you all tomorrow :)
love mouse xxxxx

Saturday 12 March 2011

Lucky Friday :)

Hi Everyone :) hope you all have a good few days ... I know I have, especially Friday. On the LHN yahoo group we have been playing bingo were we had to choose 15 charts from a list of 35 and each day since the end of February we have been given two chart names :) well needless to say I WON !!!!!! whoop whoop ... and then there's some more heheheh

 I was reading my blogs and catching up with the blogging world of stitcher's and found I had won the pass it forward on Tricia's blog :) so she shall be stitching something for me within the next year ... she has threatened to stitch me a snow man coz I said my cherry tree had flowered hehehheh and it had honest:) will bob the picture up in a bit :)

So the rules of the pass it forward are...... that I now have to Offer the same service, a stitched piece sent to a winner within the next year and they have to do the same on their blog for some one else and so on  :)

 So if you would like something stitched and finished by me within the next year please put comment on this post only so I can find it ..lol and If you could also be a follower that would be even better :)

I will draw a winner out next Saturday the 19th of March 2011 

So there you have the lucky news :) ...... On the stitchy front I have finished another of the crazy challenges ..... Daisy lane by LHN tonight after tea :0
Daisy Lane LHN stitched by mouse
sorry about the bad picture but it was after tea when finished this so no natural day light to take the picture in ..... I have also done a wee bit more on my Celtic Autumn ... DD1 says I'm not stitching on it fast enough ..lol ..... 
Celtic Autumn Lavender and Lace
so now onto the spring pictures especially for Tricia :)
my front garden with daffodils taken Friday
my miniature cherry tree picture taken Friday
crocus and peony growing in the background
So there you have it ..... all my news for now from the mouse house .... so I shall leave you all for now till Monday night when I shall draw the names for my blog giveaway ...... (see earlier post for that one) 
happy stitching love mouse xxxxxx

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Another one bites the dust :)

HI Folks :) ooooo I am doing a little happy dance here as today I managed to get some stitchy time in and finished yes finished another one of my crazy 15 challenges YIPPPEEEEE :)

I had been tootling through blog land and was getting inspiration and ideas from peeps and also admiring all the finishing of the crazy pieces that have been going on and thought "mouse if you don't get a move on, the end of the year will be here before you know it " 

So I decided to sneak into my stitching chair this afternoon and got down to a serious bit of needle work for an hour or two and the odd cuppa too ..lol 

and Voila here is the finished piece "My Needles Work" by LHN 
My Needles Work by LHN stitched by mouse :)
The eagled eyes ones of you will notice I've not stitched the border as I am going to make her into a cushion and I am sure somewhere in my stash of fabric I have the right colours ;) .... so that is 3 down and ermmmm 12 to go??? have I got it right this time hehehehe 

So which one to try and get done next ?? I have a few that are almost there and some I've not touched much at all ... so tomorrow if I get chance I shall look through my box and decide :)

I also managed to get the next lot of Val's sal done as well on my stitchers book page :) so here this is too :)
Mouse's stitchers book with Val's sal stitches
I need to add the stitches names on there and some beads as well but I am waiting till I have got more done before I put them on, as I don't want to run out of the teal silk I am using on the other pages ..... 

So there you are, a quick update in the mouse house ... we were supposed to have been going out today but the weather decided to be naughty and be cold and rainy so I didn't get any photos of my daffodils in the front garden which have bloomed and flowered  today and got a bit battered by the wind as well ... I shall endeavour to get one tomorrow all being well :)
I shall now go and put the kettle on for a well deserved cuppa .. any one else want one too ?????
t.t.f.n love mouse xxxxxx

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Birthday trip to the seaside :)

Helloooo every one ... just thought I would share with you a few photos of my DD birthday trip to Whitby ..... she wanted to go and eat her cake on the beach of all things and was keeping her fingers crossed that the weather would be fine and BOY was it .... 
the sun shone:) but it was rather breezy on the beach so was glad I was wrapped up warm , we had the cake on top of the beach steps and yummy it was too :)
We walked along the beach enjoying the sun sea and sand, all that was missing was the sangria ..lol
so here are a few pics of the day:)

so there you go a little peek of our day out ... we had a fish and chip dinner as you do, along with an ice cream for afters, flake included YUMMMM and we went to the amusements as well and stayed that long we got thrown out hahahaha it was only 5.30pm ..lol .... we managed to win back our starting pennies and also won some teddies as well much to DD1's delight as she got hers out of the grabber machines that you normally can never win from :)
we finally got back home around 8.00pm ish give or take ..lol after having a wonderful day all round ..... every one is suffering today , with sore feet and my joints well.. I won't go there hahahah but I wouldn't have missed it for the world :)
hope every one had a good day too :0
love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 6 March 2011

Catch Up and photos for you :)

 Hi all:)
ooooo thank you for all the lovely comments I've had on my give away post about my pin cushions .... I am really pleased that folks like them... PHEW ..lol 

 Well I have been busy all week with lots of meetings ... how is it that they always have uncomfortable chairs :( .....and in between I have managed to get some done on my Celtic Autumn much to the relief of DD1 as well as getting parts 3 and 4 done on my Romatique SAL soooo without further ado her are the start of today's photos:)I also managed to capture Mr Robin the other day too having a quick snack on my table before he spotted me taking the photos ..lol

We went out to Rogerthorpe hotel today as it was DH's cousins 50th Birthday and we had a lovely day , the sun shone , the skies were blue and I took lots of photos for you heheheh I 'm a poet and I didn't know it ..lol 

 I wandered round the grounds and took lots of interesting photos to show you and met a lovely little wild bunny who let me take his photo as well :) so I do apologise that this is a little photo heavy today but I hope you think it is worth it ......
 I hope that the photos would behave themselves but no !!!!!!!!! so I am really sorry that you have to scroll down so much .........
Romarique SAL parts 3 and 4
Romatique sal 

Celtic Autumn Lavender and lace 

Took this though conservatory window

He has spotted me ..lol

Fire place in the room we had 
love the view through here

Please don't forget to post a comment on the give away  post and become a follower if you want to have a chance to win one of the pincushions :) if you haven't done so already closing date is the 15th of March 2011.

Ok I think I may have you all running to put the kettle on after looking at all those photos ..lol so I shall say good night and sleep tight and I shall squeak to you all soon 
happy stitching love mouse xxxxx