Saturday 26 February 2011

Waving helllooooo

I am here, just hiding round the corner :) 
the week has simply flown by with doing lots??? and not seeing anything for it yet 

I've read lots of blogs and left lots of comments .... applied for a few part time jobs and not heard back from any of them *sigh, stitched a bit getting ready for my give away (hopefully scheduled for next week soo watch out for the announcement hehehehehe)

I did my first meeting as chairperson of the Fibro group last Tuesday... we had a terrific turn out  with quite a few new members and had such a good laugh while we were at it too :)

The weather here has been very unpredictable .. I have to apologise,my DD1 says to all those who have got snow,for showing off my spring pictures  ... we got snow the next day !!! hehehe.... 
I have taken a photo of my crocus out in bloom but haven't managed to get camera to the computer so won't show that atm (just in case  we get snow again

Apart from that I am not entirely sure where the time has flown to ???? I have had a few better days and a few worst days but that is to be expected, when the weather doesn't know what season it is in hahahah

So I shall leave you all for now and go and make a cuppa and snuggle down in my craft room to do a wee bit of stitching .. well that's the plan
take care one and all and squeak to you all soon 
hope you all have a great  stitchy weekend :)
love mouse xxxx

Friday 18 February 2011

none stitchy day and other news

Hi every body :)
 just a very quick squeak to say I've been busy making cards today as suddenly realised how busy March is going to be in the birthday department , so I gathered together my carding stuff and got busy  in the craft room, stamping n stitching n creasing of card and voila a few cards are made :) heheheh and some more in the pipe line so here a few pics for you to enjoy ( hopefully )

there are a few more in the making up stages that just need the finishing touches :)
last night I almost finished stitching the surprise for next week ... hopefully tomorrow I shall get it done and finished off :) 

On an happy note I got a nice visit from the post man ... I won a blog giveaway from Francoise of she only posted it Wednesday from France and it arrived today quick was that ???
here is my prize and I'm still doing a happy dance with it :)
blog give away win ):
And talking of blog's here is another one that  I stumbled on while going through some of the blogs I read who is having a give away too go and have a peek... but I want to win heheheh ;)
so I shall leave you to go and drool and shall catch up with you all again soon :)
happy stitching weekend :)
take care 
love mouse xxxxxx

Thursday 17 February 2011

Spring has sprung the grass has ris :)

HI everybody :) its official spring is here, in the little corner of the world of the mouse house ...... I went out armed and dangerous with my camera and took some shots for you all to see (and I have a bit of a stitchy update too:)

here is a picture of my one and only snow drop in my front garden 
Picture taken on the 16th feb 2011
then there is my daffodils that are coming out as well in my front garden and the sun shone so it looks lovely :)
daffodils starting to bud

and finally today I found this crocus about to flower in my back garden 
taken 17th feb 2011
soo its official its nearly summer hahahahah

well today is the day on friendly stitchers that we talk about what we have stitched on our UFO's and I have worked on  the home of a needleworker today .... as said before I wasn't happy about the way the  colour of the house was turning out it seemed so drab and urk and uninviting so I took the decision to frog it and re start again with another blue .... I searched through my threads and after narrowing it down to 2 glorianas and a weeks dye works I went for the weeks dye works blue coat blue as it was the same type of thread and matt ... the gloriana's were a silk thread and shiny sooooooo with out further ado here it is now :)
re stitched in the new colour 17/02/2011
So there it is ... I feel much better about it now, as its more me .... so I shall undo the  row under the needleworker and re stitch that as well :) .....

I have finished the spring pin cushion for my partner wooo hoooo :) and it is all ready to be packed up and sent on its merry way but I need to get it weighed as it won't go in a normal envelope, so it will go after the weekend, when I next go to the post office :)

I have also been busy stitching on something for the blog give away I am going to do next week (all being well) soooo keep your eyes peeled for the announcement :) 

and finally....... I have been asked to stitch two birth samplers for my friends brothers new born twins ...... we've picked out a lovely pattern from an old cross stitch magazine by Gail Bussi I think it is hang on will double check ....... its from the February 2006 cross stitcher  and it  is Gail Bussi who designed it :)
we decided it would be nice to do individual  ones as they are not identical and we thought if they go into seperate rooms it would be nice to have there own one ..... so I just need to check have got the threads and get started  I said don't expect it to be done quick though I do have one or two on the go atm hahahaha :)

SOOOO there you are, all up to date with mouse house news so I have been made a cuppa by the DH so I am going to sign off now and squeak to you all again soon:)
happy stitching everyone 
love mouse xxxxxx

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Romantic day out :)

Hi everyone ... hope you all had a wonderful valentines day / weekend ..... I got taken out on a romantic trip by the DH with a promise of cake and a cuppa to Elvington Air  Museum to watch them start up the Nimrod and the Victor planes there ....... did I mention that one of DH hobbies is... he is an LF Aviation Fire fighter !!! heheheh ... (who said romance was dead  after 22 years of marriage what can you expect ) 

the plus side was the men in uniform:) and the cake,  which was passion cake and very scrummie
Men in uniform:) DH last  on right :)
Nimrod on left , Victor on right
It was actually a good day but cold and damp and boy did I know about it .
took lots of pictures  and the noise from the engines was something to hear too !!! wish I'd taken some ear defenders, oh well next time :)
There is quite a lot to see and the naffi food is really nice too and as mentioned before the cakes ;)
I took some pictures of my bulbs etc coming through just to show you spring is definitely round the corner .... something has eaten my Hyacinths though:(
daffodil and lily of the valley peeping through
primrose flowered all through the winter
cherry blossom tree
my fish enjoying the warmer weather :)

 hopefully those photos are altogether ??? 

On the stitchy front unfortunately I can't show you as been stitching something for my spring themed pin cushion exchange on friendly stitchers  for my partner Teejay , its almost finished put together so won't be long before she gets it hopefully :) 

At the end of the month I shall have been blogging for a year and am thinking of doing a small give away , have got an idea :) just need to stitch it 

Righty ho will finish chatting now till next time :)
happy stitching love mouse xxxxxxx

Saturday 12 February 2011

A quiet Saturday :)

Evening my blogger friends :)
 hope you are all well and have managed to get some me stitching time in ????
Today dawned bright and breezy the sun shone and I managed to peg a few bits out on the washing line today .... yippppeeee .... hopefully sign of things to come .... I pottered round my very small garden sorting out the bird feeders and freshening the water up listening to the birds twitter and cheep at each other .. you can almost hear them saying " hey guys new food n water is being put out at the mouse house " and "hurry up"

I peeked at the new buds coming on the cherry blossom tree and at the daffodil bulbs , hyacinths and lily of the valley bulbs that are just peeking through the soil and noticed I've some bluebells coming as well :) it was so nice I kept the back door open and let the breeze and sounds waft over me as I started to get my stitching chart ready for the next instalment of the Romantique SAL .... my printer is very low on ink so I had to print of the bare essentials and colour in the bits missing and cello-tape them together and it worked heheheh 

As there was only me in today, awake at any rate, (DH is on nights this week) so I could spend some me time in my craft room and enjoy the peaceful day  and try and do some stitching :) hands have been misbehaving this week so I got told to give them a good stern talking to hahahah ..... didn't work :(

I started well with knotting my threads up before I had even got them in the needle and carefully counted to where I should start the next bit of the SAL and duly got going ...... my only concern was if I had got enough fabric to get both bits on with a bit to spare ..... I moved onto the next flower and stitched a small bit and went to recount to be on the safe side and ........EEEKKKKK I was a thread out nooooooooo I cried ..... I thought should I or shouldn't I take it out ... it didn't affect what I had stitched just in the wrong place .... but being a good girl and that I had spotted it before I had gone too far I reversed stitch ... wish someone would take the frog though from me ... I seem to have had him quite a bit recently .....

I then proceeded to get the next bits in right PHEW and I even had room spare at the end of the last bit yeahhhhhh ..... so here is what I have stitched 
parts 3 and 4 of the Romantique SAL

the whole of the bottom row though need to go up more at the left hand side
you get to see more of the fabulous fabric in these photos :) The only thing is I need to stitch on this in daylight as it is much easier .....

After much humming and haaaing I've decided to re do the Blue on the Home of a needleworker ... I'm not happy with it as it is such a dreary faded grey blue ... not as nice as the ones I have seen stitched up sooooo I am going to take a deep breath * Breath innnnnnnnnnn and outtttt* and unpick all that I have done ..... I think that's one of the reasons its been done as my UFO and only a bit at a time as I've not been happy with it .... soooooo I shall rummage round in my thread stash and see if I have anything that will be better :)

I had a bit of a brain wave ,well my head hurt, so I think it was that hahahah and I pulled out my "daisy lane cottage" LHN  yesterday and did some more on  it and remembered that I had some fabric that would be perfect to go with it so I got out my box had a rummage and voila :) see what you think :)
Daisy lane cottage LHN with fabric I remembered I had :)
while I had the camera out I took some pictures of the Harrogate bran tub prize that I got from Yvonne .... we were late getting these out to folks due to the bad weather and the none post and then waiting for things to come in the post  but finally they have all got to where they should be ... thank goodness 
from Yvonne to me 

Isn't that strawberry fob adorable ... Yvonne is so talented in the stitching department :)  I think she even made the box too .. (will double check ) 

and so endeth the blog entry for today :) Its taken me a while to do this one as I've got" Typanese" fingers and have had to double check all spelling etc etc etc ...
hope every one has had a good a day as me with the weather and I am now going to put the kettle, on any one want one ?????
love mouse xxxxx

Thursday 10 February 2011

Soon got round to Thursday :)

Hi everybody ... :)
hasn't the week flown by fast ????  I seem to have blinked and its come round to UFO day again ... 

well I can proudly say I have worked on two of my ufo's this week :) one you have already seen and then today, while waiting for the gas man to come and change our old meters to new posh ones, I got on with  my letter writing at 7.00 am this morning yes that's right 7.00 am!!!! and then onto the Amazing Grace Polstitchers Biscornu around 9.25 am ....while the going was good and managed to frog some, stitch some, frog some ... told ya it was tooo early
here is where I finally got up to :)
amazing grace designed by polstitchers 
I have also caught up with Val's sal from the friendly stitchers , I am stitching this onto the pages of my stitch book  design and I am really pleased how this is turning out :) I've stitched the stitches in Carons Waterlilies Parfait  and just need to add some beads later :)
Stitch Book designed by mouse with Vals SAL stitched on the page
I've also managed to do a bit of stitching to Daisy Lane, one of my  15 challenges .... I've had to back stitch round  the doors and windows and do the roof trim in a plain blue as you couldn't see the difference between any thing between the bluebeard thread and the white it calls for ... not sure if its the threads or the fact that my fabric is different ???
Daisy lane by LHN
I am hoping when I back it it will show up better .. the linen is a loose weave so light shows through it more ..... so sorry about the scan :(

On to  good note my birthday present from Karen arrived yesterday YIPPPPPEEEE  we were beginning to think it had got lost in translation but ta da its here 
birthday pressie from Karen :)

So now I have the full set I think :) I shall have to get another pin and make them the same as my others and hang them in my needle book  too ... practical and useful as well as really pretty

The mouse house has gone quiet except for Moon DD1 hamster is crashing n whizzing round down here atm ....she is a lovely white hamster with a tiny amount of gold around her whisker area but I think she is  wee bit hyper tonight 
Right, I think that it is supper time now and a cuppa is called for with mmmmmm* mouse thinks for a mo * Dark chocolate Jaffa cake YUMMMMM if any body would like to join me please squeak loudly
take care every one and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 6 February 2011

Stitching my days away :)

Well what can I say except blooming back !!!! ..... I just had to do not a lot over the weekend except stitch as the back decided bending was not an option 

so what has a girl got to do but pass the time away by stitching and a little reading of the blogging world  :)

I picked up the Needles praise by LHN on Friday here is where I left off  on my 15 day start .....
where left off Needles praise 
and here is where my needles have finished this evening .......
Needles praise LHN
As you can see I did a bit it should have a border around it but I think I may leave it off as I think I am making it into a cushion as found some lovely lace to complement it in my stash :) sooo a good start there then

sorry the fabric is a bit wrinkled .... but ironing not an option atm

I have also put a few more stitches into my UFO and thought I would scan it in for you so you can see it .... my blue jeans thread for the house is more of a grey/blue and I'm not sure if I like it this colour but I shall persevere and see how it grows on me ... so here it is ... let me know what you think :)
UFO home of a needleworker LHN 

well that is all folks .... I shall squeak off till another day and catch up with you all soon 
take care and happy stitching 
love mouse xxx

Thursday 3 February 2011

Just to make you Jealous

Hi Every body ......Sorry I could resist this but ...... we had sunshine and blue skies and fluffy white clouds going over the mouse house today .... even took a photo to prove it for you ....... it has made up for it since tea time though we have hoolies blowing down and around the house and it has been pouring with rain so I have been snuggled under my blankie keeping warm :) along with one of my many cuppas of the day heheheh ;)

Sunshine ...coooooo
And yesterday we had a surprise visitor to my garden ..... me thinks he/she  has been eyeing up my fat racing pigeon 
sparrow hawk
I was surprised I managed to get a picture of the bird ,it was sat on the garage before this was taken and I thought by the time I got back with the camera it would have flown, so I am really pleased :)

I must mention while I remember that I have said I would post about this give away from    on my blog .... go and have a peek if you want, its a lovely give away and I wants it hehehehe ;)

Well, as well as all the excitement of the sunshine etc I have been busy and have today finished off  two .... yes two of my 15 crazy challenge pieces .. YIPPPEEEEE only another 11 to go hahhaha ......  my needle has fair been smoking today ..... my hands decided to play so while the going was good... I got the needle going and here is my finished pieces 

I also took another picture of the Natures beauty in natural daylight too so that you could see the proper colours .. I have done a little bit more to it than what shows in the photo  but never mind ....
natures beauty lhn
I've put the fence in on the other side and I think some more leaves ???? I have slept since then honest 
soooo the only question is what do do next heheheh .... I am not doing the stash haul that I got for my birthday till I have done some more of the fifteen ... well that is the intention at any rate

If you have managed to get this far I think the kettle should go on and may be a biscuit to go with it ??? 
hope every one is safe and warm and managing to get some stitching done and not lost any of their power in the horrible storms some folks have been having ... looking forward to seeing some finishes soon may be ???
take care and happy stitching 
love mouse xxxx

whoops can't count ... just realised it should say 13 left  oooo it would be nice if it was 11 sorry blame it on being ill :(  xxxxx

Tuesday 1 February 2011

A wonderful surprise came from across the pond :)

Hi all :) I have been doing a small happy dance all day and drooling rather lady like over a parcel that came to me from over the pond and arrived safely today at the mouse house :)

What can I say but a HUGEEEEEEEEE thank you to DJ for sending me this birthday parcel ..... we were chatting weeks ago about how we can't get the same kind of fabric over here for the LHN  charts and I had struggled to get some that was near to what was recommended for the charts I was doing for the 15 day challenge ... and knowing how much I like the charts she said would I like to borrow a few and send back once I had  stitched said charts ...... well of course I couldn't refuse and offer like that .... and any she wants to do the same from me, she only has to yell loudly ... well she does live an awful long way from me hehehehe

so with out further ado here is the said parcel goodies ..... 
Goodies from DJ
There was a letter enclosed (reply will be done soon . once mopped up saying which fabric was used for which charts and that she had sent the Christmas ornaments 2010 magazine "just because" she said .....

I can't tell you how blessed I am with my friends and how spoilt I have been for my birthday and there is still something else to come too :)

I've even managed to squeak some more stitching in ... I've managed to put the door almost in the "home of a needleworker" one of my UFO's after the frog came to visit twice ... I managed to stitch a whole row one thread out !!!!!  not done a photo update as its really not worth showing just yet 

But I have worked on Natures Beauty LHN one of the 15 challenges and I am really loath to put this one down now as I have really enjoyed stitching it .... I took a progress picture but please note the fabric is really antique white linen not creamy yellow tungsten colour

The only change to this one is the fence colour is supposed to be white but I have changed it to a creamy yellow colour so that it shows up as white doesn't seem to want to It is stitched on a darker colour on the original but I didn't have any that would do it ......soooo here it is for you :)
Natures beauty LHN

so there you are for tonight ... I will try and get a better picture for you of the Natures Beauty ... tomorrow hopefully :)

Thanks again DJ (HUGS)  

happy stitching every one and I shall catch up with you all again soon .... 
love mouse xxxxxx