Friday, 14 January 2011

Almost there on to Day 14:)

Good evening merry bloggers :) hope everyone has had a good day ????

Cooooo I can't believe that we are almost at the end of this challenge of 15 new starts ... I have enjoyed every single day of this and yes I know that I have done ALL Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needle works BUT they are what I had in (amongst other stuff  lol)  and these were all kitted up apart from the fabric which I did have in my stash pile :)

So what can I say about today except that it has flown past in the blink of an eye .... I put some a length of silk into my UFO biscornu before I had even had my first cuppa of the day !!!!!

so I shall show you the pics of that first :0
before today

today's update
Not much I know :) but it keeps the wolves at bay heheheh ;0

Ok sooooo we then move onto today's new start which if you have been following will now know it is another LHN piece ......  and it is ...... "Daisy Lane Cottage"

I got this late last year as it was one of those instant fall in love with's  and I added it to my basket when shopping for a friends birthday present... as you do :)  its a well known disease amongst stitcher s  Basketitis  and no cure for it either yipppeee 

I am stitching it on 28 count flax linen with the recommended crescent colour and the anchor alternative to the dmcs listed ........ It doesn't stand out quite as much as if it was stitched on the recommend fabric but IT is growing on me ... good job really as I have to finish it heheheheheh :)

So at long last the photo

Day 14 Daisy Lane Cottage LHN

I think I may have to put something in the windows again or may be put a little bit of back stitch to give a wee bit of definition on them :) but other than that I like

OOOO I know what I meant to say .... the postie turned up with my subscription gift from the cross stitcher magazine :) Its a lovely little wooden box :) 

inside of box 
 The box lid comes away so you can put in anything you want I may even put a stitched piece in there ... ooooo decisions decisions ;0

Ok I think that is it for today although I have signed up for another SAL  due to  DJ which is the Romatique Sampler from

It is closed now ....but I  am hoping to start stitching it next week just need to check out the fabric stash and thread stash and away I go :)

right it is late here in the mouse house and its almost  snoozing time so I shall say good night, sleep tight and see you all tomorrow :)
love mouse xxxxxx


Tricia said...

I *love* your new box. So pretty!! And your Daisy Lane Cottage is going to be beautiful! Just one more day and then this challenge turns into a *bunch* of WIPS!!! LOL!

Crystal said...

Your start for today looks fantastic, do you know which one your going to finish first.

Sari said...

Nice starts! And that box is absolutely lovely!

DJ said...

Hi Mouse! DJ's my name, and enabling is my game! ROTFL I really loved that SAL, I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as I do. Did you know, though, that you have to show progress to get the next installments? Just thought I'd throw that in!! Lovely start on Daisy Lane!! You are really flying through that one! As for that box, isn't it lovely! I can't wait to see what you'll stitch for the always have such great ideas! *Hugs*