Saturday, 15 January 2011

The last post of the fifteen day challenge starts :(

Well hello again my friendly bloggers .... we made it to the last day of the new 15 starts in one piece , hands still intact , a few threads changed and much yackking to you all :)

And I'm going to miss it when can we start another one ?????  OK I know I'm crazy just ask a few of my stitchy friends heheheh but I still have my marbles along with DJ' s on my shelf so I can't be that bad can I ????

Ok so the final day of the challenge dawned grey, wet and miserable and then the sun bravely peeked out for a few minutes , my feathered friends were all cheeping n chirping merrily in the garden getting their daily bits and bobs in before it started to drizzle abit .... 

I got organised and settled down to start my last piece of new stitching .... I'm stitching the "Thread Gatherer" by LHN who else and I'm stitching it on 28 count flax linen ... I've had the same problem as earlier on in the week  of one of the recommend threads disappearing in to the fabric colour.... the crescent colours "Bamboo" didn't work at all, so I went back into my trusty box of goodies and pulled out "Apricot Blush " from the gentle art sampler threads ... I had two of these ,both different dye lots but the peachier one works so much better and seems to warm up the other colours too :) 

So here is the last photo of the challenge *sigh* 
"The Thread Gatherer" LHN day 15
So that's it ....the final picture of the starts, now all we need to do is finish them in the year .... well here goes for nothing 
I've been asked how I am thinking of finishing these pieces when I get to them :) well some I am making into cushions/ornaments , some are going to be made into wall hangings and quilted too and some are going to be put onto the box lids I mentioned in an earlier post..which I finally got round to taking a picture of today  
white bits are canvas pieces
I think I have got three of the right sized starts for these, once finished :) she says fingers crossed 

So now its back to "normality " heheh and getting all of them finished along with the others I had started before this challenge ..... I realised today that apart from it being my birthday coming up soon .(28th Jan .lol )....I shall in February been blogging a whole year sooo I shall have thunk and come up with something to celebrate with :)

righty ho I shall scoot off now and go and see how every one else is doing / done :)
take care and happy stitching and see you all soon 
love mouse xxxx


tjdesignsncrafts said...

Well done Mouse, i'm still behind but hope to at least get a dozen stitches in at least 3 tomorrow, i'm hoping for 4, but i've got to find my piece of lugana that i've got somewhere upstairs, which means i'll have to go and do some clearing up, yuk. Also must remember to find the evenweave as well so that i can start on the Friendly Stitchers, MSAL. So much to do so little time lol.

Looking forward to following your progress throughout the year, coz it will inspire me to keep up with mine.

Take care


Tricia said...

Wonderful job, Mouse! I just love everything that you have started and I look forward to your finishes. Especially the boxes. Oh, they'll be lovely! I need to take a picture of today's start and get my last few days posted. I started a doozy today. I need to have my head examined. :-)

Crystal said...

a great start and a great pick to end the 15 day challenge with

Julie said...

Now mouse, how are you going to decide each day which of the fifteen to work on!!!!

Ahh, you certainly are a brave girl.

Julie in Australia
(who only started 2 Jan 1st challenges for another group, and we don't actually have to finish them this year, how about that!!

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

Nice work and nice choice for your challenge.

And This Little Pig said...

Oh Mouse, another beautiful start, can't wait to see all the finishes.
LiBBiE in Oz

Renee said...

What beautiful starts Mouse!!!! They all look great!!! Nice stitching!

blueladie said...

Oh mouse, that is so pretty. You've chosen some lovely threads to compliment the beautiful fabric. I LOVE your boxes! What a wonderful way to finish some of these pieces. TFS. :) Cathryn

Karen said...

You have some cute projects started for the Challenge! Can't wait to see the finishes...

happy stitching....

Ma Teakettle said...

Your start is beautiful, mouse! Your stitching is so perfect, and I just adore your blog.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit, mouse.
Ma Teakettle

Ranae said...

You have some super duper challenge pieces going on
I'll be back!!