Thursday, 6 January 2011

DaY 6 Of The Challenge

To bee or not to bee that is the question ..... the answer??? .... well that is LHN Bee Sampler as my 6th day choice

Today started off a bit earlier so I managed to sneak into the craft room and picked this one out along with the hand dyed fabric by chameleon (28 count) and got the threads sorted to find  eeeeekkkkk I hadn't got one of the crescent colours that is suggested ....... well being an enterprising mouse I quickly got my stash of hand dyed threads out and had a lady like drool while having a fondle of them looking for a suitable replacement and I found it in Sampler Threads "mistletoe" and also "shutter green" instead of the dmc green used .... 

so away I started stitching, about 15 mins into my first flower DH came down and said shall we go out for dinner ???? well I couldn't refuse now could I  so I carefully put the stitching down and we went out for dinner (lunch ) at a lovely pub which had the coal fire range working today which brought back memories of when I was little and we had coal fires at home.

We did a detour to Elsecar Heritage Centre on the way home and I popped into the craft shop while DH had a browse in the antiques shop there .... I came away with some ribbon I needed and also a lovely wooden box which has a canvas lid that comes off to decorate ... mmmmmm have a cross stitch in mind to cover that heheheh ... we also had a cup of tea and a bun while there too and I showed DH the box and to my surprise there were two more boxes inside but smaller ooooooooo :) 

Any way back to the stitching heheheh .... I carried on with the Bee Sampler and   got a bit more done .. its slower going when you have to do each individual stitch when using hand dyes but the effect is lovely :)
Day 6 Bee Sampler

I didn't forget that I had to work on one of my UFO's so I picked up the "Home of a needleworker" by LHN ... ooooo I should get paid for all this advertising of LHN kits hehehehehe and got quite a bit stitched on it .... so I am spared having to have the noodle swished at me  heheheh ..... sorry the picture isn't brilliant but here is my progress 
UFO home of a needleworker LHN
I am stitching it on a piece of hand dyed linen I bought from Jane Greenoff when I was down at her house for a stitching retreat the other year ... it was got for something else but I liked the colours of the threads on this so I've used it  It does look liked aged fabric and that's the effect I wanted for this piece .... I think that this one will be framed after and not made up into something :)

Tomorrow 's new start could be fun as eldest DD is treating me to go and see the newest Harry Potter film and also the Narnia one but if she has managed to get Monday off too we will be going then instead ....soooo we shall have to see how things go. 

Ok I shall squeak off now and hope that everyone else is doing ok and feeling much better even more :)
take care and happy stitching  love mouse xxxx


Tricia said...

Another one on my wish list! How fun to see it stitched. :-) Glad you had a good day!!

Gillie said...

What a nice day and starts. Drat it, I still have to get out my UFO and stitch!

DJ said...

I'm so glad you were able to find thread that worked! And it does look lovely! Well done, Miss Mouse! I stitched on my UFO today too...progress pics on my wet noodle for me (I know I'm a brown-noser aren't I? LOL) On to Day Seven!! *Hugs*

Maureen said...

You're doing well with keeping up with the challenge - only another 9 to go lol!

Julie said...

So impressed with all you guys doing the 15 start challenge, I'm going to join the other one, where you finish 15 things!!

waving from hot Australia (34 C today)

Val said...

Well done Mouse !! ..... x

Niina said...

Both of your works looks great! But on earth is this noodle thing?

Mouse said...

HI Niina we have a day in the week that we work on our UFO's and talk about them on the Thursday and I crack the wet noodle at people as it is softer than a whip to make sure they work on their UFO's or they have to have a good excuse to get out of working on them .... Its a bit of fun we have on our group the Friendly stitchers on yahoo:) hope that helps ??? love mouse xxxx