Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 9 of challenge (what a difference a day makes heheheh)

Hellooooo , what a difference a day makes to things :) 

Today dawned sunny and with a hint of blue skies and fluffy clouds even the birds were cheeping n singing to their hearts content to day :)

I got the camera out ready to take another picture of the Winter Whites in day light and I must admit it looked better than it did yesterday soooooo I think I shall live with it but here is the update photo , what do you think ?????
in day light Winter Whites
Doesn't look as bad as last night  

Any way today I picked out Necessities Sampler to start :) and just love the bluey greens/ teal colours of it :) I am stitching it on 32 count antique white linen as I didn't have any in cream that the pattern recommends .... any way I still like how it is turning out  ... the photo was rubbish that I took so I have just scanned it in  so it really looks very bright white the fabric atm .. I can't win 

necessities sampler 
In fact you can't tell where the fabric starts or the blog back ground ends hahahahaha at least while I am writing it ;) 

I have been looking at the progress of peeps so far and there are some very yummy charts being stitched eeeeeekkkk more enabling  I don't think I would stitch all the things I want , have seen and got unless I lived to about 500 years old 

I have been perusing the blog land as you do and have found some wonderful French sites which I have taken inspiration from and inwardly digested the instructions and photos and WATCH this space hehheheheheh  ;0

All will be revealed soon promise :)

Hope every one is spending the evening  stitching to their hearts content .. I'm going back to it in a bit :)

love mouse xxxxxx


Gillie said...

It looks good, and with a lot of other colours to bounce off it will be even better. You are a tease, did you know that?

DJ said...

You're right, it does look much better in the daylight!! So glad you like it now as it will be easier to stitch now. As for your start, I love the colors in it also, can't wait to see more! And Gillie's right, you are a tease! I think you just want to keep us coming back to have a nosey on your blog, like I would stop coming by. LOL *Hugs*