Sunday 27 April 2014

Its been a busy few weeks

Hi folks :) hope you are all well and enjoying the last bit of the weekend ... well it is here at the mouse house as I am typing this ... the kettle is on and there are a few goodies around if you are quick to get one .... I think you had better pull up a chair and grab your brew , this may be a long post with one or two photos heheheheh ;)
Hmmmm where to start .... I had a few hours to myself this afternoon and thought I would set too and get the competition piece  finished finished(the one designed by Isabella of The Primitive Hare ) so that I got it done on time ... and I am pleased with the result .... I was inspired by Nan  of the Threadwork Primitives fame (ooo see the name dropping hahahah)  and decided to make mine into a hussif sooo armed and dangerous with a large pair of scissors, pins, lace and trims I set too and made my very own hussif to hang in the  craft room :) 
I have also done some more on the La d Da piece and started the month of April in the Travelling Pattern over on the Friendly Stitchers group , I even managed to get all the pieces cut and overlocked (serged) ready for when I start the others ... decided to do them all on 28 count Bone even weave as I want to make this up into a quilt for my new craft room all being well .. (this is still on the waiting to see the solicitors route atm and hopefully Wednesday we will know more on how it is progressing )
Last weekend was really busy for us here at the mouse house as we had Ally come over to stay with us till the Monday and we had a big barbecue on the Sunday with friends and family .... the weather was really good to us and we had a wonderful day full of great food and loads of laughs  and Ally and I did managed to get a bit of stitching in on the Monday before we took her home 
We took Master Bentley up to the woods on the Monday morning as Ally hadn't been there before and she was impressed :) Bentley enjoyed her company too although he did give some strange looks when I took a certain photo (see below I showed her where the wood pecker hangs out but unfortunately for us he wasn't in .... we did see a few robins and heard loads of chirping from the blackbirds, blue tits , and chaffinch's ....
Tuesday was back to work and normal routine bah humbug ... really enjoyed my few days off but doesn't it throw you out as to what day it is ....
I ought to have named this post as what was once lost is now found .... I was getting anxious that I had misplaced the Travelling Pattern sent to me by Calamity so I set too yesterday in between everything and sorted my room a wee bit more and found it WOOOO HOOO ... so this week I am going to get it kitted up and hopefully finished by the next post .... watch this space ....
OOOOO and the other good news my DD2 got engaged ... I shall have to save up for a posh frock and a hat now
Right I think I have waffled enough ... going to bob the kettle on again .... squeak up if you want another one .... photos going to be uploaded in five :)
our pear tree in flower

a new baby sparrow

burning barbecue

goldfinch at the woods

come on auntie Ally

rather large fungi

can't see the woodpecker

spot the holes

two more since last year

can you guess who it is lol ....

robin in the woods

Ally's stitching 

any idea what sort ???

four new baby ducklings 

Competition piece finished design by Primitive Hare

bluebells at the bottom of the garden

flowers of our holly bush 

Country Cottage Sampling 's April  TP :)

well my dears I think this is all for this weeks tale .... I hope you all have a wonderful stitchy week and looking forward to bobbing and seeing you all for a cuppa ;) love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 6 April 2014

Normal is just a setting on the washing machine !!!

HI Peeps :) the kettle has just boiled and a fresh brew in the pot ... if you rummage around you may even find a dunker or two ....
Well this last week or two has been rather different to say the least ....  I came back from my travels as you know when on the Tuesday I had pain in my left side that sort of got steadily worse .... well me being me thought it will go away ... unfortunately it didn't so this last Tuesday I managed to get an appointment with the Dr for the afternoon ... sooo me being me sat and enjoyed the sunshine that we had and had an impromptu stitching day and managed to get the Travelling Pattern that we are doing over on the Friendly Stitchers finished  and on its merry way to the next person :) and that was even with a couple of mouse naps 
sooo the Dr's outcome after he had prodded and poked and peeled me off the ceiling ....  I seem to have another Kidney stone (Walter is the one I have had for years which hasn't moved )and this new one ... think I am going to call it Rolling !!! heheheheh ....   My very nice Dr gave me some pills and I am now right as rain .... ok ok not quite there yet but .....
I have also been been busy with the needle most nights for an hour or two stitching  on La D Da's a bushel and a peck and I am really enjoying working on it now even after I have made a wee boo boo .... and you will need magnifiers to spot it .... mind you it would help if I had taken the latest photo in focus ...hahahah ... It was taken just before I came on here to waffle to you all ... I will take another properly ... and also I have done some more on my Rosie by LHN as well .... 
oooooooo I almost forgot a couple of things ... one it was Mothers Day here across the pond in the UK last Sunday and I got some beautiful flowers and some sweetie shop sweets and a lovely necklace and an IOU on a lantern I have seen ....  not allowed to get that until we have the new mouse house which paws crossed is going through ok :)
The other is  The Primative Hare  is having a wee competition ... I really shouldn't be telling you this though as I would love to win it heheheh , she has designed a perfect chart for all us stitchers and we can stitch it and make it up how we want and the winner will be chosen .. sooo I just had to buy the chart and I have worked out how I am going to finish it off and now all I need to do is get it started ..... watch this space 
The days are rolling by soooo fast I can't keep up with them and I feel like I am on the Magic Faraway Tree with all the different lands up at the top ... mind you I would love to be able to slide down the slide they have in the tree 
DD1 and I saw the most fabulous rendition of this book in a painting and would love to be able to splash out on it but at £895.00 its just a wee bit out of our pocket money range see the link above to see her work ...
Ok doke I had better go and pop the kettle on again while I pop some photos up ... I managed to get some gorgeous shots of Master Bentley on Tuesday in the sunshine .... 
Mothers Day goodies 

my gorgeous flowers 

this is the proper colour for the fabbie 

January's Country Cottage Sampling finished :)

the sun is out and the sky is blue 

watching for the postie :)

the flowers a week later :)

craptastic photo but you get the idea 

thank goodness the skirt is almost done

gerbera close up

carnation close up
Soooo there you have it folks another week in the life of the stitching mouse  I hope every one has had a wonderful stitchy week too ... I have managed to pop in and see a few of you and hopefully will be able to grab a cuppa from the rest soon ... .. take care one and all :) love mouse xxxx